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What do you know about the11M? Do you still want to know?

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1 What do you know about the11M? Do you still want to know?

2 The authors In NY and London the terrorists are islamic fanatics whom suicide for going to paradise

3 The authors All the imputated are only delinquents There are no suicides in the 11M trains In the plot participated christians, many of them were police informers.

4 The images In NY and London appeared images of the authors in the crime scene really quickly and the authors were directly relationeted with the attacks

5 The images In Madrid there are no images. Where were the video cameras of the station? And in the shops around the station?

6 The Alcalá van Is it normal that there are no finger prints in the wheel, in the door, in the dashboard and then appears clothes with DNA in the back of the van? Why in the first inspection did not appear the bag with the detonators? Why were the detonators there if the bombs were already assambled?

7 Valleca´s bag Why was it ready not to explode? Why there are no fingerprints? Why no one saw it in the train platform? Why does it appear miracously in a police station?

8 The flat in Leganes Why do they talk about a huge shooting when only three bullet shells were found in the rubble? If the terrorists were sorrounded and with no risk for the neighboors,why did the assault began? They only had to wait and negociate. They suicide them selfs or they were suicidated?

9 Our obligation is to show what happened so it does not occur again. For the victims, for your family,for your friends and for democracy discover it and make others discover it.

10 Veritas-11m does not depend on any political party or organization It is only a group of people that want to KNOW THE TRUTH and comunicate it to the society There are more presentations here: If you have relevant info send it aquí aquí More information : – – – Asociación de víctimas del terrorismo

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