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E-scape scotland: Susan V. McLaren University of Edinburgh e-solutions for creative assessment in portfolio environments.

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1 e-scape scotland: Susan V. McLaren University of Edinburgh e-solutions for creative assessment in portfolio environments

2 e-scape scotland to develop effective sustainable formative assessment by incorporating aspects of teacher, self and peer assessment with a view to aiding progression. March 2009-March 2010 capturing creative thinking in real time for authentic formative assessment

3 Problem  overworked retrospective recording of ideas - on paper-  doing what learner thinks tutor wants to see and read  not very authentic  not very useful for formative assessment  focus on product  folio becomes a product too

4 Objectives To trial and appraise the opportunities e-scape approach offers for supporting Assessment for, as and of Learning (AifL). To capture learner performance for recognising achievement and provide a range of evidence through various modes of expression/ flexibility and choice. To provide proof of the e-scape concept in the learning and assessing process To contribute to modes of formative (and summative) assessment within the principles and purposes of CfE. To collect evidence that will provide data to inform and support in terms of progression and transition.

5 design of activities / design challenges  developed in conjunction with the teachers  develop the CfE purposes& principles, CfE Technologies & CfE Literacy.  specific phases and stages are signposted in the activity for peer, self and for teacher feedback.  range of tasks - engage learners in next steps, decisions, review, reflection, feedback  teacher to view/ hear and further prompt or confirm or suggest (feedback/feedforward) using a range of digital approaches.

6 Introducing the authoring tools & flipspins

7 Assessment is for learning  teacher & learner at heart of assessment  personalised learning information for teacher to manage Touch screen Camera can spin round micro phone Works with e-scape on a stick too Built for schools Only 40 in UK when e-scape scotland started

8 Authoring e-scape scotland activities flexible mode various durations number of sessions in series Up-cycling Inventors of Tomorrow Spatula Time : Clock Design x 2 Celebration : Trophy Portable Lighting Device familiarisation task: teachers adopted a short and ‘strict mode’/fix-time structure, ‘Bow-tie for teacher’ activity.

9 Teacher & researcher CPD

10 CPD workshop – pedagogy ideas; familiarisation with flipspins; authoring activities; incorporating AifL;

11 escape laptop router Author activity assign activity to class members upload to EMS laptop

12 e-scape laptop router flipspins Authored, assigned e-escape to class uploaded to EMS laptop Send activity info, prompts, Instructions for actions… incl. access to take photo, make video, make voice file, draw, write, comment on peers, mind map tool

13 ‘And the winner is…’ What does this look like in classrooms?

14 What does it look like in classrooms?

15 AifL authored in as prompts

16 CDT workshops

17 Housekeeping and management: problems and solutions

18 escape laptop router flipspins Authored, assigned e-escape to class uploaded to EMS laptop Teacher adds comment for learner Tap & read/hear teacher comment

19 Sample of e-scape learner folio Teacher comment Learner reflection comment Feedback for learner

20 You have 1 comment to view × Date: Wed 11th Nov 2009, 21:14:10 " How do you propose to make it more comfortable? Altering shape? Altering size? You may want to also consider how easy the current shape is to clean – especially where the handle joins on to the blade. " Date: Wed 11th Nov 2009, 22:29:02 " This adaptation increases the width of the handle. Looking at it make me think of handles on a variety of things in my kitchen. Are there any from your own kitchen that might inspire you? " i learned u should change change and change ur model Feedback from teacher:

21 You have 1 comment to view Feedback from teacher: Date: Wed 11th Nov 2009, 22:05:37 " Have a look at where the blade and handle come together. Could this area be changed to make it easier to clean and make the design stronger? Will the smile affect the strength of the blade? Try bending the model at that point to find out. " Feedback from peers



24 Sound filesStill images Movie files learner review post-its Teacher feedback Portable lighting device



27 Sept ’09 review meeting: Specifics re. AifL Strategies and evidence

28 What are we looking for?  analysis skills;  decision making and justification;  imagination/ innovation/ creativity in ideas;  ability to communicate fuzzy ideas  develop ideas through synthesis and iteration;  keep scenario and task in focus;  define requirements;  support to others; and peer evaluation;  critical thinking in response to prompting;  literacy & numeracy  set personal learning targets  self evaluation reflection on learning, performance & outcome;

29 Initial Teacher responses  learned they can be great aid to learning  fun exciting way to learn  question own assessment strategies  am thinking more about alternative assessment and feedback methods  different ways pupils learn  project should help widen my perspective on teaching / learning  allow pupils/ provide pupils with contexts and tools to enable them to thrive and show their ideas and creativity  how can I embed this, rather than use as standalone projects?

30 What the learners thought

31 What the learners thought….  I think it was useful being able to see other people's ideas to give me ideas.  Useful to give feedback to self? I thand the fisby good bcos the ritig I con wiccm sup I wed hel my bcos I am dslecsic. I fawnd it grat but the glis is mad it bad!!! I thought the flipspin was good because the writing icon comes up would help me because I am dyslexic. I found it great but the glitches made it bad! I thought it was a waste of time because we already new that our stuff was all correct. Not really because you already know what you think.

32 I think is was great that you saw your work all the way through the weeks from start to finish it looked amazing seeing what my clock was before i had done anything to it and then when i finished it looked great I found it funny to see what you had at the start and then see what you had at the end. It wos good because you coud se wot you done good and bad. The best bit about using the fizz- book spins was that you could see other peoples idea and put comments. it was helpful to see what people thought of our idea. I thought it was fun and great. It also aided making the torches by being able to organise your work into areas.

33 In their own words….  I like the camera, voice recorder and that you can take videos the best because you don't have to type anything which makes it easier and you can show your model in a picture or video so people can see what it looks like.  I liked taking pictures and recording your voice because it helped you change your design along the way and also you could and if you forgot what you wanted to change you could go back and see what you said.  One thing i enjoyed best was reviewing i enjoyed typing up what i thought of my idea and seeing what my class mates thought to of my idea.

34 You could have a quick timeline view of all the things you had done in this project. also this also meant that it was much harder to lose anything I liked doing this (feedback to peer) as I feel it gave them a younger persons view. I liked the bit where we got feedback from our classmates as it gave us a 3rd degree apart from the teacher.

35 the thing i liked best was taking the pictures of different stages in my design instead of having to draw all my ideas out or write about them. it saved a lot of time. I think the feedback from the teacher was good as it was always there once you were finished, you didn’t have to wait for the teacher to walk around the room.

36 Learner response It was easy as we were on computers and we could upload pictures and make it look better than it would have looked if I had drawn it myself. fizz book are good for writing notes and taking pictures of inspirations. But they aren’t good for drawing, where your own hand is better. It was made easy by the fizzbooks that you wouldn’t have to take pictures from a camera and send it to a laptop then look at it it was just there I think that if the server connection was better the fizzbooks would be the perfect companion to any craft and design pupil.

37 Best!!!!

38 lifted from e-folio Photos lifted from e-folio

39 I think the pda's are really good and the work was fun. They are just like mini computers and so they are familiar and quite easy to use. It takes a little bit of getting used to (obviously) but i think they are really good !!! I enjoyed making movies, recording my voice and taking pictures. The hard thing is just trying to hear instructions with all the noise even though I'm partly responsible!! The computers had some problems but it was still fun I liked the freedom we got with them, we didn’t have to wait for every one in the class. Like if we finished one box we could move on ahead.

40 Teachers Recommendations to LTS & SQA Project Continuation  benefit from their investment to date/access to the authoring tools and existing.  further funding needs to be sourced e.g. for sub to MAPS 3 Audio as a method of assessing Share the activities as CfE good practice LIT& TECH examples of collaboration, self and peer evaluation, multi modal expression capture of thinking; creativity, flexibility and choice in operation; using ICT to enhance learning; Illustrations from sound &text & video CPD opportunities to support teachers in their development of AifL. What is evidenced in e-scape folios and what is not be ought to be and how this might be achieved. The development / redesign of interface – authoring tool and at point of use by learner. [ for TAGdevelopments]

41 Sample – from web?

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