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February 2013 Frédéric PIETRUSZKA – Secretary General.

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1 February 2013 Frédéric PIETRUSZKA – Secretary General

2 Authorities in the service of missions

3 PRESIDENCY CONGRESS November/December COMEX February/May/September/December BUREAU Day before the COMEX meetings Commissions (6) and Councils (4) CEO

4 Authorities in the service of missions

5 CONGRESS November/December The proposals of the commissions and the subjects to be presented are to be sent to the FIE 6 months before the date of the Congress Representation of the 148 member federations, of the commissions’ members and of the COMEX’s members

6 COMEX Has a meeting 4 times a year (February– May – September - December) 21 members: president, vice-presidents, SG, Treasurer, presidents of the confederations and members

7 BUREAU Has a meeting 4 times a year the day before the COMEX meetings (February– May – September - December) 6 elected members and 4 permanent members: president, vice-presidents, SG, Treasurer and CEO, Technical Direction

8 COMMISSIONS (6) COUNCILS (3) PANEL (1) Commissions: Refereeing, Legal, Promotion, Medical, Rules and SEMI Councils: Coaches, Woman and Veterans Panel: Disciplinary Regular business meetings of the commission + steering meeting of the commissions’ president, the Comex members and the Secretary General

9 Persons in the service of missions

10 Vice- presidents 1- Representation of the President 2- Coordination of continents (3) 3- Source of proposals

11 Vice- president Ana PASCU (MH) European or African Continent Giorgio SCARSO American Continent Wei WANG Asia-Oceania Continent

12 Secretary General 1-Organisation of the commissions 2- External Relations (IOC, AGFIS, ASOIF) 3-Development in collaboration with V. LOGVIN 4- Management of the Marketing/Communication department 5-Management of the technical/sports team in collaboration with the CEO 7-Organisation with the CEO and advisers to the president 6-Organisation of the European or African continent

13 Treasurer J.BIERKOWSKI 1-Supervision of the finances with the CEO 4-Validation of expenses 5-Budget validation of the various projects of the commissions and services 2-Presentation of the accounts 3- Presentation of the budget

14 Members of COMEX 2-Coordination with the commissions 3-Active participation in the work of the commissions and reporting to the COMEX 1-Decision making

15 Commissions (6) Councils (3) 1-Best functioning in their field 2-Source of proposals to their respective COMEX contact 3-Transversality with other commissions : functional and decisional harmony 4-Elaboration of their budget with the members of COMEX

16 Functional and hierarchical working relationships for the quest of performance

17 Adviser to the President V. LOGVIN (RUS) Advisor to the President M. PARAMONOV (UKR) CEO N. RODRIGUEZ Technic-Sports Marketing- Communication Administration Representatives of the commissions and councils Secretary General F. PIETRUSZKA (FRA) Vice- Presidents A. PASCU (ROU) G. SCARSO (ITA) W. WANG (CHN) Presidents of the commissions (6) and councils (3) PRESIDENT A. USMANOV (RUS) CAPTION Hierarchical Functional Hierarchical and functional elected/head office and in the head office Accounting Treasurer J. BIERKOWSKI (POL) Members

18 Meetings that enable the definition and achievement of goals

19 JANUARY 2013: KIEV Refereeing Commission meeting The Secretary General asked the presidents the objectives and the strategy of their commission Meeting of the Secretary General and the Medical Commission (W.Wolfgarten et A.Fiore) DECEMBER 2012: MOSCOW Election of the commissions Elections of the presidents (except medical)

20 PARIS Medical Commission meeting FEBRUARY 2013: LAUSANNE Answer of the commissions about their objectives and their strategy Nomination of the COMEX members in charge of each commission

21 MAY 2013 Sending the recommendations of the commissions for the Congress COMEX and validation of the recommendations MARCH/APRIL 2013: LAUSANNE OR ELSEWHERE Meeting of the Secretary General, the COMEX representatives of the commissions and the president of each commission

22 NOVEMBER 2013 : PARIS Congress – Invitation of the members of the commissions JULY 2013: LAUSANNE Meeting of the commissions

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