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The Industrial Revolution v.s. Pollution. Pre-Industrial Revolution Lifestyles.

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1 The Industrial Revolution v.s. Pollution


3 Pre-Industrial Revolution Lifestyles

4 Pre-industrial Society Pre-industrial lifestyles worked with the resources of the Earth and within the bounds of natural ecosystems. No desire to over-use Earth’s resources and nature could recover from the environmental impact of mankind’s economic activities unaided.

5 Pre-industrial Societies Small-scale production (i.e. artisanship rather than mass production) Primarily agricultural economy geared toward self-sufficiency, not market exchange, little surplus Little division of labor Limited variation in social classes Parochialism: undeveloped transportation limited contact with outside world

6 Resources gement/earth.html gement/earth.html industrial_society

7 "The Silent Highwayman" Cartoon commenting on polluted condition of the Thames 1858 The instruments that caused pollution during the Industrial Revolution

8 The mechanization of the textile industry The refinement of making cast iron The development of coal smelting Industry replaced Human Labor

9 Steam Power: burning of coal Machinery Power Internal combustion engine Source of Power

10 Resources ced0d9e836ad.htm ndustrial_revo.html

11 What instruments caused pollution?

12 Air Pollution Burning fossil fuels emits CO2 Transportation Smoke Mist: London’s humidity mixed in with dust Acid Rain

13 Water Pollution—Usage Domestic: increase in population creates more waste water Industry: industrial waste Agriculture: left-over from over- production Soil Contamination Agriculture: fertilizer and pesticides seeping into the ground

14 What are the impacts on humans?

15 Impacts Human Population: survival rate of children improved, crowdedness, contagious disease Human Body: 70 to 90% of the urban populations of Europe and North America were infected with TB, and about 40% of working- class deaths in cities were from TB

16 Causes for Tuberculosis Construction work increased because of population increase: paint, concrete and Portland cement; also in soil, mortar, plaster, and shingles. Low body weight is associated with risk of tuberculosis as well. Diet may also modulate risk. Along with overcrowding, poor nutrition may contribute to the strong link observed between tuberculosis and poverty.

17 Other Pollution Air pollution Water pollution Soil contamination Littering Radioactive contamination Noise pollution Light pollution Visual pollution Thermal pollution


19 Resources

20 Were there any laws to prevent pollution?

21 Water Pollution---Polluted Rivers Piped municipal sewage. Fought hundreds of court cases. NO USE. Chemical Pollution---Acid Rain Required firms to install absorbing towers to control the acid emissions. Established a new bureaucracy to enforce the Act.

22 Resources rights/river-pollution-lawsuit-runs-through-it Industry.html osal


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