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Interport Cargo Services Induction July 2013  Site facilities & maps  First Aiders & Kits  Evacuation Procedures  Assembly points  Fire Wardens.

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2 Interport Cargo Services Induction July 2013

3  Site facilities & maps  First Aiders & Kits  Evacuation Procedures  Assembly points  Fire Wardens  Reporting of incidents  WH&S Committee  PPE & Dress code  Time recording  Basis safety regulations  OH&S policies  Cleanliness and waste  Manual handling  Forklift safety  Operation of equipment  Site security  Smoking  Job specific requirements  Fire extinguisher training  policies  Sign off

4 Sheds 2 Sheds 1

5 Administration Madilaine Scott Marilyn Wilson Christine Crawley Lulu Littler Yard / Depot Geoff Walton Anthony Helwig Thomas Linde Patrick Hiku

6 LOCATION OF KITS 1.Administration office – Customs office Note: First aid kits only to be accessed by nominated first aid officers – report incident

7  When the fire alarm sounds  Step 1 – Cease work  Step 2 – Walk to the evacuation assembly point unless otherwise directed by fire warden  Step 3 – Ensure you have been sighted and checked off the register  Step 4 – Remain at the assembly point until instructed  NOTE: DO NOT re-enter the building until instructed to do so

8 Sheds 2 Freight Street ASSEMBLY AREA Assembly area is located outside of the main entry gate on Freight Street

9 Chief WardenMadilaine Scott Area Warden - Office Kath O’Malley Area Warden - YardMark Viliua

10 ALL employees have a duty of care to ensure they work in a manner that is not harmful to their own health and safety and that of others in the workplace. All incidents are to be reported (including near misses) All employees must co-operate with the employer when taking action to improve health and safety or to meet their obligation under the act. All employees are required to follow safety policies and procedures at all times. Incident reports to be lodged with your Supervisor/Manager immediately

11 Interport Cargo Health & Safety Committees consist of management and employee personnel.

12  High visibility vest shall be worn whilst on-site outside the office.  Safety boots/footwear must be worn when working in the Depot.  Any PPE issued onsite for specific task must be worn at all times.  At all time staff are to be clean, tidy and presentable state.

13  This site uses a Manual recording system  Serious breach of company policy for any staff member found to be fraudulently using system  Strict adherence to start and finish times required  Time and attendance policy

14  Copies of SOP’s and policies available at any stage if unsure of specific requirement  All personnel to ensure adherence to safety procedures set by company and legislation

15  Company views OH&S in the workplace extremely seriously  Company policy viewed and discussed as required  OH&S committee to be used by staff to relay concerns and ideas to the panel – proactive attitude appreciated

16  To ensure a safe and healthy workplace, it is the responsibility of ALL staff to keep the workplace neat and tidy.  Around the workplace, good housekeeping is essential to minimize the risks of slips, trips and falls to you and your fellow workmates.  Waste must not be allowed to enter drains, waterways or otherwise released to the environment, but rather disposed of in an approved manner in accordance with legislative requirements.

17  Manual Handling includes lifting or moving heavy or awkward items such as cartons, Furniture items, crates etc.  Is there a mechanical aid available?  Do you require assistance?  How will you carry out the lift?

18 1.Use mechanical lifting/handling aids to their full potential. 2.Don’t over-exert yourself – Get help for heavy/awkward loads. 3.Maintain your spinal curves whilst lifting – Bend at the knees and hips, not at the back 4.Avoid twisting of the spine – Move your feet when transferring loads. 5.Always lift/handle with the load close to your body

19  Forklift Operators must:  Hold an appropriate license, permit or certificate  Undertake the pre-operational checks before use  Maintain a pedestrian free area  Do Not travel empty with the forklift tynes raised more than 30cm  Exercise special care in the vicinity of other employees  Do Not reverse unless visually checking first  Do Not attempt lifts beyond the plated safe working capacity of the forklift and attachments  Do Not allow any person to be lifted on tynes or pallets. For height work, + safety cages must be used.  Do Not carry passengers  Switch off engine and engage handbrake when not in use  Secure all attachments and lifting devices with safety chains or other approved methods

20  All drivers must comply with the law concerning traffic flows & safety whilst operating a company equipment  Driver must hold current licence, appropriate permits etc  Mobile phones must not be used whilst equipment is in motion

21  It is the responsibility of all employees to ensure that everyday security requirements are met.  Every employee has the right and is expected to challenge any unknown person inside the facility.  Security measures may include security camera surveillance of work areas, compliance with security search procedures (people and property), computer security & security of company files/information.  All Visitors must sign in and out upon leaving.  Please report any out of the ordinary activity to your Supervisor / Manager


23  Topics for discussion:  Position descriptions  Requirements of the role  Standards expected – code of conduct  Hours and breaks  Sick leave – Leave policy and who to contact  Job specific safety items

24 Fire Extinguisher Training


26 EvacuationArea The Fire Warden will co-ordinate the evacuation and ensure that all persons are accounted for at the evacuation point Note: Each person should know where this area is located

27 Fire Triangle FuelOxygen Heat =


29 Fire Extinguishers Dry Chemical Carbonaceous Material Volatile Liquids Electrical 9kg, 17-20 Sec's. 3-6 m Water Carbonaceous Material 9.1 Lt. 60-120 Sec's. 6-9 m Carbon Dioxide Carbonaceous Material Volatile Liquids Electrical 5kg, 14-20 Sec's. 1-2 m Foam Carbonaceous Materials Volatile Liquids 9.1 Lt. 60-80 Sec's. 4-6 m

30 The acronym “PASS” is sometimes used to describe the use of extinguishers. It stands for:  P- Pull the pin.  A- Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire.  S- Squeeze the operating handle.  S- Sweep the discharging contents across the base of the fire.

31 E F Used Fire Extinguishers


33 Please take a moment now to ensure all items are signed off to ensure completion of induction package

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