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Shuffleboard Strategy with Shuffleboard Bob Segment No. 2

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1 Shuffleboard Strategy with Shuffleboard Bob Segment No. 2
Our thanks to all of you who responded to our first segment of “Shuffleboard Strategy.” This month I’d like to focus on the first frame of a match. To review, please go back to Segment No. 1.

2 Shooting First Strategies
I’m playing yellow. My opponent has the first hammer. The rule of thumb for going out first is to stay even with your opponent for that frame.

3 Four methods to stay even
1. Putting up a block. 2. Going on a number. 3. Scoring a high 10, 8, or 7. 4. Blocking the board by placing a block on opponents preferred hammer path. We will only look at methods 1 and 2 in this segment.

4 Putting up a block Once the block is placed, if there is a miss or stick by your opponent, hide behind it.

5 Blocks in shuffleboard
The St. Pete • The Tampa

6 Practice is key to setting blocks
A stick or miss on either of these by your opponent will give you an opportunity for a hide. There is a real art in setting a block. Practice, practice is the key to performing a proper block.

7 Going on a number Once on a number, you can hope for a miss or non-stick by your opponent. Western Style courts (because of their speed) lend themselves to this strategy.

8 Which strategy to use? It depends on what your four practice shots told you: (a) If you were able to read the court properly, and it looks like you can hide, then put up a block so that your opponents mind set has to be to hit and clear. This can be hard to do early in a match. (b) There are (many) times that your practice shots go no where close to where you want them, or the speed of the court is way off, now you should go on a number. Possibly trying different shooting positions into the number.

9 Conclusion I’ll be honest with you, on very difficult courts, I am happy not to have the first hammer. This gives me four more shots to try and find my route into the house--I know my hammer is coming up! Segment No. 3 will deal with the remaining two methods of staying even.

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