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Downtown Revitalization from Concept to Construction.

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1 Downtown Revitalization from Concept to Construction

2 WHY? A sense of identity Destination Increased revenue –Property tax –Sales tax

3 INVENTORY Attitudes and Assets

4 ORGANIZATION Grass roots City sponsored –Master plans Combination

5 LONGEVITY Commitment Incremental wins (deliverables)

6 COMPONENTS OF DOWNTOWN VIBRANCY People Destinations Directions Support

7 PROCESS Way finding Gateways Identity Circulation Parking

8 DOWNTOWN AMENITIES Functional –Visitor info/signage –Public restrooms –Places to gather/open space –Seating

9 DOWNTOWN AMENITIES Appearance –Street trees/planters –Façade improvements –Streetscape –Lighting

10 CONSIDERATIONS Jurisdictional –MoDOT –Rail R.O.W. –Easement Public R.O.W./Private property Utility coordination Historic integrity Responsibility Existing uses


12 TOOLS Code enforcement Zoning ordinances Special assessments Capital improvements tax Transportation tax

13 RESOURCE SLIDE Missouri Main Street – Gayla Roten 417.334.3014 Department of Economic Development – CDBG MoDOT – SRTS, TEA 21 National Center for Historic Trust State Historic Preservation Office Missouri Tourism (Marketing) Missouri Housing Development Commission State Representative Private Donations

14 QUESTIONS? Darren Hennen (816) 361-1177

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