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IALP where the world has no frontiers Mara Behlau, Brazil IALP President

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1 IALP where the world has no frontiers Mara Behlau, Brazil IALP President

2 VISION IALP aspires to advance knowledge in human communication disorders worldwide MISSION To improve the quality of life of individuals with disorders of voice, speech, language, swallowing and hearing, the IALP –facilitates international cooperation and collaboration about science, education and practice; –creates, shares and distributes information; and –provides a platform for international networking Vision & Mission

3 WHAT IS THE IALP? The International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics (IALP) was established in Vienna, 1924

4 WHO IS THE IALP? The IALP serves more than 150,000 professionals It encompasses 55 affiliated national societies Its scientific publication is ‘Folia Phoniatrica’, since 1947 –It became ‘Folia Phoniatrica et Logopedica’, since 1994 The M. Garcia Prize (Sandoz) for the best publication in Folia, given at each World Congress since 1966 Registered in the State of New York in Oct. 1952 Registration was moved to the Netherlands in Dec. 2004

5 How is the IALP governed? The Legislative body is the General Assembly that convenes with every World Congress The Executive body is the Board that meets annually The specialized Standing Committees represent the Professional Scientific pillar of the Association The Triennial World Congress is one of the main tasks of the Association IALP also organizes courses, Symposia and Composia

6 Executive Board

7 Board at Large Old Board 2004-2007 – New Board 2007-2010 New Board 2007-2010 New Board: Australia Brazil Belgium Finland Germany Greece Italy Japan Malta Sweden South Africa Taiwan United States

8 AU: B. Murdoch BE: P. Paquier DE: T. Nawka FI: A. Klippi GR: I. Papathanasiou IT : M. Accordi JP: S. Niimi MT: H. Grech NL: H. Peters NL: I Verdonck-de Leeuw SA: H. Jordan SE: P-A Lindestad TA: L-R L. Cheng US: D. Battle US: T. Gallagher Board at Large 2007-2010

9 Past Presidents Emil Froeschels1924-1953Austria Richard Luchsinger 1953-1959Germany Joan van Thal 1959-1962UK Lucio Croatto 1962-1968Italy Bernard Vallancien 1968-1971France Renato Segre 1971-1974Argentina Jorge Perello 1974-1977Spain Ernst Loebell 1977-1980Germany Björn Fritzell 1980-1983Sweden Katharine Butler1983-1989US André Muller 1989-1992Switzerland Marie de Montfort 1992-1995Ireland Nasser Kotby 1995-1998Egypt Ewa Söderpalm 1998-2001Sweden Harm K. Schutte 2001-2004The Netherlands Dolores Battle2004-2007US

10 14 Committees The core of the organization Main goal: –To analyze and understand the information that comes from different academic and cultural perspectives –To help the organization to offer a clear vision to the scientific world at the triennal congress

11 14 Committees Aphasia Philippe Paquier, Belgium Audiology Katrin Neumann, Germany Augumentative/Alternative Communication Judith Montgomery, US Child Language Roswitha Romonath, Germany Dysphagia Ken Watkin, US Education for Speech-Language Pathology Li-Rong Lilly Cheng, US and Taiwan Education for Phoniatrics Nasser Kotby, Egypt Fluency Herman F.M. Peters, Netherlands History Margareth Leahy, Ireland Multilingual Affairs Marion Fredman, Israel Motor Speech Disorders Bruce Murdoch, Australia Public Relations Lynn Goldberg, US Scientific Journal Affairs Harm K. Schutte, The Netherlands Voice Jan Svec, Czech Republic and the Netherlands

12 Every committee has up to 12 members –No more than 2 from persons from each country –Any individual member can apply for taking part on a committee Committees meet at the congress and work via internet Committees Board and Committee's Chair meeting Voice Committee meeting

13 Pioneers in Phoniatrics & Logopedics Main Stream E. Froeschels M. Seeman A. Kussmaul (1822-1902) D. Weiss F. Brodnitz W. Johnson C. Van Riper S. Smith S. Borel-Maisonny E. Schönhärl Related Sciences J. Muller (1836!) P. Broca (1824-1880) K. Wernicke (1848-1905) H. Helmholtz J.W. Van den Berg B. Sonesson N. Chomsky L. Travis L. Lee A. Luria

14 Distinguished Phoniatricians & Logopedists “of the later days” J. Perello L. Croatto R. Luchzinger G. Arnold R. Segre H.Von Leden B. Vallencien P. Bloch K. Buttler M. Steer A. Müller M. Hirano C. Holm W. J. Gould E. Sedlackova I. Kirikae J.B. de Quiros B. Fex E. Loebell J. Hirschberg G. Bohme A. Pruszewic F. Sram I. Hiroto S. Taptapova M. De Montfort Supple J. Van Thal S. Tarasco G. Kittel J.C. Lafon A. Sonninen B. Fritzell H. Damsté S. Fex P. Biesalski J. Wendler

15 Honored Members † Mme. S. Borel-Maisonny † Prof. Lucio Croatto Prof. Herbert Damste † Dr.Theodor Flateau Prof. Bjorn Fritzell † Prof. Emil Froeschels Prof. Minoru Hirano Prof. Ikuichiro Hiroto † Prof. Ichiro Kirikae † Prof. Ernst Loebell † Prof. Richard Luchsinger Dr. Andre Muller † Prof. Jorge Perello † Prof. Svend Smith Prof. Aatto Sonninen † Dr Mack Steer Sister Marie de Montefort Supple Harm K. Schutte Nasser Kotby

16 Latest Honored Members Denmark 2007 Nasser Kotby, Egypt Harm Schutte, The Netherlands

17 Important Landmarks in Recent Time 1895: Laryngology center, Vienna 1912: Danish Society, speech and hearing [speech therapy] 1924: International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics [IALP] 1926: American Speech and Hearing Association [ASHA] –(1924) Changing names at the start! 1926: Collegium Otorhinolaryngologicum Amicitiae Sacrum [CORLAS] 1947: Folia Phoniatrica published. [Folia Phoniatrica et Logopedica] 1969: Collegium Medicorum Theatri (CoMeT) 1971: The European Union of Phoniatricians (UPE)

18 Presentation of IALP Flag, 1983 Dr Hirose and Sister Marie de Montefort Supple Logo and Flag

19 Folia Phoniatrica 1947: 1 st Edition 1994: Re-titled Founded by Luchsinger, Seeman, Tarneaud Folia Phoniatrica et Logopaedica

20 World Congresses 1959 London 1962 Padua 1965 Vienna 1968 Paris 1971 Buenos-Aires 1974 Interlaken 1977 Copenhagen 1980 Washington 1983 Edinburgh 1986 Tokyo 1989 Prague 1992 Hanover 1995 Cairo 1998 Amsterdam 2001 Montreal 2004 Brisbane 2007 Copenhagen 1924Vienna 1926 Vienna 1928 Vienna 1930 Prague 1932 Vienna 1934 Budapest 1936 Copenhagen DARKNESS 1950 Amsterdam 1953 Zurich 1956 Barcelona Future: 2010Athens 2013 Turin

21 “The First International Congress of Logopedics and Phoniatrics” Vienna, 1924 People attending: 65

22 IV Congress of IALP The Association Expands in Europe Prague, 1930

23 Vienna, 1932 V Congress of IALP Viennese Waltzes Once Again

24 Copenhagen, 1936 VII Congress of IALP A Sad Farewell People attending: 76

25 Amsterdam, 1950 VIII Congress of IALP The Joy of Renewed Acquaintance People attending: 225

26 London, 1959 XI Congress of IALP A British Meeting People attending: 498

27 Froeschels’s 80 th Birthday Vienna, 1965 XIII Congress of IALP A Debt Honoured

28 Buenos Aires, 1971 XV Congress of IALP Immense as the Pampas People attending: 1400

29 Washington, 1980 XVIII Congress of IALP People attending: 758

30 Edinburgh, 1983 XIX Congress of IALP With Tartans and Bagpipes IALP Board People attending: 863

31 Tokyo, 1986 XX Congress of IALP With the Rinsing Sun IALP Board People attending: 610

32 IALP XXth World Congress, Tokyo, 1986

33 Cairo, 1995 XX Congress of IALP With Gods and Kings People attending: 300

34 Amsterdam, 1998 XXIV Congress of IALP Return to Amsterdam IALP Board People attending: 927

35 XIVth IALP World Congress, Amsterdam, 1998

36 Brisbane, 2004 26th Congress of IALP People attending:1500

37 Denmark, 2007 27th Congress of IALP People attending:600

38 Denmark, 2007 27th Congress of IALP Passing the Presidency and the flag to the next president and vice-president

39 Brazil, 2007 Special events: 2nd International Composium of IALP

40 Brazil, 2007 The Board and Committees’ Chair also share wonderful friendship

41 Cyprus, 2009 Forfhcoming IALP Symposium 3rd International Symposium on Communication Disorders in Multilingual Populations 6-8 November Rodon Mount Ht and Resort Agros, Cyprus

42 IALP shall reach ALL professionals, world wide IALP shall lead research in the field IALP shall help education and training in the field IALP shall lend an expert hand to emerging foci of services in the field IALP is the only society that gives the world perspective in communicative disorders The Future

43 The most important event 28th IALP World Congress  Feel invited to join us in Athens and to participate in the World Communication cellebration

44 Greeks are already Warming-Up! Marilena Tsoukala, Stela Santzakli, Eleana Virvidaki, Olympia Barmakeli, Mara Behlau and Patricia Giannika Manos Anifantis, Malcom McNeil, Jay Rosenbeck and Joe Duffy Athens 2008 – Conference on Motor Speech Disorders and Voice

45 “I helped my international maiden speech in the 1974 IALP congress in Switzerland. I was made enthusiastic by local (Groningen) board members of the IALP, Ms Moolenaar-Bijl and of course my teacher Van den Berg. And also the treasurer of that moment Damsté. I learned to know my best friends from (East-) Germany. Going at that time is formed the basis for my international contacts. Since 1992 I was involved in the Board business and that even enhanced my relation to many colleagues in the international field of logopedics and Phoniatrics. Although people might seem not to understand these two words anymore, the semantics of these words seems to be changed over the last 50 years. But still when such a few people in the world are working in this field, a strong international bondage is absolutely a necessity. I'm very grateful for being on the international scene via the IALP.” The Importance of IALP in Today's World Harm Schutte Past President and Scientific Journal Committee Chair

46 “The IALP is important in a world where profession practice and research know no boundaries. The IALP provides practicing professionals and researchers in speech, language hearing and swallowing the window to the world. The IALP is unique in the world as a vehicle for partnerships between speech language pathologists and physicians interested in the study of human communication and its disorders. As the world marketplace has become more global, so too must our professions become more global. As an association with an 80 year history, the IALP has been and will continue to be a worldwide leader facilitating the acquisition and dissemination of research and practice issues to professionals around the globe. “ The Importance of IALP in Today's World Dolores Batlle Immediate Past-President

47 “IALP has provided me with the opportunity to learn from colleagues around the world. It has enriched my understanding and expanded my perspective on issues we are addressing in research and speech-language pathology clinical practice. IALP has also enabled me to be a part of an organization that develops and advocates for the adoption of recommended international policies and practices on behalf of those with communication disorders.” The Importance of IALP in Today's World Tanya Gallagher President-elect

48 See you in Greece! 28th IALP World Congress Do not miss this opportunity: become an individual member!

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