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1 Pais:USA Friend:raising Support System

2 ourmission missionariesmakingmissionaries

3 ourphilosophy spreadspotstaysend

4 spreadspotstaysend Spread the word through relationship Spot students moving towards Jesus Stay with those students to mentor and equip them for missions Send the new ‘missionaries’ out into their communities and schools

5 ||effectiveness|| 4 teams:: 40,000 connections with students.

6 ||integration|| bringingunchurched studentsintothechurchbody Oncampusmentoring||christianclubs|| schooldramas||schoolsportsteams Youthgroup||events||discipleship||envisioning ||repurposing

7 ||Integration|| Nearly 1,000 students integrated in the U.K and U.S.A.

8 ||Costs|| Average Cost of a team is $10,000 40% - Transport [fuel/insurance/maintenance] 10% - Team Equipment [uniforms/office supplies/props] 10% - Training Costs 10% - Promotion for Recruitment 05% - Networking 15% - Salaries 10% - Tithe

9 ||Schools work|| Hallsville Junior High “PAIS Thank you so much for making yourselves available to us these past two years. The kids really enjoy having you. It is evident that God is working through you in unique ways to spread his word. I'm just glad you're listening ad available! Good Luck in the future and again thank you!” Jeannie Davis HJH FCA “Everyone at Longview Christian High School wishes to express their sincere thanks for the contribution that you made to enrich Chapel time. Thanks for coming on short notice, y'all were great.” Nicholas Yeakley LCS student Longview Christian School

10 “WWJD I worship 2 things in life living, and God. I'm a skater boy that wants nothing else out life is God and to be a Drummer in a band. But when I see my Dad that is a different story my Dad left me so I did not even get say by or anything" "Im sorry for the way i live my life a lot. If i could go back and change the past I totally would. It's my duty to live life by following you. And for that I’m going to change my ways.” ||Testimonies||

11 Checks made payable to Pais:USA Give online at our website – monthly // annually // one time gift Fill out a friend:raising support form and register to receive our newsletters ||Giving||

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