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1 Middle School Info Session for 4 th Grade parents What to Expect… June 10th, 2014 PS 87 William T. Sherman.

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1 1 Middle School Info Session for 4 th Grade parents What to Expect… June 10th, 2014 PS 87 William T. Sherman

2 2 AGENDA  Welcome PS 87 4 th Grade Parents!  Application Timeline  Middle School Events at PS 87  District Wide Middle School Events  New Middle School in District 3  PS 87 Data  Q&A

3 Application Timeline 3 DatesWhat to do Summer VacationVisit middle school websites to gather information September-DecemberBook Tours, visit as many schools as possible (1 st choice & alternative choices). Speak with teachers, guidance counselor, administrators, gather as much info as possible. DecemberFill out and submit MS application by the deadline January- FebruaryHelp your child prepare for Testing, Interviews, compile Portfolios. March- MayWait for Notification Letter from OSE MayNotification Letters & Appeals JuneAppeals Notification Letters July & AugustEnjoy the Summer

4 Middle School Events at PS 87 Parent Info Session- Overview of D3 Middle Schools Parent & Student Panel Center School Presentation to 4 th Grade Parents Special Education Presentation Middle School Application Process & DOE Updates 4

5 5 D3 Middle School Events D3 Middle School Fair- Meet representatives from all schools in D3 and find out about admissions criteria, special programs, student expectations, etc. Middle School Tours- Individualized tour of schools, usually by appointment, visit classrooms while school is in session, parents must sign up for tour with each school individually, check the middle schools’ website regularly for tour sign up dates & registration info. Open Houses- Open to all 5 th grade families, no appointment necessary, general presentation by school, no classroom visits (some schools require that you attend both). Principal’s Forum- Hear directly from MS principals about school selection criteria, individual school culture, expectations, etc.

6 New D3 Middle School 2015-2016 Proposed location: 227 W 61 st Street (previous Beacon High School Building) Middle School will serve grades 6-12 90 Seats for 6 th grade (2015-2016 school year) 3 6 th -grade classes of 30 students each Information will be available in the D3 MS Directory Regular D3 Middle School Application Process 6

7 Applying to Private Schools  Parents must research and apply to Private Schools directly.  Applying to Private School has no bearing on D3 Middle School Application Process. 7

8 PS 87 MS Enrollment Data 2013-2014 School Year 8 Middle School Name 1 st choice 1 st Round Applicants 1 st Round Acceptance 1 st choice Appeal Appeals Granted Enrolled Academic & Athletic Excellence (MS 256)120--2 Booker T. Washington53 58 (includes 2 nd choice) 4 6 (includes 2 nd choice) 60 Columbia Secondary44204 Community Action School (MS 258)2100--10 Computer School (MS 245)763716137 Dual Language Middle School (M.S.247)22013 Frederick Douglass Academy II Secondary School 0--0 0 John F. Finley Middle School0--0 1 Knowledge & Power Preparatory Academy IV (MS 302) 0--0 0 Manhattan School for Children (PS 333)33314 Museum Magnet School (MS 191)04004 Mott Hall II10754 Robert F. Wagner (J.H.S. 167)0 1 West Prep Academy110 0 West Side Collaborative Middle School (M 250) 3 8 (includes 2 nd choice) 1110 Independent/ Private/ Citywide Schools/ Out of State -- 12 Total1551323114

9 What you can do starting now: Verify Attendance Records and personal information in ARIS- 4 th grade attendance records cannot be changed next year If there are any discrepancies, please contact Emily Paxinos in the main office. Keep Copies of Documents in Folder Contact Kristina Louey (email: (PA Middle School Committee) to request contact with PS 87 Parent Visit School Websites to review Stats Visit other Websites 9

10 PS 87 Website Visit to find weekly updates on middle school information, deadlines, resources, & useful links. 10

11 PS 87 Directory A message from the Technology Team to all 4th Grade Parents: Please remember to update your contact information in the PS 87 directory system so that you will be able to receive up to date email notices that will be sent out regularly. If your contact information has changed (email, address, phone), please go to: > > > > > 11

12 12 Q & A Questions not answered during presentation please email Thank You!

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