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Sales Presentation By Dennis Albers. Who do I want to sell to? I am selling to rental car places.

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1 Sales Presentation By Dennis Albers

2 Who do I want to sell to? I am selling to rental car places.

3 Approach Salesperson – So I hear that you are going to open up a new rental lot in the downtown area. Customer - Yes I am, but we are just waiting for it to be built. Salesperson – Even though it is not built yet, you can still look to see what vehicles you want to put in the lot.

4 Approach Customer – Well let’s see what vehicles you have. Salesperson – I can get you just about any vehicle you are looking for. Customer – Do you have any minivans or crossovers. Salesperson – Right now our big push is a luxury crossover, it’s the Acura MDX.

5 Approach Customer – Well lets see what you can do for me.

6 Features 300-, 3.7 liter VTEC SH-AWD Vehicle Warranty

7 Advantage No scheduled tune-ups for 100,000 No problem driving in bad weather Peace of mind on this vehicle

8 Benefits Drive an SUV that handles like a sports car Able to go off-road if desired No more out of pocket expenses

9 Sell Sequence The Acura MDX is a curve conquering super handling all wheel drive vehicle. The MDX features a class leading 300hp 3.7 liter VTEC V6 engine. And the vehicles warranty will cover all parts as long as you own the vehicle. The vehicle has no scheduled tune ups for 100,000 of the vehicles life. You will have no problems driving this vehicle in all sorts of weather. And with the warranty you will have peace of mind that if something breaks it will be fix right the first time.

10 Sell Sequence You can drive this vehicle off road if you like and never have any worries. It is one of the few SUV’s that actually handles like a sports car. And for as long as you own these vehicles there will be no out of pocket expenses.

11 Sell Sequence Since you will be buying these vehicles, all of the fluids in them are synthetic so they do not have to be changed as often which means you can keep them on the road longer. Of course when you buy a fleet all the maintenance is done for you.

12 Sell Sequence Analogy – Owning this SUV is not like owning a car at all Simile – Driving this SUV is like driving a sports car Metaphor – Having a 300hp engine driving circles around the competition Parable – Before they put the super handling all wheel drive, this SUV conquers all the hills and curves

13 Sell Sequence This vehicle was tested at the fame Nurburging track in Germany and it broke all the records for SUV’s.

14 Pictures

15 Business Proposition Pricing 42,230.00 Destination Fees 850.00 If they buy 10 vehicles they will get 3% discount. We have financing if you need it.

16 Picture

17 Summarize Benefits With the 300hp engine, all-wheel drive you should have no problems with this vehicle, and if you do that is what the warranty is for.

18 Suggested Order If you buy 10 or more vehicles you will get a 3% discount on the price if less than 10 there will be no discounts.

19 Close As you can see that the AWD with the 300hp V6 engine the MDX will beat any vehicle on the road. Along with the warranty you can not beat the price. So what do you think do we have a deal. Well since you are going to be buying a fleet(10 cars) there is a discount. So I will call this in tonight and get them shipped in the next few days.

20 Close Customer-Is there going to be any wait to ship these vehicles. No there will not be any problem in shipping the first 10 vehicles. Customer-Can I get them in a couple of different colors. That should be no problem just let me know what colors you want them in.

21 Close So is there any other questions. So how many vehicles are you going to buy. Customer-We will be getting at least 10 and we will see how things go from there. Thanks !


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