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Paisproject PAIS::USA NEW:YORK Please click to advance slides.

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1 paisproject PAIS::USA NEW:YORK Please click to advance slides

2 paisproject New York In the past people flocked to New York in droves as they strived to become part of the American dream. It is widely regarded as the capital of culture, fashion, finance, advertising, the media and is often labeled as the capital of the world. But New York schools have been notorious for their violence and maintain one of the highest failing rates nation wide. With a desire to reach the youth community, comes a desire to change their world and make these statistics a thing of the past.

3 paisproject The history Pais has been a success in Texas for the last 5 years Churches in New York and California have wanted a Pais team since 2006 When talks first began about pioneering Pais:USA, it was noted that to prove it could work all over the United States, Pais would need to be launched in Texas, California and New York.

4 paisproject The Solution Over 300 youth pastors recently met to discuss how they could adopt a school and begin changing the community around them. Pais is an answer to their question:: How?

5 paisproject New York is made up of a dozen islands, the most famous of which are Staten Island, Long Island and Manhattan. Our aim is to begin impacting the youth on all of them! The islands of New york Pais:New York will start with one pioneering team in 2008 with the aim of growing to a full blown hub by August 2009.

6 paisproject Interested? If you want to be part of this brand new pioneering story, fill out an application form online and mention New York as your desired placement! Join The Movement! For more information about Pais:New York, contact us at:

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