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Diversity in the Auxiliary Challenges and opportunities N-Train 2005.

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1 Diversity in the Auxiliary Challenges and opportunities N-Train 2005

2 Department of Personnel Services2 Objectives To identify some elements of Diversity. To overcome the common fears, concerns and barriers to diversity. To understand the added value of diversity. To develop an action plan to make Diversity a integral part of the Auxiliary’s programs.

3 Department of Personnel Services3 Pre-test on Diversity 1.Diversity complicates decision-making because it brings in so many more viewpoints. True / False 2. Auxiliary membership in the future will be much less diverse than it is today. True / False 3. White males are generally not included in diversity programs. True / False 4. Diversity is beneficial because it helps attract and keep good Auxiliarist. True / False 5. The best way to deal with diversity is to treat everyone on an individual basis. True / False

4 Department of Personnel Services4 What is Diversity ? Diversity means more than race and gender. It means respecting and appreciating an individuals talent. It means focusing on our core values with each member. It means getting to know each other and what they bring to the Auxiliary.

5 Department of Personnel Services5 57 Asians 21 Europeans 14 from the Western Hemisphere (North & South) 8 Africans 52 female & 48 male 30 Christian & 70 non-Christian 89 heterosexual & 11 homosexual 59 % of the entire world’s wealth would be in the hands of only 6 people, and all 6 would be citizens of the United States 80 would live in substandard housing 70 would be unable to read 50 would suffer from malnutrition 1 would be near death & 1 would be near birth Only 1 would have a college education Only 1 would own a computer The World As 100 People

6 Department of Personnel Services6 Dealing with Differences Personality styles Age Socioeconomic background Race Physical abilities Education Gender Cultural background Religion Sexual orientation Life styles

7 Department of Personnel Services7 Differences are here to stay They are not going away. To have the most successful organization all members need to pitch in to create and maintain a productive Auxiliary.

8 Department of Personnel Services8 Creating a diverse organization BUILDING A DIVERSE MEMBERSHIP EEOEEO DIVERSITYDIVERSITY AAPAAP Legally based Primarily for protected classes Mandated compliance Discrimination Sexual Harassment Equal Opportunity Exclusion Based on Choice Not legally required Includes everyone Awareness leads to behavioral change Inclusion

9 Department of Personnel Services9 Challenges for Diversity Fear Hidden resentment Misunderstand- ings Perceived conflict Barriers Misperceptions Poor communications Lack of personal awareness

10 Department of Personnel Services10 Stereotyping Assigning certain characteristics to an individual in a group, regardless of the actual differences among members of the group.

11 Department of Personnel Services11 Stereotyping, messages of our past Our families Schools Neighbors Music Childhood experiences The media Religious institutions Friends History Nursery rhymes

12 Department of Personnel Services12 How We Process Information We place things or people into boxes or categories. We do this from birth as we try to figure out the way the worlds works. Categorizing is neither good nor bad There’s “me” and “not me” Potentially harmful Behavior recognition is key

13 Department of Personnel Services13 The Impact of Stereotyping Hurts others & creates shame Trivializes the worth of others Trivializes the accomplishments of others Causes us not to listen We tend to exclude others Wastes talent

14 Department of Personnel Services14 How to avoid stereotyping ? Get to know yourself Challenge stereotypes Educate others, as well as yourself Help people discover their stereotypes Rise above negative comments Don’t be afraid to admit your mistakes

15 Department of Personnel Services15 Truth is: The more we know ourselves the less we criticize others.

16 Department of Personnel Services16 A changing World An for the Auxiliary to remain competitive in the 21 st century, we must change our thinking on the topic of diversity and recognize it as an opportunity.

17 Department of Personnel Services17 The Auxiliary needs you, be a Bridge “Problems become opportunities when the right people join together.”

18 Department of Personnel Services18 The added value of Diversity In our recruiting, there’s tremendous value to invite everyone to consider the Auxiliary. Misunderstandings and personal conflict can be costly to the Auxiliary. As we value people and their differences, they’re able to contribute more.

19 Department of Personnel Services19 It builds stronger relationships based on trust, honesty and integrity. It encourages a positive environment ensuring all members are respected with the opportunity to reach their potential. Diversity broadens the perspective of our members and increases understanding.

20 Department of Personnel Services20 Diversity, as an opportunity To become aware of and correct our own biases. To stop people when their jokes put down others. To reach out and invite people to join in with us. To get know people from other cultures and share stories.

21 Department of Personnel Services21 We’re all in this together You can question past policies and practices in order to create a diverse auxiliary. You can resolve conflict now instead of carrying grudges. You can recognize each person as an individual without the stereotyping.

22 Department of Personnel Services22 “When we begin to see opportunities instead of barriers the world becomes a limitless place, and our lives become a journey of change that always finds its way.”

23 Department of Personnel Services23 Take it from the Top Make Diversity a part of DCO’s vision statement Challenge EXCOM to carry the diversity message Encourage a Diversity report at all District events. Value the uniqueness and differences in one another.

24 Department of Personnel Services24 Pursue Training Encourage ongoing Diversity awareness training Provide for Diversity presentations at general sessions and at seminars Incorporate a Diversity message into all Leadership training Utilize National Diversity Training Modules

25 Department of Personnel Services25 Take the Team approach Seek to get a District Diversity Advisor appointed by and reporting to the DCO District Diversity Team to include DCO. DDA, DIRAUX and Area/Division Diversity Advisors District Team members adept at “Soft Skills” Flotilla Advisors connection to boilerplate

26 Department of Personnel Services26 Recruiting with a diverse approach Understand that open recruiting has some Diversity interest Recruit to the mission based on ACIP Extend your recruiting beyond traditional sources Assist with Compass Outreach Program

27 Department of Personnel Services27 Diversity and Conflict It’s misunderstandings and distorted perspectives that causes conflict Make conflict management a part of all leadership training Communicate zero tolerance for conflict Utilize Active Duty Liaison Program

28 Department of Personnel Services28 Diversity Recognition We must promote the NACO -3 Star Diversity Program Include Diversity in all District Awards program Encourage articles containing Diversity message Share Diversity’s “Best Practices”and “Updates”

29 We need to make it happen “ There’s no challenge too great for those who have the will and heart to make it happen.”

30 Department of Personnel Services30 Post Test on Diversity 1.Our past programming influences include family, teachers, and the media. True/False 2.Everyone can help by learning of other cultures, respecting individuals. True/False 3. Organizations create divers membership with policies, training and support. True/False 4. People work better when they’re identified with a group rather than as individuals. True/False 5. Formal diversity programs are the only way for organizations to create equal opportunity. True/False

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