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NARFE NC Federation National Legislative Program 111 th Congress.

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1 NARFE NC Federation National Legislative Program 111 th Congress

2 NARFE’s Legislative Priorities Premium Conversion. Repeal of GPO/WEP. Defend Existing Benefits and Entitlements. FERS. NARFE-PAC. Area Legislative Contact Officer (ALCO).

3 Premium Conversion “Federal and Military Retiree Health Care Equity Act” (HR-1203 and S-491). HR-1203: 116 cosponsors (Price: NC-4; FOXX: NC-5; and McIntyre: NC-7). S-491: 22 cosponsors (Sen. Burr). Health Care costs continue to rise and average annuitant loses about $1,000 p/a.

4 Repeal of GPO/WEP “Social Security Fairness Bill” (HR-235 and S- 484). HR-235: 257 cosponsors (Jones: NC-3; Price: NC-4; Foxx: NC-5; McIntyre: NC-7; Myrick: NC- 9; and Miller: NC-13. S-484 20 cosponsors (none in NC) Stuck in House Ways and Means Committee. GPO continues to penalize low-income annuitants. WEP Greatly reduces benefits to those receiving government annuity. NARFE created a coalition of national, state and local organizations to push for repeal.

5 Defending Existing Benefits & Entitlements 111 th Congress must reign-in spending. CSRDF could be targeted to help finance other programs. President has committed to entitlement reform…will hold an “Entitlement Summit”. What can they possibly do to us?? COLAs, FEHPA, Social Security, Medicare, veterans’ benefits. What about active employees? Medicare and Medicaid will experience a shortfall in 2012…must be dealt with this presidential term.

6 FERS Been around since January 1, 1987. Expect legislation during 111 th Congress. HR-958 calls for unused sick leave to be credited toward FERS retirement. 40 cosponsors (none from NC). NARFE fighting hard for passage of this bill. Why? “FERS Flu”.

7 NARFE-PAC Federation NARFE-PAC Chair: Joe Childers, Four elected National officers constitute NARFE’s Political Action Committee (PAC). No separate PAC Department at National. All PAC funds received and spent are reported to the FEC. PAC money kept separate from other funds. NARFE-PAC Materials:, subject line: “NARFE-PAC Materials Request” or 703- 838-7760.

8 NARFE-PAC Process Candidate requests money from NARFE Legislative Department. NARFE HQ requests input from Federation PAC Coordinator. Federation surveys appropriate points of contact for facts and opinions and informs NARFE of recommendation. NARFE PAC Committee decides whether to donate. Committee sends check to candidate and a copy to Federation.

9 NARFE-PAC 2007-2008 Election Cycle 41,097 contributions from NARFE members ($23.33 average). NARFE supported 272 candidates, 252 of whom were winners (93%). IN NORTH CAROLINA FEDERATION There were 1,034 contributions totaling $24,414 ($23.61 average). Four candidates supported: –Senator Kay Hagan: $3,000 –Rep. Bob Etheridge (NC-02), $1,000 –Rep. David Price (NC-04), $2,000 –Rep. Larry Kissell (NC-08), $2,000

10 Area Legislative Contact Officer (ALCO) Six ALCOs in Federation. Principal contact on legislative matters within Area. Establish network with chapters and CLOs. Lead/Develop Area legislative program.

11 Who are the ALCOs? Area I: Ted Mathis, Area II: Bill Babb, Area III: Sue Sloop, Area IV: Carolyn London, Area V: Terry Smith, Area VI: Laura Maser, Get to know them!

12 Strategy 1. Report to and coordinate with your area’s ALCO. 2. Familiarize yourself with talking points. 3. Know sponsors and cosponsors of key legislation. 4. Watch for and act on “Action Alerts” from NARFE. 5. Join NARFE’s Rapid Response Team. 6. Be a frequent visitor to NARFE’s Legislative Action Center. 7. Be active during the Grassroots Advocacy Month.

13 Useful Links NARFE National Website: (click on legislative department) Federation Website) (go to NLO library) Library of Congress Federal Times Weekly: Congressional Record:

14 In sum, a pillar of NARFE’s mission is to support current and potential federal annuitants and to oppose legislation contrary to their interests. NARFE National says because you are active in legislative matters, it reminds your elected officials that you, unlike most citizens, are paying close attention and would mobilize against any threat to the existing benefits of federal retirees and employees. Ron Miller National Legislative Officer North Carolina Federation of Chapters 828-926-9794

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