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KOIKE SEMI AUTOMATIC PORTABLES FOR SHIPYARDS. MARKET LEADER WHY?  Most versatile portable cutting program available nowadays  Each cutting application.

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2 MARKET LEADER WHY?  Most versatile portable cutting program available nowadays  Each cutting application we have a portable solution  Multiple power supply  Robust  Low maintenance  Long life time  High quality

3 SEMI Automation WHY?  Improve quality (constant)  Increase speed (higher productivity)  Less or No after work  Physical easiness operator  Flexible & multiple function  Easy to use (no need for high skilled personnel) HIGHER PRODUCTION AT LOWER COST!!

4 Portable machines for portables  Handy Auto / Handy Auto Plus  IK-92PUMA  IK-12Max3  IK-72T  IK-05 LUG CUT  WelHandy Multi

5 Handy Auto / Handy Auto Plus

6 Features  Automatic igniting/extinguishing system  Safety valves maintaining the preset flow- condition of pre-heat oxygen and fuel gas. No re-adjustment.  Cutting Versatility: Straight line, Circle, Shape cutting and Bevel cutting  Easy to handle, and Highly efficient performance  Machine automatically starts when cutting oxygen is turned on.  Driving wheel rotates full 360°  All-direction cutting is possible.  Wheels can be changed in a moment  Step less speed regulator  Constant cutting height

7 Outline of Ignition Unit Ignition Nozzle Control Lever for Gas flow and Ignition Ignition Nozzle Control Lever Release Button

8 Adjusting procedure of igniting Pull the lever inside first before initial adjustment of flame. Next

9 Ignite procedure ① ④ ③ The fuel gas out of cutting nozzle will ignite. ④ Adjust the flame ① Pull the lever inside more, then pilot flame is made out of igniting nozzle ② Open the fuel gas and oxygen valve a little ② ③ ④

10 Pre-heat oxygen valve Fuel gas valve ④ ⑤ Adjust each gas flow ④ Open the oxygen valve a little ⑥ Get qualified flame Adjust the flame Valve condition can be locked after adjusting each gas flow.

11 The fire goes out only with pushing of the release button. Release button Push Extinguish the flame

12 Re-ignition by only the lever operation Pull the lever inside RE-ignite

13 Igniting ←→ Extinguishing Pull the lever inside Igniting Push the release button Extinguishing

14 Small circle cutting ① Setting a radius of circle ② Put on the plate ③ Igniting ④ Heating a piercing point ⑤ Cutting the circle

15 Specifications  Input power AC 110-240V  Cutting thickness5 ~ 30 mm  Speed range150 ~ 700 mm/min  Wheel driveFriction drive  Cutting tipType 102 or 106  Weight 3.5kg

16 Handy Auto PLUS Kit 1) Main unit 1 2) Square cutting attachment1 3) Auxiliary wheel for square cutting attachment1 4) Beveling wheel1 5) Small circle cutting attachment1 6) Manual guide lever1 7) Cutting tips, either type 102, or type 106; #0, #1, #21 each 8) Spanner for changing tip1 9) Fuse (1A)1 10) Carrying case (steel)1

17 Standard Attachment - 1 1. Auxiliary wheel for square cutting attachment

18 Standard Attachment - 2 2. Beveling wheel (22° ~ 45°)

19 Standard Attachment - 3 3. Small circle cutting attachment (φ30 ~ φ200mm)

20 Standard Attachment - 4 4. Manual guide lever

21 Optional Attachment - 1 1. Guide rail for straight line cutting

22 Optional Attachment - 2 2. Large circle cutting attachment (φ127 ~ 480mm)

23 Attachments can be changed in a moment The Handy Auto Plus can be set up for any type of cutting in a moment. Changing between any of the versatile attachments is a one-hand operation.

24 Cutting Versatility

25 All types of cutting in any shape possible 1. Straight line cutting 2. Beveling

26 All types of cutting in any shape possible 3. Curved line cutting 4. Circular cutting 5. A curved steel plate

27 All types of cutting in any shape possible 6. “U” shape bar 7. Square pipe 8. H-shaped steel bar

28 All types of cutting in any shape possible 9. Pipe cutting 10. Slot cutting 11. vertical surface

29 Practical example

30 IK-92 PUMA

31 IK-92 Puma is a unique handy-type machine enabling both highly accurate automatic straight-line cutting and semi- automatic (manually guided / circular) cutting with one hand.

32 The IK-92 Puma is the most economical machine for cutting automatically straight lines. For the great accuracy the machine is using a rail for guiding. The rail (1800mm) can be extended to any desired length!! For saving weight the rail is made will holes.

33 Low center of gravity, Therefore, stability is extremely high and automatic traveling can be done exactly with no need for manual holding. Accurate and reliable drive system, IC for speed control is equipped, thus constant and accurate machine travel is performed. One-hand operation system making operations easier, One hand, which holds the grip, can operate the power switch, clutch lever, speed adjustment dial and forward/reverse travel selector switch. Features IK-92PUMA

34 Bevel cutting Beveling is possible up to 45°. Perfect heat prevention system, Long and continuous operation is allowed due to heat insulation inside the machine body, double shield plate and a forced air cooling fan. This enhanced the durability and service life. Features IK-92PUMA

35 Secure and easily adjustable torch holder, Contra weight for more stability, Easy handle for switching cutting oxygen, Travel in both forward and reverse direction, Circle cutting option 50-550mm radius, Plate edge roller, (cutting without rail) Features IK-92PUMA

36 Let the machine run only by the drive motor (do not push or pull the machine) and give the machine only the direction by the hand. Take care that the hand actions are done smoothly. 1.Outside cuts (increase speed). 2.Inside cuts (decrease speed). 3.Tip. Manual guide cutting

37 This option provides an easy cut of a circles from 100 -1100mm. Note: Make a deep punch mark on the plate. Circle cutting attachment

38 This option make it possible to cut without rail. The setup with the plate edge roller is different!! Take care that the IK-92 Puma has a small inclination so that the roller keep pushing against the plate edge. Plate edge guide roller

39  Cutting thickness:up to 100mm  Cutting speed:150 – 1000 mm/min  Cutting shape:I, V to 45°  Power:42/110/220V AC  Speed regulator:Variable resistor  Weight:8 Kg  Machine length480mm Specifications

40 IK-12MAX3

41 Features  Best portable track cutting machine on current market!  Heavy Duty design  Great stability because of low center of gravity and wide machine body  Most versatile portable machine on the market able to us for oxyfuel cutting, plasma cutting and welding!  Can cut up to 600mm. (Oxyfuel)  Double cone system for smooth movement. (for best cut quality)  Excellent heat protection, inside and outside  Standard (800mm/min) and High Speed model (2400mm/min)

42 Double cone system

43 S-100 torch kit S-100 torch kit for I or V bevel cutting One torch Up to 100mm Vertical adjustment of 80mm Bar of 350mm.

44 S-200 torch kit for I, V, X or Y bevel cutting Two torches Up to 100mm Vertical adjustment of 80mm Bar of 500mm. Contra weight for stability. S-200 torch kit

45  Same as S-100 and S-200 expect this torch kit has a floating head for maintaining distance from nozzle to plate.  Constant height is important when making any bevel. V, X, Y or K bevel. SP-100 and SP-200 torch kit

46 SP-300 torch kit  Bevel block using two torches for Y and X bevel.  Bevel block will ensure better bevel accuracy as separate torch regulations.

47 SP-400 torch kit  Bevel block using three torches for Y, X and K bevel.  Bevel block will ensure better bevel accuracy as separate torch regulations.

48 Set-up multiple torch  When cutting with multiple torches for beveling a different set-up is necessary.

49 L-100 torch kit  Thick plate cutting.  Up to 300mm  Bigger hose diameter (3/8”) for correct flow  Torch need water cooling

50  Thick plate cutting  Up to 600mm.  Distribution unit with gauge  Propane only  Special EPOCH nozzles  Torch need water cooling EPOCH 300/600 torch kit


52 Welding torch kit  Special torch kit capable of holding any welding gun  Good choice when doing butt welding

53 FR-III controller Can be used for plasma cutting or welding. Switch on plasma or welding source automatically (Synchronize) Limit switch for further automation. Arc stabilization timer.

54  Wu-2 switch on IK12max3  Able to weave up to 25mm  Parameters can be adjusted on the “fly”  Parameters: Origin “0” point Width 3-25mm, Frequency 2-120Hz Dwell left, center right 0-3s WU-2 Weaving unit

55 Plasma cutting torch kit  Bar 350mm  Torch holder with 80mm height adjustment  Able to hold max torch diameter of 50mm  With bushings different torch diameters can be used 35, 32, 30 or 28mm.

56 Practical Plasma cutting

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