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CREC Math Curriculum Updates 2013 – 2014 CREC SCHOOLS Introducing… Gage Gordon Slyman.

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2 CREC Math Curriculum Updates 2013 – 2014

3 CREC SCHOOLS Introducing… Gage Gordon Slyman

4 CREC SCHOOLS Purpose Update on changes in curriculum, resources, expectations Important Reminders

5 CREC SCHOOLS Shout Out! Numeracy Team Spring Curriculum Team This work wouldn’t have happened without them!

6 CREC SCHOOLS Math Curriculum: WHERE P21 has been reorganized –


8 Math Curriculum: WHAT Multiple Resources Pacing Guide Unit Newsletters (teacher and parent versions) Unit Plans Unit Formative Tracking Sheets Journal Prompts Unit Assessments Unit Performance Tasks Math Rubric IXL Alignments Literature List Fact Fluency Plan General Resources Report Card Guides

9 CREC SCHOOLS Primary Resources KindergartenGrade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Grade 5 Everyday Math Grade K Everyday Math Grade 1Everyday Math Grade 2Everyday Math Grade 3Everyday Math Grade 4Everyday Math Grade 5 Trailblazers Math Grade K (EHGEMS only) Trailblazers Math Grade 1 (EHGEMS only) Trailblazers Math Grade 2 (EHGEMS only) Trailblazers Math Grade 3 (EHGEMS only) Trailblazers Math Grade 4 (EHGEMS only) Trailblazers Math Grade 5 (EHGEMS only) Hands-On Standards: PreK/K Hands-On Standards: 1/2 Hands-On Standards: 3/4 Hands-On Standards: 5/6 Hands-On Standards CCSS Edition – Grade K Hands-On Standards CCSS Edition – Grade 1 Hands-On Standards CCSS Edition – Grade 2 Hands-On Standards CCSS Edition – Grade 3 Hands-On Standards CCSS Edition – Grade 4 Hands-On Standards CCSS Edition – Grade 5 HOS Fraction Edition – Grade 3 HOS Fraction Edition – Grade 4 HOS Fraction Edition – Grade 5 OnCore Mathematics TE with Blackline Masters - Kinder OnCore Mathematics TE with Blackline Masters – Grade 1 OnCore Mathematics TE with Blackline Masters – Grade 2 OnCore Mathematics TE with Blackline Masters – Grade 3 OnCore Mathematics TE with Blackline Masters – Grade 4 OnCore Mathematics TE with Blackline Masters – Grade 5 Math Work Stations: Independent Learning you Can Count On Mini-lessons for Math Practice, Grades K-2 Mini-Lessons for Math Practice, Grades 3-5 It Makes Sense! Using Ten Frames to Build Number SenseTeaching Student Centered Mathematics, Grades 3-5 Developing Number Concepts Book 1 Developing Number Concepts Book 3 Developing Number Concepts Book 2 Mastering the Basic Math Facts in Multiplication and Division Teaching Number Sense Kindergarten Teaching Number Sense Grade 1 Teaching Number Sense Grade 2 Beyond Pizzas and Pies: 10 Essential Strategies for Supporting Fraction Sense, Grades 3-5 Mastering Basic Math Facts Addition and Subtraction

10 CREC SCHOOLS Hands-On Standards Updated versions of your white spiral- bound resource received last year Common Core Edition for grades K through 5 Fraction Edition for grades 3 through 5 Student hand-outs available online at You will also receive any additional manipulatives needed to support this resource

11 CREC SCHOOLS Pacing Guide Changes in pacing at all levels. Order changed in: – Kindergarten -> Measurement moved earlier – Grade 1 -> Switched Unit 1 and 2, Measurement moved earlier – Grade 2 -> Switched Unit 1 and 2, Embedded Unit 9 throughout – Grade 3 -> Switched Unit 7 and 8 – Grade 4 -> Switched Unit 1 and 2 – Grade 5 -> Separated Unit 2 into two separate units Reminders: – Suggested pacing – Each unit also has an additional week for re-teaching and enrichment that is NOT accounted for

12 CREC SCHOOLS Unit Newsletters (Teachers and Parents) Teacher Unit Newsletter – Posted on P21 Parent Unit Newsletter – Will be forthcoming before each unit – Unit 1 and 2 posted now

13 CREC SCHOOLS Unit Plan Only change is the addition of resources – Hands-On Standards CCSS and Fraction editions – Learnzillion – Illustrativemathematics – Georgia Tasks – CCSS Mathematical Practice Tasks Per teacher request, we will work on adding a separate section that focuses on learning tasks to be used during stations Reminders: – Living document with embedded resources… always work with electronic version

14 CREC SCHOOLS Unit Tracking Sheet No Changes Reminders – Optional – Can be used to help track student outcomes for unit

15 CREC SCHOOLS Journal Prompts With the new CCSSM Practice Standards, we need to ensure our students are communicating on a regular basis. 1 per week of your choice, can do more Should be kept in student data portfolio to demonstrate growth

16 CREC SCHOOLS Unit Assessments All grade levels were revised based on feedback and data from 2012-2013 A second version of each assessment to be given as the pre-assessment and re-assessment has been added to the unit plan All unit assessments should go in the student’s data portfolio Reminders: – Not Optional – data for any post-assessments will be entered in Performance Pathways Optional to put pre-assessment data in PP – Assessment can be given again after re-teaching or intervention

17 CREC SCHOOLS Unit Performance Tasks I will be collecting student samples for each task All tasks should go in the student’s data portfolio Reminders – Not Optional – Embedded in Unit Plan – Use instructionally and as formative data – Build student capacity to complete tasks First task should be launched together Second task could be done in pairs depending on needs of class/grade level

18 CREC SCHOOLS Math Rubric Should be posted in room and in upper grades, given to students for their math folder Reminders – Each grade level has a 4-point rubric that should be used to score any math investigation, journal entry, or performance task. – Focuses on the three main components we want students to provide Accurate answer Model/representation of answer Communication of answer – Aligns with the general scoring on our report cards.

19 CREC SCHOOLS IXL Alignment All elementary students have IXL accounts These can be used in school during workshop as well as at home Alignment provides the appropriate activities for each unit Will also be included in parent unit letter

20 CREC SCHOOLS Literature List Each unit has several pieces of children’s literature aligned to it Copies of these books were ordered for all teachers this year Intention is for you to place in classroom library as well as use instructionally

21 CREC SCHOOLS Fact Fluency Plan Defines fluency Outlines expectations Gives suggestions for monitoring/tracking Gives suggestions for instructional models/ activities

22 CREC SCHOOLS Fluency in Grades 1, 2 and 3 Explicit in your standards and curriculum (Unit 2) Main resource is Mastering the Basic Math Facts Three district benchmarks will be given this year Suggested Instructional/Assessment Plan: September (Benchmark) OctoberNovemberDecember January (Benchmark) FebruaryMarchApril May (Benchmark) Grade 1 Conceptual Foundation +1/-1+2/-2+0/-0Making Ten Remaining Facts 3+3 3+4 and 4+3 3+5 and 5+3 3+6 and 6+3 4+4 4+5 and 5+4 Maintenance Grade 2 Remediation for any of the grade 1 strategies not mastered +10/-10DoublesUsing Ten Using Doubles/ Remaining Fact 6+3 and 3+6 Maintenance Grade 3 Remediation for any +/- facts x2, x10, x5 ÷2, ÷10, ÷5 x1, x0 ÷1, 0÷ x3, x4 ÷3, ÷4 x6 ÷6 x9 ÷9 x8 ÷8 x7 ÷7 Maintenance

23 CREC SCHOOLS Fluency in Grades 4 and 5 No direct instruction to fluency – fluency should still be an important piece of the math time A district benchmark will be given to all grade 4 and 5 students three times this year (September, January, May). – The benchmark in September will establish baseline data and be used to target individual needs. – The January benchmark will be used to re-evaluate individual needs – The May benchmark will be used to analyze mastery/growth.

24 CREC SCHOOLS General Resources New – Mathematical Practices Resources Practice Posters Lesson Seeds – Problem Solving Decks Great prompts to get kids thinking! Reminders – Vocabulary Word wall is a must with new curriculum Don’t just put words up on the wall, make sure students interact with the words. – With older students, have them create the word wall – Unit Mapping Template Useful to help you plan the unit Will be template used during unit planning parties – Lesson Plan Templates Follow the math workshop/guided math model

25 CREC SCHOOLS Report Card Guides Teacher guides have been provided for each grade level Meant to help teachers determine a student’s progress towards the end-of-the-year standards in mathematics Just a guide and cannot account for every possible scenario a teacher may have in their classroom Provides consistent guidance on the different levels of Academic Expectations for each of the trimesters. This is meant only for teachers and should not be shared with parents.

26 CREC SCHOOLS Math Curriculum: HOW Your team is your greatest resource Schoology Support from curriculum team Feedback still encouraged

27 CREC SCHOOLS Questions? Patricia Slyman – – 860-509-3701 as of September 23

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