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1 RAD-OP Ilan Haber, CEO Tel: +972-544-902-906 URL: RAD-OP Company Presentation.

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1 1 RAD-OP Ilan Haber, CEO Tel: +972-544-902-906 Email: URL: RAD-OP Company Presentation

2 2 Presentation Agenda 1.About Us 2.Current Wireless Solutions 3.RAD-OP Products 4.Value Proposition 5.Sales Strategy 6.Applications 7.Target Markets 8.Availability & Roadmap 9.Conclusion

3 3 Founded in 2003 by Zohar & Yehuda Zisapel and Ilan Haber Member of the RAD Group 15 Employees - in the the fields of optics, electronics, mechanical engineering and FSO deployment Beta sites completed in November 2004 Successful Product launch in January 2005 About RAD-OP

4 4  15 independent companies operating in the fields of networking and communications  Six Companies currently trading on the NASDAQ  Common management structure and technology resources  Shared Sales and Distribution Channels  2003 RAD Group sales: $500 Million The RAD Group

5 5 R AD-OP Mission Rapidly-deployable, high-speed optical-wireless solutions

6 6 The Problems with Wireless Rooftop Equipment:  Long Sales Cycles  Rooftop permission  Monthly rent  Complex site surveys  In-building wiring  Security threats  Spectrum licenses Current Wireless Solutions

7 7  Point to Point, optical-wireless Ethernet connectivity solutions  Uniquely designed for indoor environments  Replaces or complements expensive fiber line and RF solutions  Short sales cycles and immediate system deployment RAD-OP100 / RAD-OP1000

8 8 Unite with Light

9 9 Product Highlights  100 Mbps/1 Gbps Ethernet connectivity  Range of 400 ft (120 meters)  Small and compact - only 1.5 lbs (700 grams)  Simple indoor installation (~30 minutes)  1M Eye safety laser standard  Operates in extreme conditions (50 dB/Km fog)  Secure optical connection  The least expensive high-speed link in the market

10 10 Product Specification

11 11

12 12

13 13 RAD-OP Value Proposition 1.Secure indoor deployment 2.Immediate link Availability 3.Reliable connectivity in extreme conditions 4.Fast ROI and low Total Cost of Ownership

14 14  Narrow-Beam technology – 20 inch (40cm) beam divergence over distances of 400 feet (120 meters)  Indoor system deployment is always behind locked doors – no rooftop security concerns  No security breaches like RF solutions 1. Secure Wireless Link RAD-OP Value Proposition

15 15  30 minute indoor installation  Simple do-it-yourself setup  Easily attaches to window frame or dry wall  No additional CPE hardware  No need for rooftop access or in-building-cabling  Immediate servicing to new or existing customers 2. Immediate Link Availability RAD-OP Value Proposition

16 16  Operates in extreme weather conditions  Reliable link operability in 50 dB/Km fog  Not exposed to harsh external conditions 3. High Reliability RAD-OP Value Proposition

17 17  Aggressive, competitive pricing model  License free spectrum  No monthly rooftop rent or fiber line rental  No site surveys or outsourced installation costs  Fewer bottlenecks increase workforce productivity  Eliminates city permits, digging or fiber lay  Short Sales Cycles 4. Fast ROI and Low TCO RAD-OP Value Proposition

18 18 Sales Strategy Current FSO Sales CycleRAD-OP Sales Cycle Average Sales Cycle Time: ~2-3 months Initial sales meeting Average Sales Cycle Time: ~2-3 weeks RAD-OP is changing the FSO Sales Paradigm Immediate link setup (live demonstration) Try-and-buy offer Initial sales meeting Site Survey and/or consultation Installation, in-building wiring, etc Meeting with Landlords Phone Questioner

19 19 Benefits:  Faster sales in higher volumes  Streamlined revenues  Remote maintenance & support  Faster ROI for users & channels RAD-OP Links:  Simple ‘Concept’  Shorter Sales Cycles  Indoor self-installation  No additional (hidden) costs Rooftop FSOCellular Base Station RAD-OP FSO WLAN Access Point Comparing Sales Cycles Sales Strategy (cont) VS.

20 20 Applications  LAN connectivity between buildings  Network acceleration & redundancy  Temporary / ad-hoc networking  Wireless ring topology  Remote storage and disaster recovery  Secure peer-to-peer networking  Last mile connectivity  Fiber ring extension

21 21 Target Markets: Enterprises Government Military Applications (cont) I. LAN Connectivity between Buildings Benefits: Fast ROI vs. leased lines & RF Secure indoor Deployment Immediate time to market Ethernet/ IP PBX n x E1 LAN Switch PSTN IP-MUX n x E1 Switch Megaplex LAN Router V.35 N x FXS Server V24 IP-MUX RAD-OP

22 22 Target Markets: Enterprise ISP’s Military Applications (cont) II. Network Acceleration & Redundancy Benefits: Highly reliable data link Improved network performance Minimal Capital investment Cisco EtherChannel uses both links as one logical channel RAD-OP solutions serve as backup to the fiber link or as an additional channel 1 Gbps Switch Server 1 Gbps Cisco EtherChannel RAD-OP

23 23 Applications (cont) III. Temporary/Ad-Hoc Networking Target Markets: ISP’s Cabling Companies Enterprises Switch LAN RAD-OP PBX n x E1 PSTN IP-MUX n x E1 IP-MUX Megaplex N x FXS Benefits: 10 Minute on-the-fly deployment Immediate servicing to new users Express maintenance to existing clients Streamline ROI & avoid SLA violations

24 24 Target Markets  Enterprises/Financial Institutions  Service providers & Cabling Companies  Hospitals & Healthcare  Armed Forces  Government  Small & Medium Businesses (SMB’s)  Construction and Real Estate

25 25 Target Markets (cont)  Financial Institutions and Large Enterprises Profile  Multiple buildings scattered across streets and campus environments  High Bandwidth requirements  Security breaches and loss of information is prominent Potential Applications  LAN Connectivity between offices/buildings  Remote storage and disaster recovery  Network redundancy

26 26  Service Providers/Cabling Companies Profile  Slow time to market due to digging, fiber lay  Expensive Fiber-to-the-Building solutions  High maintenance and servicing costs Potential Applications  Immediate Last mile connectivity  Network redundancy  Temporary networks until fiber lay is complete  Fiber ring connection via building “hopping”  Immediate servicing to new or existing customers Target Markets (cont)

27 27  Healthcare Institutions Profile  Multiple buildings within close proximity of one another  Old infrastructure  High Bandwidth applications Potential Applications  LAN connectivity between medical departments  High-speed file sharing (digital imaging, MRI) Target Markets (cont)

28 28  Armed Forces/Military Profile  Secure, confidential connectivity requirements (No RF)  High Bandwidth applications  Network flexibility and reliability Potential Applications  Ad-Hoc networking (field communication, army base, etc)  LAN connectivity between structures  Secure peer-to-peer collaboration Target Markets (cont)

29 29  Government Profile  Multiple buildings in dense urban areas  Under-serviced network connectivity Potential Applications  LAN connectivity between government buildings  Fiber backup  Storage & disaster recovery applications Target Markets (cont)

30 30  Small/Medium Businesses (SMB’s) Profile  Under-provisioned networking capabilities  Minimal IT budget  Growing beyond the four walls of the office Potential Applications  LAN connectivity between offices  Fiber backup Target Markets (cont)

31 31 Product Roadmap Q3 05 Q4 05  Extended range  Management  Indoor/outdoor deployment Q1 05  RAD-OP100  RAD-OP1000

32 32 RAD-OP Summary  Secure, reliable optical-wireless connectivity solutions  Express 30-minute indoor installation  Specifically geared for short-range distance requirements  Faster Customer ROI and improved TCO  The least-expensive Fast/Gigabit Ethernet connectivity solution in the Market

33 33 NO rooftop rent NO in-building wiring NO spectrum licenses NO city permits NO site surveys or third party installations NO recurring rental fees (fiber/rooftop) NO co-location issues NO bandwidth bottlenecks NO digging or fiber lay RAD-OP – The Big Easy

34 34 Thank You! For all Sales Inquiries, please contact: Michael Isakov Tel: +972-544-986-335 Email: URL:

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