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HS The Flipped Classroom, Class Expectations & Policies

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1 HS The Flipped Classroom, Class Expectations & Policies
N Butterworth, Blackmon Road Middle School, Columbus, GA Revised Aug. 7, 2013

2 The Standard Classroom
…assumes that most students will learn the concepts taught in one or two lessons each. …assumes that most students will recall enough of a lesson to complete assignments with only the aid of their notes and textbook. …assumes that most students will need only the assistance of notes and textbook to study for a quiz or test.

3 The Standard Classroom
The pace of the lesson is, by necessity, dictated by the instructor. Approx. 70% of class time is spent watching the instructor teach the lesson. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain any extra assistance outside of class, before or after school.

4 The Flipped Classroom Your assignment each evening is to watch one or two recorded lesson(s) for a total of minutes. Take notes on the lesson(s). Write down any questions you have over the lesson concepts. At the beginning of each class there will be a short warm up, then you will ask any questions you have on the lesson(s) you watched. The balance of the class period will be spent completing the assignment over the lesson concepts. Ask questions of your study group or instructor as needed.

5 Advantages of the Flipped Classroom:
Watch the lesson at your convenience as many times as needed to understand the lesson. The pace of the lesson is dictated strictly by the individual student. Stop the lesson if needed for note-taking. Re-watch any section that is unclear the first time. Approx. 70% of class time will be spent with the instructor individually assisting students with lesson application.

6 Advantages of the Flipped Classroom:
Students will have assistance in class from their study group and teacher for the majority of their work on any assignment. Studying for any assessment (test or quiz) will be simpler. At your convenience, re-view any lesson you need to complete the review problems/tasks.

7 Problems? Lack of internet access: Save the lessons on your USB drive. Watch them at your convenience. Lack of computer access: Use one of the classroom computers to view the lesson. Need additional assistance: Come after school to get additional help. Absence from class: View the lesson you missed. Ask any questions you have in class. Come in for additional assistance before or after school if needed.

8 Class Expectations: Print out the note file(s) for the evening’s lesson(s). Watch the lesson(s) assigned for the evening. Take notes on the lesson(s). Re-watch any problem sections of the lesson(s). Write down and highlight any questions you may have over the lesson(s). Arrive in class each day ready to ask any questions you may have.

9 Class Expectations: Bring your completed note sheet(s), pencil (pen or marker not accepted), paper, 3-ring binder, and USB drive to class daily. Bring your textbook(s) to class if requested. Complete the warm up assignment daily when you enter the room. You will have approx. 5 minutes from the beginning of the class period to complete the warm up assignment. Correct your work when we explore the answers. During the warm up, I will check everyone’s notes over the lesson.

10 Class Expectations: Ask any questions you have over the lesson(s).
When your questions are answered, begin work on the assignment. Work with your study group to complete the assignment. Ask your study group for any assistance needed. If your study group cannot answer your questions, ask your instructor.

11 Your Study Group: At the beginning of this school year, you will be allowed to choose your own study group. Wisely choose, you should, my padawans. -Yoda Get the names, phone numbers, addresses, and any other contact information you wish from everyone in your study group. Choose your study group with care. These individuals will be your first source for cooperatively exploring the lesson materials. You and your group will be responsible for completing the assignments and tasks in a timely manner.

12 Your Study Group: You will be staying in your group for a minimum two-week cycle, often for a complete unit. Since you are choosing your own groups, please do not come to me with minor disagreements. I am interested in knowing if any group members are under- contributing, but will expect you to try your best to learn to work effectively with every member of your group for the duration of the cycle. At the end of each cycle, you will be given the option to change the composition of your study group at your discretion.

13 Your Study Group: Study groups not functioning cooperatively and efficiently will risk the Instructor’s choice of group personnel assignment at her sole discretion. Learning to work effectively in a group is an essential life skill. Your education will benefit from your ability to work well in a group setting. Colleges now require the development and use of study groups for all students. This skill is also critical to success in whatever field of endeavor you choose to pursue.

14 Class Expectations: Check your answers for the assignment with the key. Ask any additional questions you may have. Remember, there will be assessments over the lesson topics, copying assignments will not help you pass the quizzes or tests. Use the assignments as practice for the quizzes and tests.

15 Additional Assistance / Parent Questions:
Additional assistance or conferences are available without an appointment. Unless posted otherwise, I am available for extra help mornings from 8:15 am until the beginning of school. ** changed 5:30 pm 8/7/13 due to administrative class changes. If no students are present at 4:20 pm. I leave for the day. You can contact me by at My website is at

16 Quizzes: Periodically, online 5 or 10 question on-line quizzes will be assigned through for approximately 5 class days. The minimum recorded grade for any quiz is 40%. One re-take per quiz will be assigned to all students who did not make at least a 90% on their original attempt. Any student may choose not to re-take the quiz and keep their original quiz grade. Additional quiz re-takes are not available. All quiz re-takes will be available for 5 class days and are worth a total possible 90%.

17 Unit Review: Review assignments for tests will be given over each unit of study. Begin the review assignment as you would a test, without assistance. Re-visit any appropriate lesson notes and/or the recorded lesson for any questions you are unsure of. Next, ask your study group for any assistance needed. If your study group cannot answer your questions, ask your instructor.

18 Tests: All tests will be in class, pencil and paper tests.
The minimum recorded grade for any test is 40%. Any test may be re-taken once for 90% of earned credit. The privilege to retest over a unit must be earned. The retest deadline will be designated in Infinite Campus as well as printed on your latest grade report.

19 Make Up Policy: If you miss a test, you have two weeks to make up the missing assessment. Until the test is taken, you will receive a “0” for that test. If your body is present in class at the time of a test, you will take the test. This helps to ensure that you never have a “0” as a test grade. Remember that the minimum grade entered for a test attempted is 40%. You are then encouraged to re-take the test before school as soon as possible. There will be no grade penalty for the retest if you are absent for 3 or more days before a test. An absence of 1 or 2 days before a test does not miss any curriculum content.

20 Retests: Note: The extra assignment given for a test retake is expected to be completed outside of class time. Step 1: Review the notes and recorded lessons for the sections you had difficulty with. Step 2: Correct your original test on separate paper. Address any questions you have with your instructor. Step 5: Check your test corrections with the key. Step 4: Ask for an additional practice assignment over the unit.

21 Retests: Step 5: Complete the additional assignment as you would a test, without assistance of any type. Step 6: Check the answers of your additional assignment with the key just as your instructor would: answers are either completely correct or wrong. Step 7: Compute your grade by (#correct)/(#questions) less 10%. Example: An initial grade of (17correct)/(20 questions) or 85% less 10% (9 points) is actually a 76%. Step 8: Assess your readiness for the retest. Step 9: Either you are not ready, then return to step 4; or you are ready for the retest, then come before or after school to take the retest.

22 Grading: Muscogee County Grading Scale: – A – B – C below 70 – F Students in this course will be taking both the 8th Grade CRCT and the Accelerated CCGPS Coordinate Algebra and Geometry EOCT (End of Course Test). The State of Georgia requires that the EOCT is 20% of a students’ grade.

23 Grading: This is a High School level course, the grading policy reflects this increase in course rigor and content. Grades going into the EOCT are computed on this scale: Grading Policy: assignments: 15% quizzes/tasks: 35% tests/projects: 50% Each student may turn in each Task or Project once. Make sure tasks and projects are turned in on time and complete.

24 Absences: If you are absent from class, watch any recorded lessons you have missed. Make sure you take notes and understand the concepts addressed. Ask your study group or instructor any questions you may still have. I make enough copies of any handouts for the class. Few, if any, extras are printed. Missed handouts are available in the sorting bin at the back of the classroom. Make sure you have checked with your study group for any warm ups you may have missed.

25 Absences: Quizzes are available online for 5 class days. Be sure to check on for quizzes and assignments during your absence. If you completely miss a quiz, you will automatically be assigned the quiz re-take. If you miss a test, you have two weeks to make up the missing test. Until the test is taken, you will receive a “0” for that test. A make-up test or retest must be taken before school.

26 Warm Up Sheets: Warm up sheets need to be turned in once a week on the last day of the school week. Make sure your name and date appear on the warm up sheet. I do not go out of my way to find owners of warm-ups. Over the course of a week, you can be expected to put your name and date on your paper. Nameless warm ups will be promptly recycled. If you are absent from class, make sure you have checked with your study group for any warm ups you may have missed. Make sure you understand the concepts addressed. Ask your instructor any questions you may still have.

27 Assignments: No paper fuzzies (torn bits from a spiral notebook).
Only work completed in pencil will be accepted. Keep your notes organized in a 3-ring binder. Loose pages are not acceptable. The style of your notebook organization is up to you. Bring paper, pencil and notebook to class daily.

28 Assignments: Each assignment should have your NAME, DATE and BLOCK in the UPPER RIGHT-HAND CORNER of your paper. The BOOK and PAGE NUMBER of the assignment should be on the TOP LINE OF THE PAPER. Assignments with either no name or no assignment identification will not be credited. Assignments will be checked daily. You will also receive a daily grade that is based on your class participation.

29 Passes: Do not leave my room without both getting permission to leave and a pass. Leaving the room without a pass is skipping class. You are a minor. As your teacher, I am legally responsible for knowing where you are for the entire class period. No passes will be given during whole class instruction or within 10 minutes of the end of class except in case of emergency (blood is involved). I do not give media center passes unless I give an assignment requiring media center research.

30 Passes: If you have permission to leave: Take the boy’s pass or girl’s pass as appropriate. Take the hall pass if you have permission to leave the room, you are not visiting the front office, and the boy’s and girl’s passes are being used. Restroom Pass: A restroom pass is good for 3 minutes. Over 3 minutes is skipping class. Locker Pass: A locker pass is good for 4 minutes. Over 4 minutes is skipping class. Office Pass: Only to be used for visiting the front office. Never to be used as restroom or locker passes.

31 Morning Tutoring Passes:
I will be issuing each student in my classes an individual morning Tutoring Pass to be used to come to my classroom in the mornings whenever you need to. You are expected to come directly to my room in the mornings if you are not in the gym. You are not allowed to use your pass from my class to visit any other classroom in the mornings. I will confiscate your morning tutoring pass if you abuse the privilege.

32 Textbooks: The Georgia High School Mathematics 1 and Georgia High School Mathematics 2 by McDougal Littell textbooks will be issued to each student. Additional resources will be available and utilized during class including the following: Intermediate Algebra (Red Book), Bittinger, M & Keedy, M. (1995) Addison- Wesley Publishing Company. ISBN Introductory and Intermediate Algebra (Black Book), Lial, Hornsby, Miller (1998) Addison Wesley Publishing Company. ISBN A Survey of Mathematics with Applications, 7th ed. (hardback book), Angel, Abbott & Runde (2005) Pearson Addison Wesley. ISBN Geometry (blue book), Larson, Boswell & Stiff (2001), Mcdougal Little. ISBN

33 Calculators: Since students in this class will be responsible for taking the 8th grade CRCT without the assistance of a calculator, there will be extremely limited use of a calculator in this class until April of 2013 (after the CRCT). I have class sets of both graphing and non-graphing calculators for classroom use when appropriate. Starting in April of 2013, we will be using a graphing calculator (TI Nspire CAS or TI 84 Plus Silver Edition) in class frequently.

34 Contact Information: Assignments, tasks, quizzes, tests and projects will be announced on My website can be accessed through the Blackmon Road Middle School website homework page, or by using the direct site address: My address is

35 Flipped Class References:
Web references: radically-transforming-learning-536.php andrew-miller Book reference: 02_s00_i00

36 Tonight’s Assignment:
Have your parents watch this presentation. Bring in this page signed by both you and your parents. I have watched this Flipped Classroom presentation and understand the expectations and responsibilities for this class. Student name (printed) __________________________ Student signature __________________________ Parent signature __________________________

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