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Kristi Garrett AIL690: Seminar in Instructional Technology.

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1 Kristi Garrett AIL690: Seminar in Instructional Technology

2  What is Virtual Reality?  Facts and Statistics  Advantages  Disadvantages  Virtual Reality Examples  Sources  Questions

3  Termed coined by Jaron Lanier in 1989  Artificial environment  Experienced through the sight and sound senses  Offers simulation for training and interactive activities

4  In 2007, the Associated Press and AOL reported:  44% of adults play online  Second Life:  180,000 residents by April 2006  13 million residents by March 2008  Approximately 10 million people from the real world use Second Life

5  Highlights critical features  Provides a different perspective and analysis  Provides multiple media and formats  Offer flexible opportunities for learning and demonstrating skills

6  The experience in virtual reality does not always correspond to the experience of the ordinary world  Virtual reality is not a concrete reality like a physical object (lack touch, feel, smell senses)  Reduces ability to work in real world settings  Encourages introvert behaviors

7  TurnItIn tutorial using Captivate TurnItIn  Used as a training tool  Gives the viewer the feeling of one-on-one interaction  Available for instant replay  Deal or No Deal (rated 4.1 out of 5 of 316 votes) Deal or No Deal  Same use of theme music from the TV version  Virtual interaction with “The Banker”  Ability to select briefcases

8  AP and AOL Statistics:  Second Life Statistics: tualWorlds.html tualWorlds.html  TurnItIn:  Virtual Reality : ,,sid183_gci213303,00.html,,sid183_gci213303,00.html 


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