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K-POP. SM Town Bringing K-Pop Stars The six-hour concert on Oct. 23 will feature Girls' Generation, Super Junior and SHINee. They belong to SM Entertainment.

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2 SM Town Bringing K-Pop Stars The six-hour concert on Oct. 23 will feature Girls' Generation, Super Junior and SHINee. They belong to SM Entertainment. "The concert will show the global power of K-pop. "We expect this New York concert will be a big hit following the success we were met with in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Shanghai and Paris." to Madison Square Garden The Chosunilbo 9-1-11

3 K-pop bands of SM Entertainment thrilled 50,000 Japanese fans. All three shows were sold out. The Chosunilbo 9-6-11

4 K-POP 2:00

5 K-POP Top 10 1:00

6 Girls Generation 2:00

7 Cyber mobs hunt for 'truth' about Seo-E scandal

8 exporting K-POP

9 Culture minister seeks advice on Experts from diverse cultural sectors as well as university and high school students discuss ways to better promote Korean culture overseas in an event organized by the Korean Culture and Information Service (KOCIS), Wednesday, in Seoul. A high school student sharply pointed out to the minister of culture, sports and tourism that adolescent efforts to promote Korean culture overseas are often overlooked. 02-24-2011 The Korean Times promoting Korea overseas

10 The Korean Culture and Information Service (KOIS) of the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism is looking for bloggers from around the world for “THE KOREA BLOG.” This is the official blog of, an official webpage of the Republic of Korea, and aims to show the hip, modern side of Korean life and culture. We’re looking for people able to explore and present this side of Korea to apply to join our first batch of bloggers.

11 Bloggers and Politics 2:00

12 In the past couple years, Twitter has become a viable method of reporting and reading about breaking news events. It gives citizen journalists–and professionals a way to publish news stories as they happen, long before the television news can put together an urgent news bulletin.

13 Paris August 2011 14:00

14 K-pop 2010 English promo 3:00

15 K-Pop to Descend on Las Vegas in November The Chosunilbo Oct 7, 2011 "This event is significant because K-pop singers, who are becoming hugely popular not only in Asia but also in Europe and the Americas, will have their first concert together in Las Vegas," The MGM Grand said. It added that the event will serve as an opportunity to showcase the appeal of K-pop music as one of the fastest-growing musical trends around the world.

16 Jang Keun-suk Hoping to Conquer Asia with New Album Jang Keun-suk is loved by fans throughout Asia as an actor and singer. Starting with a fan club pre-sale on Wednesday, Jang's album will be made available to the public from Friday. It is already in hot demand with pre-sales of 65,000 copies. October 13, 2011


18 Idols in Korea 1:00

19 K-POP in North Korea

20 North Korea Popular Culture 3 min

21 North Koreans enjoy watching South Korean soap operas as much as anyone across Asia, a recent defector told Time magazine. "People watch them in secret." "In recent years, bootlegged South Korean dramas have been flooding into the northern neighbor -- part of a recent explosion across Asia of Korean TV shows and music known as the Korean Wave." Korean Wave 'Sweeps N.Korea The Chosunilbo 11-3-09


23 Shinhwa in North Korea 3:30

24 Television Rules 2:00

25 Super Kim 2:00

26 Japanese Like Korea 1:05

27 Pop Culture in Asia 11:20

28 The Korean Wave Hot Issue in Bangkok 1:20

29 Korea Friendship Festival in the Philippines 1:20

30 Japanese Comic Insults K-pop Idols

31 A Japanese comic book about Anti-‘Korean wave’ has come as a shock to the Korean society as it disparaged K-pop stars, including Girls’ Generation and KARA. The book titled, “Case of fabricated K-pop boom,” is spreading out quickly on Japanese websites. It is said in the book girl’s idols have to give sex service in the Korean entertainment industry and that the Korean government has invested 20 million dollars a year to fabricate the ‘Korean wave’ in Japan. Drawings in the comic book caused public outrage. The characters of Girls’ Generation only wear underwear while KARA was hip-dancing without any clothes. The comic only stresses the dark side of the Korean entertainment such as suicide, bribes and sex service by mentioning Jang Ja-yeon who committed suicide in 2009. Meanwhile, Korean netizens have been enraged. “It is as rubbish as the country’s nationality.” “Each agent should sue for libel.” The Korean Times 01-13-2011 Japanese Comic Insults K-pop Idols

32 Japanese March Against Korean Soap Operas Japanese demonstrators march against Korean soap operas and TV shows in front of Fuji TV. The size of the protest -- 6,000 people - - was about the same as for an anti-nuclear protest following the Fukushima nuclear meltdown. Waving Japanese flags, protesters chanted slogans demanding the broadcaster stop airing Korean programs and carried signs saying "No More Korean Wave" or "No More K- pop" and "Stop Biased Programming." The Chosunilbo 9-10-11

33 K-pop groups hamstrung by contracts The revolt against their management agency by three members of the popular K-pop girl group KARA laid bare once again the vulnerability of idol groups tied by what have been known as “slave-like contracts” to their agencies. Some insiders saw it as a tug-of-war the estranged members initiated to amend contract terms to get a bigger portion of the agency’s profit with the band’s popularity soaring in Japan. Critics believe, the latest dispute will put a negative spin on the growing influence of Korean songs, films and other cultural products in Asians countries, including Japan and China. adapted from an article by Park Si-soo The Korean Times 01-20-2011

34 Adapted from an article by Cathy Rose A. Garcia The Korea Times 01-20-201 US advertisers interested in K-pop news site The website delivers the latest news stories about K-pop stars. Alongside the news are banner ads for American websites that specialize in travel, shoes, electronic gadgets accessories and fashion goods. Noh said many American companies that advertise on allkpop are interested in the Asian-American demographic. It has been growing exponentially, from 2 million unique visitors in early 2010 to 3 million by the end of the year.

35 South Korea has emerged as one of the world’s major tourist destinations this year, at least among Chinese, Japanese and other Asian visitors, on the back of a weak Korean won against other currencies and the growing popularity of Korean pop culture in the region. Foreign visitors to reach 8.8 million

36 Korean Wave and Tourism 7:00

37 Korean Exhibit at the Shanghai Expo 3:20

38 YouTube Globalizes Hallyu One million views in two days 4:00

39 An American Impression of the Korean Wave 2 min

40 Brown&RISD Korean Culture Show 2:00

41 CNN - The Korean Wave interview with MTV Korea executive 4:10


43 Nationalism and Modernism

44 4:00

45 Who Controls Popular Media and Culture?

46 And video is proving that it has the same power. Cameras are cheaper and more powerful than ever, and most allow instant uploading to online video portals like YouTube. The online video community is carving out a nice niche for itself as an alternative source of high-quality footage. The news channels are no longer the only source for footage of breaking news events.

47 Paranmanjang (2011) shot on an iPhone 0:30

48 Trailer for Park Chan Wooks iPhone 4 Short Film, 'Night Fishing' 0:30

49 Paranmanjang (2011) behind the scenes 5:00

50 Does the 30-minute iPhone movie, Paranmanjang (2011) represent the democratization of media? Are corporations losing control over film content to popular culture?

51 KT Corp., the exclusive distributor of iPhone in South Korea, paid for a portion of the $130,000 production. The president of KT’s mobile business group, called the movie “the product of the state-of-the-art technology meets art.” The company has sold 1.84 million units of iPhone since it became available in the market in November 2009.

52 Popular Media and Violence

53 Do Violent Video Games Make Violent Kids? 5:30

54 The Killing Screens: Media & the Culture of Violence 6min

55 Violence and the male hero 3:00

56 Cultural Hegemony

57 Cultural Hegemony (Antonio Gramsci) 2:20

58 Hegemony operates culturally and ideologically through the institutions of civil society... education, the family, the church, the mass media, popular culture, etc. Strinati, Dominic. 1995. An Introduction to Theories of Popular Culture. London: Routledge. (Strinati 1995:168-169)


60 Ethnicity and Identity

61 8:30 “Race” in America

62 Ethnicity and Identity part one 8:00

63 Ethnicity and Identity part two 10:00

64 Ethnicity and Identity part three 10:00

65 Ethnicity and Identity part four 10:00


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