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Quadratic Transformations II

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1 Quadratic Transformations II

2 Agenda Warm up – Guess Who? More Transformations Summary Frayer Models

3 Guess Who Each half of the class will select: Judge Guesser Target

4 Transformations What will happen if you multiply a parabola by some factor ‘a’? What if the factor is less than 1? What if the factor is negative?

5 Summary Fill out the summary Will take up answers as a class

6 Frayer Models Topics y = x2+k y = (x-h)2 y = ax2 a>1 y = ax2 a<1

7 Frayer Model

8 Ticket out of Class State one transformation we have studied in the past two days in words and a general equation for it Homework: Pg Q # 1, 4abcd, 7, 8, 9, 14

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