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Platinum Operation Systems. Core Operational Team Make Up Team Leader Data Base Manager (Leads Coordinator) Listing Coordinator Office Manager Inside.

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1 Platinum Operation Systems

2 Core Operational Team Make Up Team Leader Data Base Manager (Leads Coordinator) Listing Coordinator Office Manager Inside Sales Agents Outside Sales Agents Add on’s – larger teams Marketing Coordinator, Courier/Photographer, Customer Service Manager, Sales Manager, Recruiter, REO Manager, Relocation Manager, VIP Builder Manager, Investor Specialist

3 Team Leader Activities Call Back The Best Leads set appointments for self and/or best OSA’s. Go on the Best Seller Appointments, Work with the best Buyers. Negotiate tough sales and offers Track Lead flow Train Team Network Think and Grow Create Systems and delegate

4 Administration Job Descriptions Data Base Manager. Lead distribution to inside and outside sales by managing Buyer and Seller Leads from the internet, information lines, direct call-ins and input to the contact management system for inside/outside sales follow up. Outgoing specialized presale packages. General Reception duties. Print out labels for mail. Other. Office Manager. Manage human resources for administration and agents, manage and process closings, set up sales, closing check list activities, accounting, accounts payable and receivable. Answer Incoming calls. Other Listing Coordinator. Enter Listings into SWIFT and AGENT Office. Price changes, extensions, status changes. Daily outgoing marketing mail. Set up and implementation of all marketing and advertising. Manage the listing availability line, 24hr Information Lines, Radio Talking Houses. Answer incoming calls. Other.

5 Appointments Set By ISA ISA launches a Buyer Appt Plan or a Seller Appt Plan. Confirms with Team Leader, who should get the appointment. Will undo a previous set appointment or move it to another agent on the team to insure the best agent is on the appointment.






11 NEW SELLERS New Sellers are referred to as VIP Seller Clients Their property is referred to as one of our “Featured Properties” instead of a Listing.

12 TRT Featured Property Listing Information Paperwork Checklist & Fax Cover (To Be Used When Submitting a New Listing) Agent: _________________________ Agent E-Mail #:__________________________ Agent Cell #:____________Agent Phone #2:____________Agent Fax: _____________ Seller’s Name: ________________________________________________ Property Address: _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Mailing Address: ______________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Home #:________________________ Fax #:________________________ Cell #1:_____________________Cell #2:___________________________ Office # 1: ____________________ Office #2:_______________________ E-Mail #1: _____________________E-Mail #2:_____________________ Seller Contact Preference: Mail: ____E-Mail: _____ Phone: __________ Source of Lead: ______________Inside Sales Agent: ________________ Lockbox #___________ Shackle Code: ________ CBS Code: _________ Type of Signage: _________ Talking House: _____ Photos: ___________ Special Showing Instructions: ______________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ VIP Listing Paperwork Checklist ***The Following Paperwork/Information Must Be Submitted to Process Your Listing*** _____ Exclusive Seller Listing Agreement (Signed by Seller) _____ Exhibit to Exclusive Right to Sell Agreement (Signed by Seller - $695.00 R-Bid) _____ Guaranteed Purchase & Sale Summary of Conditions (Signed by Seller) _____ Seller’s Net Sheet (Initialed by Seller) _____ Sellers Property Disclosure Statement (Signed by Seller) _____ FMLS/MLS Dual Entry Input Sheet (Signed by Seller) _____ Previous MLS Listing Printout (If Previously Listed) _____ Payment Authorization Form (Complete with ID Code and Signature) _____ Photos to Be Downloaded The Realty Team will not accept or process ANY LISTING unless ALL of the above information is COMPLETED and included at submission to the Listing Manager.

13 VIP Seller Client Processing Upon receipt of paperwork for a Featured Property, listing coordinator will: Organize paperwork Add featured property to agent office, filling out user def’s as to who the OSA is and ISA. Launch New Featured Property Activity plan or RBID Featured Property plan in Agent Office.

14 New Featured Property Plan

15 Guidelines to New Listing Set Up Standard Listing Set Up includes: For Sale Sign with Trade Rider, Web site rider, 2 directionals, interior and exterior photos, lock box and Radio Talking House Listing agents must: 1. Date the listing agreement for at least one day in the future – ONE DAY BEYOND THE DAY THE OFFICE WILL RECEIVE IT. Ex. If signing a seller to an agreement today, the list date would begin tomorrow. If it is a Friday, then obviously Monday would be the start date. 2. Order the courier set up directly and separately. Before 11pm daily, go to Agent Office, pull up the sellers contact card and launch a New Listing Set Up plan. This must be done by 11pm the day the agreement is signed – the day before the listing agreement start date. Add any special instructions to the sellers contact card notes. Then email the courier department at ordering a courier set up using the New Listing Set Up form (you should have saved in your word docs on your 3. Always have a lock box on hand for every listing. While at the home, get an extra key from the seller, and hang the lock box on the door. If the Seller does not have an extra key – hang the lock box on the door and give them the key box holder, instruct them to put the key in it and slide it into the lock box (be sure and add the lockbox serial # and shackle code to the sellers contact card notes in Agent Office). 4. We are promising our sellers we will have the sign up and home listed in the mls systems WITHIN 72 hours. If the above steps are not followed and completed properly by the listing agent, the listing agent will be responsible for the penalty due seller at closing. 5. The Radio Talking House Script Must be completed and into the office with the listing paperwork. The Listings Manager will contact you when the TH is ready, then you will pick it up and install the radio talking house. 6. Apply a sticky note to each sellers contact card with the lockbox serial code and the radio talking house serial number as well as the location of the transmitter in the home. Courier Must: 1. Be at office by 8:30 am. 2. Log onto Agent Office and print off all scheduled activities for old business and todays business. Go to Web mail and print off New Listing Set Up Forms. New Listings are priorities and must be done the day received – regardless of location or inconvenience. Make notes on each set up as to special instructions. 3. Organize day by priority; New listing set ups are priority unless otherwise stated by Listings Manager, then any photo redo’s, followed by any take downs. 4. Always give each seller a courtesy call on all of their contact numbers as well as an email. Let them know the time frame for coming by. Give them your cell phone number in case they have a need to respond. 5. Make sure all signs are clean. Discard any signs that are not cleaning up well. 6. Always keep cell phone on and on hand, answer every call promptly. 7. Return to the office when all work is completed. 8. Down load all photos to the O drive 9. Report any mishaps, uncompleted set ups, inventory problems/shortages immediately to the Listings Manager. Listings Manager Must 1. Upon coming into the office each day: log onto Agent office and take a look at the couriers schedule for New Listing Set Ups as well as the emails for the same info 2. Make sure you have all set up’s and the deadline for set up. Follow up with the courier that am to insure they have the orders and know when they will be done. Any hang-ups or issues – contact the Listing Agent asap to let them know.

16 Next 30 Days Activity Plans

17 Price Changes

18 Items Needed To Submit a New VIP Buyer Agreement ____ Buyer Profile Form ____ VIP Buyer Agency Agreement ____ MLS Data Entry Form Fax these forms within 24 hours of signed agreement to the listing coordinator. **Mail retainer to the same or drop off. Agent is responsible for setting up and maintaining the VIP Buyer Profile System.

19 New VIP Buyer Client Process New VIP Client Manager receives paperwork. Finds prospect in Agent office, insures user def fields are changed to indicate who the osa, isa is and changed from customer to buyer client, and in house newsletter. Then launches a New Buyer Plan



22 Procedures for submitting VIP Sellers Under Contract _____ Executed Legible copy of the Purchase and Sale Agreement (one original) _____ Selling Agents contact info, including email _____ Buyers Pre-Qual letter _____ Earnest Money (if applicable) _____ Signed by Buyer Sellers Property Disclosure Statement _____ Sales Processing Sheet _____ Commission Confirmation/Instructions to closing attorney - Include Transaction fee. *Fax all paperwork to the Closings Manager, Mail EM or deliver. Must have EM within 2 days, in the bank within 5.

23 Property Information Address: ___________________________________________________________________ City: ________________________________________, Georgia Zip: _________________ GAMLS #: _______________ FMLS #: __________________ ID #:___________________ ­­_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Listing Agent/Client Information Listing Agent: __________________________ Company: ___________________________ Broker Code: ______________License #:_______________ Cell: _____________________ Office: _______________ Fax: ______________ E-Mail: ____________________________ Seller(s) Name: ___________________________ E-Mail:____________________________ Home: ____________ Office: ______________ Fax: _____________ Cell: ______________ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Selling Agent/Client Information Selling Agent: ___________________________ Company: _________________________ Broker Code: _______________ License #:_______________ Cell: ___________________ Office: ______________ Fax: ______________ E-Mail: ____________________________ Buyer(s) Name: _________________________ E-Mail: ____________________________ Home: ____________ Office: ______________ Fax: _____________ Cell: _____________ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Contract Information Acceptance/Binding Date: _______________Walk Thru Date: _______________________ Closing Date: _______________Time:____________ By: ___________________________ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Service Companies Home Inspection Company: ____________________ Contact: _________________________ Phone Number: _________________________ Inspection Date: _______________________ Inspection Deadline: ___________________ Inspection Acceptance: ____________________ Termite Company: ___________________________ Contact: __________________________ Phone Number: ___________________________ Clearance Letter Deadline:______________ Bonded: ____________ Repair □ Retreat □ Type: __________Chemical ___________ Bait Date Ordered: ______________ Date Received: ______________ Cost: __________________ Ordered By: ________________________ Paid By: __________________________________ Home Warranty Company: ________________________ Contact: ______________________ Phone Number: _________________ Confirmation #: _______________ Cost: ____________ Ordered By: _______________________________ Paid By: ___________________________

24 Loan Information Lender: ______________________________ Loan Officer: __________________________ Cell: ______________________Office: __________________ Fax: ____________________ Email: __________________________ Type of Loan: ____FHA ____VA ____Conventional Pre. Qual. Letter Deadline: ____________ Received: _____________ Extension: _________ Commitment Letter Deadline: __________ Received: _____________ Extension: _________ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Closing/Attorney Information Closing Attorney: _________________________________ Closing Date: ________________ Contact/Closer: _______________________Office: _______________ Fax: ______________ Cell: ____________________ Email: _____________________________________________ Earnest Money: ____________________ Held By: __________________________________ Seller Concessions: ____________________________________ Deficiencies: ____________ Closing Costs: ________________ Paid By: Buyer □ Seller □ Transaction Fees: _________ HOA Amount: _______________Wiring Info:______________________________________ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Sales Data Sales Price: _________________ Commission %: ______ List %: ________ Sale %: ________ FMLS %: _____ GMLS %: _____Days on Market: ______ List/Sale Price Ratio: ___________ Agent #1: ___________________________________ Amount: _________________________ Agent #2: ___________________________________ Amount: _________________________ Referral: ______________________________ Amount: _______________ Rate %: _________ Type: ____Short Sale ____Foreclosure ____R-Bid ____Guaranteed Sale ____ Lease Purchase Special Instructions: _____________________________________________________________ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Source of Lead 1. Sign □ 5. Past Client □ 9. TRT Builder □ 2. Direct Mail □ 6. Expired Listing □ 10. Bank/REO □ 3. Personal Referral □ 7. Ad-R/E Magazines □ Paper □ 11. TRT Relo/Referral □ 4. Business Referral □ 8. Marketing Company □ 12. Other________________ □ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Courier Information Security Code: _____________________________ Property ID #: ___________________ Info Line Number: _________________________ Ext. Code: _______________________ Lock Box Number: _______________ TRT___Agent ___ Shackle Code: ______________ Talking House S/N: _____________ Sign Type: ___Small ___Post Set Up: ___________ Forwarding Address: ________________________________________________Phone:__________________ City: ___________________________ State: ___________________ Zip: ___________ E-Mail:______________________________________ Effective Date: ______________

25 VIP Seller Pending Sale Process Upon receipt of pending contract paper work, Closings Manager will: Organize paperwork Set up Sale in Agent Office Launch Seller Closing Activity Plan Place paper work in file

26 _____Look up contact in agent 2000 – if not there add new contact _____Click on NEW _____Click on Sale _____Is this for one of your listings (YES if it is NO if it is not – if yes look up listing) _____Enter Address Info _____Listing Office Info – type – MLS# _____Status is Pending _____Sale Price _____Earnest Money _____Contract Date (is the binding agreement date) _____Projected Closing _____Click Save _____Select Seller _____Select Buyer _____Select Agent _____Select Co Agent (if not one, select none) _____Add Parties – Inside Sales Agent – side of transaction – role in transaction is Inside Sales Agent, see User Def 20 on contact/listing card _____Add commissions: select commission set up/edit if necessary _____Launch Closing Plan *If adding a new listing sale, the address info will default in. New Sale Set Up Instructions for Agent Office

27 Seller Closing Activity Plan

28 Seller Pre Closing Checklist schedule closing, forward directions, fax attorney commission conf and seller loan info, home warranty?, signed disclosure in file, co-op have termite?, email seller inspection deadlines

29 Seller Post Closing Plan

30 Seller Closing Check List and Post Close To Do’s Deposit Ready, Quick Books Disbursement, Transfer EM to MM, Change to SOLD status, Update clients address, Past client status, In House, Launch Past Client Plan, HUD in file, copies of checks

31 Agent Seller Closing Plans

32 Items Needed To Submit a Buyer Pending Contract _____ Copy of Executed Purchase and Sale Agreement, together with all exhibits and addendums. _____ Signed Sellers Property Disclosure Statement _____ All Lender Contact info and Pre-Qualification Letter _____ Copy of EM Check _____ Copy of Sellers Survey _____ Copy of Termite Letter _____ Home Warranty Info/Order Form _____ Commission Confirmation/Instructions to Closing Attorney with request for fee deficiency (if any) and transaction fee. * FAX all of the above to the Closings Manager within 24 hours of acceptance. Mail or deliver EM check to the Closings Manager must be in office within 72 hours of acceptance (We must have it deposited within 5 days of contract acceptance).

33 Buyer Under Contract Upon receipt of Paper work for a new buyer sale, closings manager will: Organize paperwork Set up a new sale for a buyer in agent office Launch Buyer Closing Activity Plan Prepare Earnest Money for Deposit

34 Buyer Closing plan

35 Buyer Closing Plan Pre Closing To Do’s delete Buyer Profile, termite letter and disclosure with contract, commission confirmation

36 Agent Buyer Closing Plan

37 Buyer Post Closing Plan Deposit Ready, Quick Books Disbursement, Transfer EM to MM Update Address, Past Client Status, Change to In House, Launch Past Client Plan, HUD in File, Copies of Checks in File, commission verification Disburse Funds

38 Closing and Disbursement of Funds Procedures 1. Agent attends closing 2. Agent FAX’s HUD to Closing dept and to Accounting Dept. 3. Closing Attorney Wires money to TRT, emails conf of wire. 4. Upon receipt of the HUD, Closing Dept Launches Buyer Post Close or Seller Post Close plan. 5. The post closing plan tells Closing Manager to: a. Change status to sold b. Change status of contact to Past Client c. Update Clients Address d. Change to In house Newsletter e. Launch Past Client Plan f. Copy of HUD in File g. Copies of Checks in File (if file was hand delivered by Agent). 6. CM does Closing Check List as per A2K: a. Record conf# of wire (or prepare deposit if Agent hand delivered closing file) b. Set up quick books disbursement c. Transfer EM to MM 7. One Day later CM does Disbursement as per A2K: a. Confirm wire/deposit b. Direct deposit funds from commission account to OSA c. Direct deposit funds from commission account to ISA d. Transfer funds from commission account to The Realty Team – any FMLS fees/cash rewards. 8. Agents funds will be direct deposited within 48 hours of company receiving wire. Agent will receive an email confirmation of disbursement when direct deposit has been made. *Closings Manager will need to provide attorney with wiring instructions and accurate commission confirmation agreement.

39 Setting Up A Sale In Quick Books _____Click on Sale _____customer job = address of property _____date of sale = closing date _____agent = outside sales agent _____buyer = name of buyer's _____seller = name of seller's _____sale price = sale price _____inside agent = name of inside sales agent or referral under the items list _____select listing sale, buyer sale or both sides - then type in the net amount of the commission check received from the closing attorney _____select transaction fee and type in the transaction fee received _____select earnest money held by TW&A and type in the amount _____select GCI and tab over to get the total gross commission income of the sale now subtract the cost of sales _____select FMLS and calculate the amount owed to FMLS and enter it into the rate, with a minus sign (can know if it was an FMLS listing by viewing the full listing tab in the sales module in A2K) _____select referral and note the referral source and the % given and enter it into the rate with a minus sign _____select other and note what the other is (i.e cash rewards premium 15% of the cash reward, rebate to seller, etc.) and enter the amount under rate with a minus sign. _____select agents commission and calculate based on their pay structure and enter it under the rate with a minus sign. _____select TW&A from the list and enter the amount shown at the bottom under rate with a minus sign _____The transaction should be balanced to 0.00 at the bottom. _____Print out the agents checks, the inside agents checks, fmls checks, cash rewards checks, etc. following the sale disbursement. _____Give a copy of the sale disbursement to Todd with the date the deposit was made.

40 Seller Closing Crashes Closings Manager will launch a Back on Market Activity Plan

41 Back on Market Activity plan

42 Seller Cancellation or Expired VIP Client Manager launches an EXPIRED/WITHDRAWN – NO RELIST Activity Plan


44 Agent/Employee Exit Interview Sales Manager will launch the Exit Interview Plan Agents License will not be released until all activities are completed.

45 Exit Interview Activity plan

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