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Understand your business? There are no miracles!.

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1 Understand your business? There are no miracles!

2 Competitive Intelligence (CI) To give the RIGHT information: – At the RIGHT moment, – With the RIGHT form, – To the RIGHT person, – So that (s)he takes the RIGHT decision. To collect, store, analyze and disseminate information gives competitive advantage. 95% of the necessary information is open 2

3 From Information to Intelligence The integration of qualitative information in the same system is the first step to pass from: information To intelligence 3

4 The Competitive Intelligence Cycle 4 4. Intelligence results Decision 1.Information needs Planning 2. Gathering Published Information + Primary Source Collection 3. Analysis

5 5

6 Higher Education: – Threats Competition; society; excelence; productivity; profitability; flexability; relevance; valorization. – Scenarios Increase in demand; extra-walls; life long learning; internationalization; students choices; internet. 6

7 C.I. proposal for a Higher Education Institution – Governance Chief Intelligence Officer. – Choice of strategic areas potential growth; sensitive to the daily operation; improve strengths. – Strategic Groups CI & KM work in specific area; Campus HR’s (faculty, staff, alumni); interaction enhance strenghts & opportunities; Teamwork, information & knowledge networks, multidiscipliarity, 7

8 Organisational diagram for the proposed CI system 8 CIO SG 2 SG 3 SG 4 SG 5 SG 6 SG 7 SG 8 SG 9 SG 10 SG 11 SG 1

9 Conclusions – what will you achieve – Information in different areas; – New ideas, innovations and improvements; – Increase knowledge transfer; – Better use of HR knowledge and know-how; – More close, informed and involved community focused in achieving institutional goals; – Decision makers more informed – Competitive advantages 9

10 Miguel Rombert Trigo Luis Borges Gouveia Luc Quoniam Edson Luiz Riccio Thank you very much for your attention!

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