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Annual General Meeting Wed, 27 Aug 2014 ISCB35 Vienna ISCB Treasurer’s Report.

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1 Annual General Meeting Wed, 27 Aug 2014 ISCB35 Vienna ISCB Treasurer’s Report

2 Financial Report ISCB34 Munich Conference Account Income Total375,255 1 Registration fee264,235 2 Pre-conference Course/Mini Symposium fee52,750 5 Sponsorship/Exhibitors41,750 3-4 Excursions/Conference Banquet16,520 Expense Total281,410 1-5, 9-10 Congress organization including facilities143,985 7.7 Congress management, LOC and SPC79 7-8 Catering and social events98,991 6 Invited speakers18,824 11 Miscellaneous19,531 Congress Surplus93,845 13 Income from ISCB (ExCom & Awards)8,875 7 Return of seed money(30,000) 11 12 Membership fees paid to ISCB(14,260) Congress surplus booked58,460

3 Items20132012 Assets Bank Accounts subtotal234,774226,112 Nordea DKK account138,988138,793 Nordea Euro account95,78687,319 Others subtotal97,21668,651 Accounts receivable1,45738,651 Munich 201393,84530,000 Vienna 20141,914 Total Assets331,990294,763 Liabilities Owing to Permanent Office10,7979,266 Audit2,095 Prepayment account, members40 Accounts payable1,2041,676 Total Liabilities14,09613,076 ASSETS LESS LIABILITIES317,894281,687 EQUITY brought forward281,687278,419 Net Income36,2073,268 EQUITY carried forward317,894281,687 Equity Position

4 ISCB Equity (in €1,000) 1998-2013

5 Membership 1992-2014

6 budget results 2015 2014 2013 INCOME Membership fees22,00021,00026,240 Conference surplus25,000 58,460 Advertising plus interest1,000 900 Total48,00047,00085,600 EXPENSES Permanent Office20,000 18,302 Officers and ExCom6,0004,0009,276 Awards (students, scientists)6,0004,0007,183 NG travel support5,000 1,541 President invited speaker1,000 Workshops3,000 3,236 Newsletter8,00010,0006,907 Miscellaneous4,000 4,489 Total53,00051,00049,393 2015 Budget Proposal

7 Details for Budget Change Keep the membership dues unchanged Deficit budget (€4,000) to reduce the equity Income adjusted upward from €47,000 to €48,000 Membership fee income from €21,000 to €22,000 Expense adjusted upward from €51,000 to €53,000 Travel expenses for Officers/ExCom increased from €4,000 to €6,000 Travel expenses for SCA/CAS increased from €4,000 to €6,000 Newsletter expense reduced from €10,000 to €8,000 Expenses to control Permanent office expenses have been going up Expenses for Officers/ExCom members Expenses for travel awards

8 Budget Considerations Need to keep thrice (€150-180K) the operating expenses in reserve The current equity (~ €318K) is almost twice that needed How to spend down? Expand the conference awards and the educational funds? Reduce membership dues/annual conference registration fees for targeted nations? Any other ways? ISCB’s own journal?

9 Proposal Remove National Groups Time for that idea is well past Change the fee structure to become truly “international” à la the International Biometric Society model or the Royal Statistical Society Two-tier Membership, Conference/Workshop fee Regular: €40 for active and €20 for student/retiree Reduced: Half of regular for the “developing countries” according to the World Bank criteria SCT is discussing the same Keep and even expand for the “developing countries” Conference Scientist Awards Educational Funds

10 budget results 2014 2013 2012 INCOME Membership fees21,000 25,460 Conference surplus25,000 33,939 Advertising plus interest1,0002,000(189) Total47,00048,00059,210 EXPENSES Permanent Office20,000 22,901 Officers and ExCom4,000 6,163 Awards4,000 8,227 NG travel support5,000 3,407 President invited speaker1,000 Workshops3,000 2,869 Newsletter10,000 9,414 Miscellaneous4,000 2,961 Total 51,000 55,942

11 budget results 2013 2012 2011 INCOME Membership fees21,000 22,280 Conference surplus25,000 (19,507) Advertising plus interest2,0004,0001,474 Total48,00050,0004,247 EXPENSES Permanent Office20,00018,00020,162 Officers and ExCom4,0007,0004,252 Awards4,0008,0003,588 NG travel support5,000 President invited speaker1,0002,000629 Workshops3,0004,0002,513 Newsletter10,0009,00011,401 Miscellaneous4,000 3,944 Total 51,000 57,000 46,489

12 budget results 2012 2011 2010 INCOME Membership fees21,000 24,780 Conference surplus25,00020,00047,916 Advertising plus interest4,0005,0002,530 Total50,00046,00075,226 EXPENSES Permanent Office18,00016,00017,434 Officers and ExCom7,000 1,096 Awards8,000 106 NG travel support5,0002,000 President invited speaker2,000 Workshops4,0007,000 Newsletter9,0003,0009,123 Miscellaneous4,0001,0002,901 Total 57,000 46,000 30,659

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