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The Most Effective Dieting Strategy For Losing Fat As Fast As Possible We’re Talking WEEKS, Not Months.

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1 The Most Effective Dieting Strategy For Losing Fat As Fast As Possible We’re Talking WEEKS, Not Months

2 If you need to lose weight quickly, then you're in a pinch and you need something that works, right?

3 That's where this diet strategy comes in.

4 This method is very effective for dropping pounds quickly while not making you feel like you're starving yourself.

5 I was able to drop body fat extremely fast (in weeks, not months) because of this, so I know it can work for you too.

6 Now, to shed body fat, there's really only one way to do it: Putting and keeping your body in a caloric deficiency.

7 When your body is in a caloric deficiency, it will naturally start to burn more fat and the workouts you do will have an even greater impact.

8 The trick though is to diet in a way that you keep calories in a deficit while still feeling satiated throughout the day. That would be golden, right?

9 Fortunately, it's possible... Thanks to smoothies.

10 You may be thinking, "Smoothies? Did I read that right?"

11 Damn straight - a liquid-based diet centered on smoothies is the easiest way to do this. (Not JUST smoothies, of course, but smoothies form the foundation of the program.)

12 Here's the thing: With smoothies, you can get nutrition that you wouldn't likely otherwise get, all while making a low-calorie, high-protein meal.

13 You've heard of drinks like SlimFast, right? Same principles... Only our smoothies will be better and more filling.

14 And believe it or not, you CAN actually make smoothies more filling if you want. There are so many variations to smoothies that the combinations are endless, but here are a few staple ingredients in mine:

15 Spinach (or kale) banana peanut butter pineapple ginger coconut avocado almond milk / coconut milk protein powder

16 ...Now that's not all in ONE drink, but those are the ingredients I use for the different combinations I make.

17 Now here's the cool thing with smoothies:

18 You're going to get nutrition that you didn't get otherwise, while staying healthy and in a calorie deficit. For example, the main smoothie I make is only 320 calories, but it's filling when I have it in the morning.

19 Best of all, I put in 4 cups of spinach, but I don't taste a drop of it (thanks to the peanut butter and banana).

20 Apart from smoothies - which you NEED to start incorporating into your diet - I have 1-2 “whole meals” per day.

21 I consider a whole meal as one I actually cook myself. I'll have either a breakfast scramble for lunch or dinner (eggs, mushrooms, peppers, and anything else I want to throw in it).

22 That, or I'll cook ground chicken and stuff a whole grain pita with the chicken and avocado slices.

23 You can have any kind of lean protein for these meals (white fish, chicken, turkey, flank steak), just limit fats and carbs. It's really that easy.

24 So there you have it: a plan that's simple and drops body fat rapidly so you can get ripped in time for summer.

25 Are there other guidelines and tactics for making this work? Yes, of course.

26 I cover all of those in a full-out guide I created to tie all of this together - the diet, the workout, and even supplementation if you want faster results (what to take and what's a waste of time).

27 This guide was created for one reason: To give you a solid, reliable method for dropping body fat and getting ripped by summer.

28 I'll share all the details with you about that tomorrow, but for now, review what I talk about in this video.

29 It works and CAN work for you... It's tough, but there's no easy way to get ripped. Put in the time and make it work, and you'll be more confident and get more attention this summer than ever before.

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