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HOW ARE WE DOING? Destination: Home 6. DESTINATION: HOME 6 Destination: Home Celebrating Success  We’ve come a long way in 6 years  Released the plan.

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1 HOW ARE WE DOING? Destination: Home 6

2 DESTINATION: HOME 6 Destination: Home Celebrating Success  We’ve come a long way in 6 years  Released the plan on Dec. 8, 2004  Began Implementation January, 2005  Commission on Homelessness began plan oversight in June, 2005

3 DESTINATION: HOME 6 More than half way through the plan….. Getting closer to the top of the hill… Time to pour on the steam.

4 DESTINATION: HOME 6 What we’ve accomplished

5 DESTINATION: HOME 6  Housing  Since 2004: Added 40 units of Permanent Supportive Housing 17 set aside units for homeless families at five tax-credit projects 37 units at 30% AMI at five tax-credit projects  Community submitted 2010 HUD grant for $2.5 million including six renewal projects and housing subsidies for 20 units of permanent supportive housing

6 DESTINATION: HOME 6  Housing  Home4Good: Currently have two previously homeless families moving into homeownership through a partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Evansville  In development: 44 additional units at 30% AMI at two tax-credit projects 27 units of permanent supportive housing for homeless veterans ready to start construction by the end of this year

7 DESTINATION: HOME 6  Housing  In development: 32 units of permanent supportive housing for families – tax-credit application pending 49 units of permanent supportive housing for singles – submitted initial grant for housing vouchers in 2010, finalizing development team  Committee is working to develop a pilot project for rental rehab including sweat equity for occupants

8 DESTINATION: HOME 6  Homeless Youth Coalition Formed in January 2007 Provided 14 recommendations to the Commission on Homelessness in January 2008 Achieved 8 of the recommendations. Developed and expanded community participation in HYC

9 DESTINATION: HOME 6  Homeless Youth Coalition Awareness: Hosted three separate youth worker luncheons in collaboration with the Indiana Youth Institute to raise awareness of abuse and neglect issues and youth homelessness issues and causes.

10 DESTINATION: HOME 6  Homeless Youth Coalition  Open the back door to leave youth homelessness Worked to coordinate crisis intervention services Hillcrest Washington Youth Home has hired a Safe Place Coordinator to begin Dec. 6 Providing Coordination, Referral and Central location for outreach services For youth who are currently or are at risk for being homeless

11 DESTINATION: HOME 6  Homeless Youth Coalition  Building the infrastructure by Seeking state legislation that would provide better coordination at the state level for information educational opportunities for  youth aging out of foster care  at higher risk for homelessness Report from Cynthia Smith, Co-Chair

12 DESTINATION: HOME 6  Homeless Prevention Coalition Established a staffed Homeless Prevention Coalition (HPC) to create a seamless homeless prevention system in our community. Established committees focused on Childcare Mainstream Resources Neighborhood Development Financial Assistance

13 DESTINATION: HOME 6  Homeless Prevention Coalition Developed strategies within each committee to increase awareness access to services needed by at-risk households  Prepared a Community Conversation with Division of Family Resource to improve communication and understanding DFR services and procedures scheduled for early 2011

14 DESTINATION: HOME 6  The Homeless Prevention & Rapid Re-housing Program (HPRP) Operating since Oct. 2009 and has assisted 193 households, including 303 children Retain or obtain housing Return to self-sufficiency Has distributed more than $683,000 in financial assistance to these households. Report from Naila Carnagua

15 DESTINATION: HOME 6  Discharge Planning Coalition Finalized the Re-Entry Pilot Project Presented it for funding to CSH (Corporation for Supportive Housing) IHCDA (Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority)

16 DESTINATION: HOME 6  Discharge Planning Coalition Increased our Partners at the Discharge Coalition Table Secured partnerships with signed MOU’s For our Pilot Re-Entry Project Created a System of Delivery Partnered with Volunteers of America Report from Mindy Niehaus

17 DESTINATION: HOME 6  Raising Incomes The Women, Work and Community project is currently developing a social entrepreneurial training program for homeless women. Partnerships are currently being developed.

18 DESTINATION: HOME 6  Homeless Health Care  This goal is to create a seamless delivery of healthcare to homeless patients. Gaps identified: Lack of specialty care particularly in the areas of orthopedics and restorative dental care Need for additional transportation options to medical appointments Lack of medical de-tox options Need for increased coordination between providers Currently collecting data and developing a plan to address gaps.

19 DESTINATION: HOME 6 Community Collaborations

20 DESTINATION: HOME 6  PlaySpaces Serves Children and Parents living in Evansville’s Homeless Shelters - 7 sites Added Volunteer Coordinator – 2009 85% of parents agreed that PlaySpaces helped their child’s social development 72% of parents agreed that they know more about how their child will develop because of PlaySpaces

21 DESTINATION: HOME 6 100% of shelter administrators agreed that children are happier and better adjusted PlaySpaces has helped parents be better parents 92% of volunteers agreed that they’ve witnessed improvement in children’s social development Report from Ginny Smith, 4C

22 DESTINATION: HOME 6  Bridges Out of Poverty: A Community Response to Poverty 1720 individuals trained in Bridges Concepts since 2004 7 trainers trained over the last 6 years – 4 currently trained Bridges Collaborative Group of Southwest Indiana presented at the National Bridges and Circles Conference in Oct. 2010 Sub-committees include Business and Faith Committees Exploring the college curriculum based off of the Bridges concepts – Investigations into Economic Class Expanded to add the Circles Campaign in April 2010

23 DESTINATION: HOME 6  Circles Network  The Circles Network is A process of developing intention friendships across class and race lines to bring a high level of community support and resources to highly- motivated people i n their journey out of poverty.

24 DESTINATION: HOME 6  Circles Network  Circles Network launched in our area in April.  From April to September, 9 various events have been held to inform the community about Circles with over 300 people in attendance.  The 1st cohort of Circle Leaders began in Sept.  On Dec. 16th, 10 Circle Leaders (representing 8 households) will be graduating from their 15 week training.

25 DESTINATION: HOME 6  Circles  On Nov. 30th, 22 people attended Ally training.  In January 2011, these Circle Leaders will begin to be matched with Allies.  Currently, there are more than 45 active members in the Circles network representing all walks of life.  In Feb. 2011, the 2nd cohort of potentially 12 more Circle Leaders will begin their training. Report from Sharon Taylor

26 DESTINATION: HOME 6  Bike to Work  299 bikes have been given away to homeless veterans  105 bikes given to homeless clients to get to work Report from Tony Schmidt

27 DESTINATION: HOME 6 Bank on Evansville 1771 Total New accounts opened to date Data from Federal Reserve 3 rd quarter reports Vita Sites Served over 500 people (2009-2010 tax season) Tax sites included :  Legal Aid  Work One  YMCA (downtown)  Bosse High School Report from Emily Baxter United Way of Southwestern Indiana

28 DESTINATION: HOME 6  Universal Service Program  Vectren was able to extend and enhance the Universal Service Program to assist customers with natural gas assistance through Oct. 2012.  They are willing to permanently incorporate the program but needs on-going approval from the Utility Regulatory Board.  Over the last 5 years, Vectren’s Universal Service Program has assisted over 6,000 per year with providing monthly discounts up to 35% on their winter gas heating bills. Report by Beth Pace

29 DESTINATION: HOME 6  Vanderburgh Homeless Connect 2010 Evaluation Re-cap  Served 586 guests 84.5% of guests reported that they received the services they came for  Served by 195 Volunteers 99.3% of volunteers agreed VHC was a valuable opportunity for guests 99.2% of volunteers would volunteer again  Assisted by 90 Vendors 97% of Vendors would volunteer again 92.3% of Vendors agreed VHC was a valuable opportunity for vendors

30 DESTINATION: HOME 6  Homeless Services Council  The Council is busy improving data quality of the local HMIS system. This system is used by all eligible homeless service providers in Evansville except two. A three year comparison report is expected in early 2010 to identify trends and provide base line data to monitor decreases in actual homeless episodes.  The Council has also established community Standards of Care. The HUD funded programs will be rated later this year and after evaluation of the process, the voluntary rating system will be made available to all Council member agencies.

31 DESTINATION: HOME 6  Homeless Services Council  The Council continues to offer relevant trainings to front-line staff in agencies to improve service delivery.  Beginning to look at the strategies of an Assessment Center and Jail Diversion-Safe Haven programs.

32 DESTINATION: HOME 6  Goals for the coming years  Increase volunteer base Committee leadership and members Project specific: Bridges, Circles, PlaySpaces  Continue to monitor the plan, adjusting as needed

33 DESTINATION: HOME 6  Goals for the coming years  All strategies were prioritized to be in active process by 2010  Emphasis on Housing is Vital  Emphasis on Community Awareness  Continues funding of existing homeless services  Must maintain momentum

34 DESTINATION: HOME 6  Summary  We’ve come a long way  We have picked up steam in the past year  We have a solid plan for next year  We have realistic, attainable goals for the remaining 4 years

35 DESTINATION: HOME 6 Will we end homelessness by the 10 th year?

36 DESTINATION: HOME 6 It’s up to US.

37 DESTINATION: HOME 6  Special Thanks to:  All the community partners and participants of the working groups.  Major Funders of Destination: Home Bussing-Koch Foundation City of Evansville Deaconess Hospital IHCDA St. Mary’s Medical Center Vanderburgh Community Corrections Vectren Foundation Welborn Baptist Foundation Aurora

38 DESTINATION: HOME 6  Thanks continue……  Bill Moreau – for taking the time to share with us today  DiLegge’s Restaurant  Methodist Temple for hosting our event  4C and PlaySpaces participants for creating our bookmarks  Signature School students for providing our handmade centerpieces  Each of you for coming today and your commitment to ending homelessness in our community

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