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THE PATH TO WORLD WAR II The Rise of Totalitarianism and the Failure of the League of Nations.

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1 THE PATH TO WORLD WAR II The Rise of Totalitarianism and the Failure of the League of Nations

2 Attempts to End War League of Nations –Treaty of Versailles Locarno Pact, 1926 Washington Conference, 1921 –5 Power Treaty –Japanese Advantage –Open Door reinforced Kellogg-Briand Pact, 1928 –Pact of Paris –War illegal War Debt and Reparations –Dawes Plan, 1924 –Hoover declares moratorium

3 Path to War American Foreign Policy in the 1930s –Good Neighbor Policy in Latin America Removal of troops Clark Memorandum (rebukes Big Stick) Montevideo Conference –Cordell Hull, Sec. of State –London Conference Confront global depression FDR does not recognize gold standard –FDR Recognizes the Soviet Union Ally against Japanese expansion in Pacific –Tydings-McDuffie Act Date set for independence Jones Act, 1916

4 Failure of the League of Nations Italy, 1922 –Fascism and Black Shirts –Ethiopia and Albania, 1935 –Rome-Berlin Axis Soviet Union, 1924 –Joseph Stalin, USSR –Non-Aggression Pact, 1939 Japan, 1928 –Manchuria, 1931 Hoover-Stimson Doctrine Japanese leave League of Nations American Oil, Pig Iron, and Steel Germany, 1933 –Anschloss in Austria –Munich Pact (Appeasement) –Spanish Civil War, 1936

5 American Neutrality, 1935-1940 Nye Committee –Businessmen benefit by war, merchants of death Neutrality Acts, 1935,36,37 –Cash and carry, no arms, no credit/loans, no travel Quarantine Speech, 1937 –Panay incident, pertains to aggressors Neutrality Act of 1939 –Aid to Britain and France, weapons on cash and carry basis Isolationism in America –Committee to Defend American By Aiding the Allies vs. America First (Fortress America) Lend-Lease, 1941 –Destroyer-Bases Deal, 1940 –Democratic countries, vital to defense of America –Convoy System and American Neutrality Patrols Shoot on sight Atlantic Charter, 1940 (FDR and Churchill)

6 Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere End of Open Door in China, 1936 –Expansion into the Pacific Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis, 1940 –American Oil Embargo on Japan Tojo becomes Prime Minister, 1941 –Yamamotos Plan to gain Pacific territory Attack on Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7, 1941 –A date that will live in infamy

7 German and Italian Aggression Invasion of Poland officially begins WWII, Sept. 1939 –Battle for France, 1940 –Battle of Britain (Sea Lion) The American Home front –Selective Service Act, 1940 –OWM (Office for War Mobilization) Oversaw production –War Production Board Raw Materials –War Labor Board Rosie the Riveter –Office of Price Administration (OPA) Freeze on prices and rents Ration coupons

8 Results of War on Americans Inflation less than 29% –Compared to WWI Income Taxes –Required tax returns National Debt –welfare state Volunteerism –Bond drives Smith-Connolly Antistrike Act, 1943 –Government controls strikes OSRD (Scientific Research and Development) –Manhattan Project

9 RACIAL DISCRIMINATION AT HOME African-American Civil Rights Issues –Migration to northern factories Detroit Riots –A. Philip Randolph Sleeping Car Porters March on Washington, –FEPC (Fair Employment Practices Committee) –NAACP Membership grew –Adam Clayton Powell Harlem Senator Mexican Americans –Bracero Program –Zoot Suit Riots Internment of Japanese –Executive Order 9066 –Issei vs. Nisei

10 American Battles To Remember War in Europe, 1942-1945 North Africa, 1942 Operation Torch Invasion of Italy, 1943 Operation Husky Invasion of France, 1944 Operation Overlord, June 6, 1944 Battle of the Bulge, December 16, 1944 V-E Day, May 7, 1945 Battle of Berlin War in the Pacific, 1942 -1945 Battle of the Coral Sea, May 1942 Doolittle Raid, April 1942 Battle of Midway, June, 1942 Island Hopping, Nimitz, 1943 Battle of Blood Island, August 1943 Guadalcanal, Henderson Airfield Iwo Jima, February 1945 Japan within bombing distance Okinawa, April 1945 V-J Day, September 2, 1945

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