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Converging Technologies What are the benefits for MT users? MT Summit, August 28, 2009 By Jaap van der Meer.

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1 Converging Technologies What are the benefits for MT users? MT Summit, August 28, 2009 By Jaap van der Meer

2 Barriers to Convergence Proprietary lock-in translation business models  Low technology adoption  No innovation  No execution on standards Dramatic gap between demand and supply  Translation too costly and too slow  MT quality not good enough  10 times more MT than HT

3 Localization Business Innovation Roadmap “TAUS LBI Report – June 2009” Open Translation Platforms  “Open, open, open” Community translation  Engaging end-users Translation automation  From evangelization to embracement Language data sharing  Evolution of TMs

4 Importance of Language Data LocalizationGlobalizationTransmutation 198519952007 TranslationMemory User instructions Standalone workstations Globalization Management Systems Web sites Enterprise content Enterprise server Advanced Leveraging Machine Translation Continuous Publishing User generated content Industry-shared language data ++

5 Milestones March 2007 Idea is born in Taos, New Mexico July 2008 TDA established by 44 members March 2009 TDA platform launched for production On schedule, on budget! May 2009 A benchmark from University of Leeds Shared language data generate increased leveraging of 19% June 2009 Public launch of TDA platform August 2009 TDA Member Pilot projects Shared language data generate increased leveraging of up to 50%

6 Implement an Industry Vision One global platform open to all stakeholders in the translation industry

7 Applications – Benefits ApplicationBenefits Hosting TMs for your own business  Single legal framework  IT security  TMX standard – tool compliance Reduced cost and friction in management Improved translation quality Sharing TMs  In-domain large data collections  Competitive platform open to all Improved performance of translation technology Access to new locales New business opportunities More content and more languages Increased customer satisfaction Access to global terminology  See all terminology in context  Frequency, translation variance  Automatic semantic tagging Solving validation and QA bottleneck Improved translation quality Increased translator productivity Increased customer satisfaction

8 Why Join 1.Pooling data, pooling investments Individually, companies do not have sufficient language data and funding to significantly upgrade efficiency and performance of translation activities. TDA puts an end to a fragmented market place. 2.Increase productivity Leveraging larger volumes of shared industry data helps companies to increase productivity. In-domain MT engines can increase productivity by 50% or more. Pay-back period on member fees is very short, even in case of small translation budgets. 3.Seize new business opportunities Vendors of translation services and technologies can improve their technologies and solutions and develop new value-added services and specialization. Buyers of translation can use existing translations to enter new locales more rapidly. 4.Improve quality Transparency of language data helps to improve the translation quality and consistency of terminology. 5.Collaborate and innovate Collaboration in TDA industry groups helps companies to establish a highly efficient translation operating system and stimulate localization business innovation.

9 TDA Member Pilot Projects Advanced – rerun of CTS study  75-100% matches – approx. 30% of segments in a zero assets scenario Advanced – weighted word count approach leveraging against the same data set used for the CTS study  Average 35% reduction in weighted word count in zero assets scenario  Average 50% reduction in weighted word count in limited assets scenario  NB: translators have not checked usefulness of matches

10 For More Information See Send email to

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