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Powhatan Engineering Camp Presented by Diane Leighty – Mathematics Coordinator Anne Larrick – Science Coordinator.

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2 Powhatan Engineering Camp Presented by Diane Leighty – Mathematics Coordinator Anne Larrick – Science Coordinator

3 Your Immersion into Engineering begins NOW! Hard hats, safety glasses, and safety vests provided!!!

4 How It All Started Engineering Fellows – Summer 2007 – Expectations of Fellows Program – Sharing lessons with teachers/students – Assist MSiC with their summer program/create one of our own

5 Why Engineering? Real life skills developed through working on real problems Problem Solving Framework Critical Thinking Collaboration Communication Natural connections between math & science Fun!

6 How to Build an Engineering Camp The Nuts and Bolts

7 Development of A Plan Group(s) to target Cost and funding Staffing needs Location and transportation Theme and lessons Publicity Field trips Speakers/presenters

8 Target Group Grade level Socioeconomic level Sex ratio Academic level

9 Cost and Funding Tuition - Charge to cover teacher salaries Grants – to cover field trips and supplies Donations Use free speakers – NASA, parents Use “found” materials for activities Scholarships

10 Staffing One teacher per 8-10 students (including floaters, technology people) Administrators Technology staff Assistants Get teachers trained – MathScience Innovation Center offerings – Children’s Engineering Convention (spring) Be sure your staff is enthusiastic!

11 Location and Transportation We built on existing summer school program Number of rooms – one per class and one for group meetings Computer access – set up laptop lab Arrange for field trip transportation Notice of times parents will have to pick up

12 Theme and Lessons Theme drove the lessons chosen Lessons found on internet (see resources) Teachers submitted lessons for review to avoid repetition and to create supplies list Vertical alignment is important Schedule lessons around major events

13 Publicity Before – Flyers sent home – Notices in local paper During – T-shirts – Student built web site – Article in local paper – Parent open house After – Presentations at conferences (VAST, GRTCM)

14 Field Trips Allow students to see engineers at work Try to stay local Send permission slips early Check on rules and regulations of site you are visiting Take plenty of chaperones Be sure trip is age appropriate

15 Speakers/Presenters Classroom speakers – NASA – Parents – Engineering organizations – Engineering students Engineering Fair participants – Engineering organizations – Engineering firms – Engineering schools

16 Timeline By Feb 1 st – identify teachers By Apr 1 st – develop lesson plans & schedule By May 1 st – advertise and send out applications ($ due with application) By June 1 st – Notify students of acceptance By July 1 st – purchase all materials needed; have all speakers and field trips lined up By Aug 1 st – wrap up and debrief

17 Execution Tips Coordinate with other summer programs – Buses, emergency forms, snack Set up rooms the week before Have labels with student names on them prepared to use for name tags and to label items Reflect at the end of each day and revise as necessary Invite parents last day Call the newspaper for publicity

18 Sample Flyer

19 Sample Application Engineering: Enjoy the Ride! Application for enrollment Grades 4-5 Due May 15 Student Name: ____________________________________________ Grade: _________________ Homeroom teacher: ______________________ Name of Parent or Guardian: ______________________________________________ Address: ________________________________________________________ Parent email address: ______________________________________________ Home Phone: _______________________ Work or Cell Phone: ___________________ Will you be riding the school bus? YES _____________ NO ______________ Please complete the following: ___________ (YES or NO) I understand that there is no bus transportation on Friday, July 17 th, and can arrange for transportation to and from the school on that day. ___________ (YES or NO) My check for $100 is attached to this application. I understand that the money will be refunded should my child not be selected for the program. Signature of Parent or Guardian: ___________________________________________ Applications are due by May 15 th and may be turned in to the office at your school. Students will be notified of their acceptance to the program by May 28 st. Teacher endorsement (To be completed by the classroom math or science teacher): I recommend that _______________________________ be selected to participate in Engineering Camp this summer because _______________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________. Printed name: __________________________ Signature: _________________________

20 Ordering and Gathering Materials grades 2,3 Itemactivityquantityordered fromon hand local purchasescavenge At end of camp eye dropperpolishing pennies7x masking tapepasta bridges x pipe cleanershomemade toys500x rulershomemade toys15x rulersgeometric creatures15x scissorsgeneral15x spoolsgeometric creatures50x stop watchpolishing pennies7x strawsbubble city50x strawsbubble machine10x strawshomemade toys100x strawsedible mars rover100x strawsfloat your boats100x strawsgeometric creatures100x tape, maskingfloat your boats7 rollsx wire snipshomemade toys1x aluminum foilfloat your boats3 rolls x apple juicepolishing pennies1 qt. x bubble mixbubble city1 qt. x

21 Engineering: Enjoy the Ride! Powhatan County Schools Engineering Camp July 2008

22 Statistics - 08 34 students (entering grades 5, 6, 7, 8) 2 classroom teachers 1 ½ technology teachers 2 administrators actively involved 2 weeks, 8:00 to 12:45, Monday – Thursday 3 field trips 1 Engineering Fair

23 What The Students Experienced: Guest Speakers from engineering firms & NASA Langley Design & Build Activities Build Challenges Field Trips! Collaborated on web site – took pictures & video, put together descriptions or scripts

24 Group Photo

25 Watkins Center – Construction Site

26 VCU School of Engineering

27 In their own words…..

28 Video clip created by students

29 Engineering Fair




33 Engineering the Future 2009

34 Statistics for 09 93 students entering grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 7 classroom teachers, 1 technology teacher 3 community college professors 2 business volunteers 1 engineering student 2 administrators actively involved 1 week (4 or 5 days) 1 field trip and 1 Engineering Fair (older grades only)

35 Elementary Program Rising 3 rd & 4 th Graders 3 teachers & 42 students $80 “tuition” per student – 4 days 8:00 am – 12:30 pm

36 Boat Race

37 High Power Paper Rocket

38 Edible Mars Rover

39 Parent Open House


41 Middle School Program Rising 5 th & 6 th Grade Students $100 per student – 5 days 8 am – 12:45 pm 2 teachers – 28 students 2 high school students as volunteers

42 Paper Airplanes

43 Marshmallow Towers

44 Engineering Fair

45 Visit our Wiki

46 Contact Us Anne Larrick Science SOL Coordinator Powhatan County Public Schools 4135 Old Buckingham Road Powhatan, VA 23139 804-598-5782

47 Lesson Resources

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