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י"א/שבט/תשע"ד1 Scrum War Rooms: an NDS Case Study Avidan Lamdan, Director.

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1 י"א/שבט/תשע"ד1 Scrum War Rooms: an NDS Case Study Avidan Lamdan, Director

2 י"א/שבט/תשע"ד2 NDS – a quick overview NDS & Agile Scrum war rooms –WH question NDS experience Questions Agenda

3 י"א/שבט/תשע"ד3 History of NDS F ounded February, 1988 Acquired by News Corp, Rupert Murdoch Corporation, 1990 First Conditional Access service [BSkyB], 1990 First digital Conditional Access service [DIRECTV], 1994 China Cable Network (INC at the time), May 2000 Sky+ launched at BSkyB with XTV technology, 2001 Since February 2009 NDS Group Ltd is a private company owned by Permira Funds and News Corporation Won China DTH CA Business for ~10M smart cards, 2009/2010 2009: NDS commemorated shipment of 300 millionth smart card

4 י"א/שבט/תשע"ד4 Conditional Access Customers

5 י"א/שבט/תשע"ד5 Digital pay-TV Leader NDS VideoGuard ® CA and DRM solutions protect 116 million active devices NDS M/W deployed in 135 million devices NDS DVR technology deployed in 25 million devices NDS leads as iTV pioneer NDS leads with proven convergence solutions 5

6 י"א/שבט/תשע"ד6 Using Agile framework over the past three years –Multi-site, Multi-national –Large-scale projects (over 300 people) –Supporting management SCRUM implementation: –Sporadic across the company –~10 different teams (10-40 people each) NDS & Agile

7 י"א/שבט/תשע"ד7 A Single room dedicated for a scrum development team Should facilitate XP environment Should include the SM & Team (at least) –PO is an option The best room –Central, Spacious, lighted, ignited Scrum War Rooms - What

8 י"א/שבט/תשע"ד8 Better productivity Better communication Better adaptation for changes One stop shop Transparency All together now Scrum War Rooms - Why

9 י"א/שבט/תשע"ד9 Reduced external communication –No landline telephones –Mobile on vibration Whiteboard, Flipchart, Projector Lots of power/LAN outlets Large desk Paired (10-12 people) Scrum War rooms - How

10 י"א/שבט/תשע"ד10 Class II scrum team and above The group is well formed and performed Limited to 12 people Leverage the knee effect Scrum War Rooms - When

11 י"א/שבט/תשע"ד11 Setup First meeting Fiasco Recovery plan Current status Lessons learned NDS Experience

12 י"א/שבט/תשע"ד12 Dedicated team –Internal and newcomers Allocation of new area Supportive management –Up a certain level Lots of goodwill NDS Experience - Setup

13 י"א/שבט/תשע"ד13 Players: –Team leaders –Logistics –Architect Issues: –Open space –Firm conformance –Limited budget –General structure NDS Experience – First Meeting

14 י"א/שבט/תשע"ד14 Poor preparation Not enough communication –Intra-team –Intra-company Bad vibes Maslow pyramid compromised… NDS Experience –Fiasco

15 י"א/שבט/תשע"ד15 Compromise –Single war room –At least 50% occupancy –Crowded seating cubicles –A LOT of rest space And a movie NDS Experience – Recovery Plan

16 י"א/שבט/תשע"ד16 Communication, communication, communication! War room is NOT open space Team success is more important than mr² Less documentation Highly adaptive teams NDS Experience – Lessons Learned

17 י"א/שבט/תשע"ד17 War room – mostly occupied Meeting rooms – not in use Waiting to get approval for second room Company-wide traction NDS Experience – Current Status

18 י"א/שבט/תשע"ד18 Questions?

19 י"א/שבט/תשע"ד19 Thank you

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