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Land Use Explorer: Innovative Resource for Planners OREGON PLANNING INSTITUTE 2010 CONFERENCE Kuuipo Walsh Institute for Natural Resources September 15,

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1 Land Use Explorer: Innovative Resource for Planners OREGON PLANNING INSTITUTE 2010 CONFERENCE Kuuipo Walsh Institute for Natural Resources September 15, 2010

2 This training session will explain: What the Land Use Explorer is How to navigate around the site How to use the tools of the site How you can contribute content to the site September 15, 2010 1 The Land Use Explorer

3 A website that provides access to local land use information pertaining to each of the 36 counties in Oregon. For planners, policymakers, community groups and engaged residents. The Land Use Explorer September 15, 2010 2 The Land Use Explorer

4 1.Use land use tools 2.Learn about land use issues 3.Make maps 4.Assess stories and archives 5.Find other resources available 6.Learn how you can contribute 6 Modules of the Session September 15, 2010 3 The Land Use Explorer

5 Module 1: Use land use tools Use The Measure 49 Map Viewer to determine if your property is on high-value farmland or forestland or in a ground water restricted area. Data come from many sources including DLCD, other state and local agencies. September 15, 2010 4 The Land Use Explorer

6 September 15, 2010 5 The Land Use Explorer

7 Information & How-To September 15, 2010 6 The Land Use Explorer

8 Click on tab for different map layers Type address September 15, 2010 7 The Land Use Explorer

9 Use the transparency slider Click the legend Water-related Districts September 15, 2010 8 The Land Use Explorer

10 Module 2: Learn about Issues Use the “Issues and Actions” page to find out about the causes, consequences, and significance of land use issues September 15, 2010 9 The Land Use Explorer

11 September 15, 2010 10 The Land Use Explorer

12 Four Land Use Issues featured September 15, 2010 11 The Land Use Explorer

13 Multimedia story about the land use planning in Oregon September 15, 2010 12 The Land Use Explorer

14 McCall talks of the problem of Oregon losing its credibility as the “environmental model of this nation” through the “unfettered despoiling of our land” September 15, 2010 13 The Land Use Explorer

15 Module 3: Making Maps Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to map land use issues across the state September 15, 2010 14 The Land Use Explorer

16 September 15, 2010 15 The Land Use Explorer

17 September 15, 2010 16 The Land Use Explorer

18 September 15, 2010 17 The Land Use Explorer

19 September 15, 2010 18 The Land Use Explorer

20 Many, many map “layers” to turn on and off September 15, 2010 19 The Land Use Explorer

21 Click on layer name for definition and source September 15, 2010 20 The Land Use Explorer

22 September 15, 2010 21 The Land Use Explorer

23 Zoomed in on Bend, OR area Ask the map for more information about a point September 15, 2010 22 The Land Use Explorer

24 The map tells you about the point you clicked on (using the “Identify Visible” tool) with all the layers that are on top of it Print or download your customized map September 15, 2010 23 The Land Use Explorer

25 Module 4: Access Stories & Research Archives Stories are written by science writers on the team. Research is written by OSU faculty and agency staff and archived into ScholarsArchive@OSU ScholarsArchive@OSU is Oregon State University’s digital service for gathering, indexing, making available and storing the scholarly work of the Oregon State University community. It also includes materials from outside the institution in support of the university’s land, sun, sea, and space grant missions and other research interests. September 15, 2010 24 The Land Use Explorer

26 September 15, 2010 25 The Land Use Explorer

27 September 15, 2010 26 The Land Use Explorer

28 Search by community names, issues, or type of work Browse by Subject September 15, 2010 27 The Land Use Explorer

29 Oregon Counties Long-Range Planning Conference Reports September 15, 2010 28 The Land Use Explorer

30 Module 5: Access Other Resources Data collections Photos and videos Experts and contacts September 15, 2010 29 The Land Use Explorer

31 Data, Photo, and Video Collections Issue Experts September 15, 2010 30 The Land Use Explorer

32 Data Collections September 15, 2010 31 The Land Use Explorer

33 Issue Experts September 15, 2010 32 The Land Use Explorer

34 Module 6: How can you contribute? Through ScholarsArchive@OSU Write and archive reports about land use issues Send to Kuuipo Walsh for archival with: Title, Author Name, Abstract, 4 Keywords, Geography, Relation to Oregon Explorer Portals Or archive them yourself Submit organization names to “Expertise and Contacts” September 15, 2010 33 The Land Use Explorer

35 September 15, 2010 34 The Land Use Explorer

36 September 15, 2010 35 The Land Use Explorer

37 Describing your submission September 15, 2010 36 The Land Use Explorer

38 Uploading the file September 15, 2010 37 The Land Use Explorer

39 Add your organization as an expert or contact Send us your organization’s web address and a short description September 15, 2010 38 The Land Use Explorer

40 Add your Land Use Data Contact us for more information on how to share your data in the Oregon Spatial Data Library September 15, 2010 39 The Land Use Explorer

41 Congratulations, you have completed the training for the Land Use Explorer! September 15, 2010 40 The Land Use Explorer

42 Oregon Explorer portals Current Portals New Portals Launched: June 2010 September 15, 2010 41 The Land Use Explorer

43 Click for charts Click variable name for definition and source 17 Clusters: click to expand Create a new report in this same window Print (recommended) or download report Faye Stewart, a Lane County commissioner, says he’s impressed by the quality and quantity of demographic information he’s able to access on the Rural Communities Explorer. He’s able to glean valuable socioeconomic data for his district, as well as maps and geographic information. He says he especially appreciates the feature that allows him to hone in on areas of his district using aerial photos and apply overlays of land use designations and natural resources such as wetlands. “This is a powerful tool that will help me track trends in my district,” he says. “It also will be useful as we apply for block grants for facility upgrades.” September 15, 2010 42 The Land Use Explorer

44 Coming soon! New and improved! September 15, 2010 43 The Land Use Explorer

45 Coming soon! Wetland tools for landowners, consultants and planners September 15, 2010 44 The Land Use Explorer

46 How can we help you? Ruth Vondracek Oregon State University Libraries The Valley Library (541) 737-9273 Marc Rempel Oregon State University Libraries The Valley Library (541) 737-4744 Renee Davis-Born Institute for Natural Resources 210 Strand Hall Corvallis, Oregon 97331 Kuuipo Walsh Institute for Natural Resources The Valley Library (541) 737-3795 September 15, 2010 45 The Land Use Explorer

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