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F-7 and F-7A Understanding the problems with NARFED Forms and Reports CAB 1/23/2012.

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1 F-7 and F-7A Understanding the problems with NARFED Forms and Reports CAB 1/23/2012

2 Definition of Problem The Forms and Reports until just recently were: – System based on a paper based system – Inputs to the system were controlled by National Staff – Purposes were to directly related to Nationals needs – Forms were originally paper based or online versions of the paper forms

3 Repots were “Data Dumps” in paper format and later on as downloads of the paper reports

4 Conclusion: – Forms and Reports were designed to meet the needs of National. Receive information on new members recruited by chapter Receive funds (originally) from chapters Changes to member’s contact information Provide guidance, e.g., manuals, guidelines, pamphlets, and information Notify chapters of changes to members status (M reports)

5 – Limited contacts with chapter officers to those who: Have a special relationship with National – Chapter president – the central point of contact in the “line” type of organization. – Chapter secretary – the person responsible for contact with National including updating of member roster, chapter officers rosters, changes to bylaws and the maintenance of official records – Chapter Treasurers – fiduciary relationship




9 F-7 Forms Interactive – No F-7 of F-7A Downloadable – F-7, F-9, F-16, F- 16R, F-30, others

10 Note the names: – F-9 – F-16 – F-16R – F-30 – F-38 – F-84

11 F-7 Critical Elements Relational DB 01 - Position Code President – title Member # Chapter Number Date of Action

12 Relational Data Bases The beauty of relational DBs is the ability to connect data based on data elements (Columns) within the associated data tables. You need the five (5) data elements: Position Code, Position Title, Member Number, Chapter Number, and Action Date With these data elements the M-111 report can be updated and printed. One other should be added – Print Order so officer list may be printed as the chapter wishes

13 Example of Interactive Officer Title Change 1. NARFE Position Code 2. Title assigned by chapter 3. Member ID 4.Chapter number 5. Date of Action 6. Print Order – Same as Position Code – see note:

14 F-7A Area/District Officers Because more than one officer can have the same position code the Officer Title will indicate the order, e.g., Position Code 2 could look like 2 VP for Retention, 2 VP for Recruitment. National already use this process for Federation Area Vice Presidents (see below).

15 Example of Data Table

16 F-9 Print printout listing Position Codes Note: Position Codes 0, 18, and 19 are not assigned but available because federation codes start at position 20


18 Current M-111 Chapter What’s missing? Office Title, Action Date and Print Order, why.

19 Conclusion A data table must exist that contains the basic information to generate the M-111 Chapter data table. – Simple modification of said table to add the missing elements: Print Code, Position Title and Action Date. – Action Date would help chapters could better understand when changes were made. – Adding Print Order would allow the customization of outputs to better meet their needs – Federations could determine if changes were current – National would continue to have their Position Code to know the current officers are that they need to communicate with.

20 Other Issues Need for Super Users – Most chapters have a member who provides data services to the chapter – See RMAF Group – Many chapters secretaries do not have the ability or equipment to use online data input and must depend on someone else for this task – Many chapter presidents depend on someone else to download and distribute M reports – New security procedures will result in security violations as chapter officers provide access through use of their login data – We need to know who actually is doing the uploading and downloading of information Chapters need to be able to appoint a “Super User” to assist other officers in preforming their duties otherwise this bourdon will lead to additional workload at National or subversion of the security system

21 F-7A

22 National Office Distribution Code Printed Matter Set out below is the alpha code showing to which field officers, in addition to addressees, if any, headquarters-originated correspondence, periodicals, memoranda, etc., are distributed. The alpha codes employ the numeric codes used in the computer system. A 01.20,37, 43, 49, 50, 51 B Code A plus: 21, 22, 34, 39 C Code A plus 03, 05, 23, 25 D Code A plus 04, 05, 14, 24, 25 L Code A plus 06, 26, 27 M Code B plus 07, 33 N 20, 36, 49, 50 O All numeric codes P Code B plus 08, 29, 30 R 20, 40, 49, 50 S Code B plus 09, 10, 31, 32 Z Code B plus 12, 35 01 Chap Pres 02 Chap VP and Exec VP 03 Chap Sec’y 04 Chap Treas 05 Chap Sec’y-treas 06 Chap Legis Chair/Natl 07 Chap Memb Chair 08 Chap Pub Rel 09 Chap Serv Off 11 Chap Editor 12 Chap Alzh Chair 13 Chap NARFE/PAC Chair 14 Chap Fin Sec’y 15 Other 16 NARFE Net Coord. 17 Chap Legis Ch/State 20 Federation Pres 21 Fed’n Exec VP 22 Fed’n V Pres 23 Fed’n Sec’y 24 Fed’n Treas 25 Fed’n Sec’y-treas 26 Fed’n Legis Ch/Fed’l 28 Fed’n Legis Ch/State 29 Fed’n Pub Rel 31 Fed’n Serv Off 33 Fed’n Memb Chair 35 Fed’n Alzh Chair 36 Fed’n NARFE/PAC Chair 37 Fed’n Imm Past Pres 38 Fed’n Other 40 Fed’n Preret Sem 41 Fed’n Net Coord. 42 FEEA Coord. 43 Fed’n Dist Off 49 Regional Vice President 50 Immediate Past Regional Vice President 51 National Officer 52 Past National Officer

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