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An Example of a Standard Presentation for Brasov Country in Romania.

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1 An Example of a Standard Presentation for Brasov Country in Romania

2 Our major communication tools 1.A map of the country 2.A handout explaining 8 basic analyses of the county 3.A list of locations without churches 4.A list of evangelical churches

3 Map of Brasov Country, Romania Maps proved to be our most popular and most effective communication tool. White areas indicate townships with no churches Light blue indicates that there are villages without churches. Dark blue townships indicate that each village has a church. The denomination of the church is color coded

4 Comments about mapping We were able to get blank maps from the government in.jpeg format. Therefore we did our mapping using Paint. Although it was somewhat labor intensive, but it worked for us: it was cheap and worked with the technology of the day. Intentionality was needed to keep maps up to date.

5 These are the “standard” analyses we did for counties of Romania 1.Number of Evangelical Churches 2.Growth of evangelical Churches 3.Nr. of churches starts by denomination 4.Growth in the number of evangelicals 5.Population by religious confession 6.Nr. of evangelical churches in urban areas 7.Nr. of evangelical churches in rural area 8.Nr. of evangelicals in villages

6 Number of Evangelical Churches

7 Growth of Evangelical Churches Decadal Growth Rate (DGR) 1991- 2000: 153% Annual Average Growth Rate (AAGR) 1991-1995: 13% Annual Average Growth Rate (AAGR) 1996-2000: 6.55% Nr. of Churches Note: 29 independent churches are not included

8 Nr. of church starts by denominations *2,38% *4,4% *6,67% *AAGR for 1996-2000.

9 Growth in the number of evangelicals The rate of growth between 1992 and 2002 is 59%

10 Population by religious confession The number of people who attend evangelical churches Those who do not attend evangelical churches represent 98.5% of the population of the country Evangelicals, 1.5%

11 Evangelical churches in urban areas Nr. of evangelical churches in each city\ City Bapt CDE Pent BER Other Total Pop. Ratio  5000:1  Bra[ov 4 3 21515309.67120.64547 F`g`ra[ 1 2 100 4 43.93810.985 5 Victoria 1 0 000 1 10.74510.745 2 Z`rne[ti 0 3 001 5 26.650 5.330 1 S`cele 0 1 104 6 30.205 5.034 1 R=[nov 1 1 002 4 16.108 4.027 0 Codlea 0 2 203 7 24.918 3.560 0 Predeal 0 0 002 2 6.547 3.274 0 Rupea 0 0 104 5 6.317 1.263 0 Total 7 12812149475.099 9.69658  Ratio refers to how many people per each church  Represents the number of churches that should be started in each city so that there is a maximum of 5,000 per evangelical church

12 Nr. of evangelical churches in rural areas Nr. of evangelical churches present in rural areas by denomination Nr. of townships % Baptist 9 21% CDE 14 33% Pentecostal 14 33% Other indep. churches 13 30% Townships w/ 32 74% Townships w/o ev. Ch. 11 26% Nr of townships: 43 Nr of townships with a church in each village 10 Nr of “saturtated” townships: 0 Townships with at least one ev. church Townships without any ev. churches Procent de comune cu [i f`r` biserici evanghelice

13 Nr. evangelical churches in villages 45 of105 villages have at least one evangelical church or 30%. 105 villages out of 50 (70%) don’t have a single ev. Church. 73.400 people live in these villages, 48% of the rural population. Villages with and without ev. churches

14 Handouts We prepared handouts for Christian workers from these eight “standard” slides that fit on the front and back of a sheet of paper Examples follow



17 Lists To lists were helpful to have on hand for meeting with Christian Workers 1.Lists of villages and cities without evangelical churches 2.Lists of evangelical churches Often we would learn about new churches from the Christian Workers we met with.

18 Summary Sheet Later in 2008, after we updated our information, we prepared this summary sheet for each county. This sheet highlighted the townships and villages without any evangelical churches.

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