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© 2002 page 1 business critical systems (BCS) servers and operating environments in the new hp june 2002.

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1 © 2002 page 1 business critical systems (BCS) servers and operating environments in the new hp june 2002

2 © 2002 page 2 delivering value to your business and, simplifying our portfolio to better meet your needs and, focusing on working with you for your success leveraging our market leadership for your success who is ESG and BCS? what is BCS’ role and market position? how BCS can help you to meet your business goals

3 © 2002 page 3 better solutions for your business FinanceManufacturingTelecom Healthcare Transportation Hospitality Retaile-Government Industry Business Solutions Cross-industry Business Solutions Mail / MessagingCRMBtoEZLETechnical Computing Infrastructure Solutions Business Continuity IT Resource Virtualization ManageabilityIT Consolidation Web Services Storage Solutions Leadership Products Storage Software Mobility ISSBCS Servers customers

4 © 2002 page 4 business critical systems supporting your most demanding business- critical requirements meeting your needs for: pervasive management –industry leading multi-OS system management maximum resource utilization –scale out with industry leading clusters –scale up with best workload management and partitioning Futura Hv 30 pt Futura Bk 24 pt continuous and secure operation –industry leading solutions from HA to NonStop servers lasting value –market-leading Intel ® Itanium ™ architecture product roadmap –One Server family, supporting UNIX ®, OpenVMS, Windows ® /64, Linux ® = customer flexibility & investment protection –lowest TCO and maximum ROI

5 © 2002 page 5 BCS portfolio summary todayfuture HP Servers HP NonStop Servers HP Servers HP NonStop Servers HP e3000 Servers HP AlphaServer Systems HP Blade Servers server platform HP-UX (with Tru64 features) Linux ® HP NonStop Kernel HP OpenVMS Windows ® /64 HP-UX HP Tru64 UNIX ® HP MPE/ix Linux ® HP NonStop Kernel HP OpenVMS operating system processor technology Itanium TM processor family PA-RISC Itanium TM processor family Alpha MIPS ® commitments unchanged – portfolio simplified

6 © 2002 page 6 the undisputed technology leader leading performance/scalability performance leader with HP Superdome and HP Server rp8400 Among the largest HPTC installations in the world unmatched availability #1 in fault tolerant servers leading TruCluster technologies leading adaptability innovative resource virtualization unique lasting value growth to Intel ® Itanium ™ architecture with in-box upgrades or programs the market share leader #1 in UNIX ® #1 in fault tolerant computing #1 in High Performance Technical Computing (HPTC) the market leader that powers market leaders #1 media #1 retail #1 online retail #1 home improvement #1 wireless #1 internet networking #1 cable operator #1 software—database

7 © 2002 page 7 cy2001 worldwide unix server factory revenue 18.5% 32.5% 23.6% 23.0% 2.4% high-end +6.8% -14.4% ( +x% = mkt shr chg vs cy2000 ) source: idc quarterly tracker, march 2002 ibm other su n 25.3% 30.8% 22.5% 13.7% 7.7% ibm other cpq total unix new hp 33%#1 +2.0% -4.7% hp 22.1% 37.0% 16.5% 12.9% 11.5% sun ibm other cpq entry-level +2.0% -5.5% hp new hp 33.6% 30.7% 24.7% 27.3% 10.7% 6.5% sun ibm other cpq midrange +1.0% -1.2% hp new hp 37.2%#1 hp new hp 20.9% cpq sun #1 in US** #1 in Latin-America**

8 © 2002 page 8 BCS leadership system roadmaps no change to existing server roadmap commitments Itanium TM MIPS ® EV7 EV79 03 04 02 05 PA-8800PA-8900 HP Server/PA-RISC HP Server/Itanium ™ -based HP AlphaServer HP NonStop Servers deliver leading PA-RISC servers based on existing roadmaps and support planned customer requirements with sales until at least 2006 with support until at least 2011 HP Server/PA-RISC provide compatibility with PA-RISC servers and support HP-UX, Linux ®, Windows ® /64, and OpenVMS HP Server/Itanium ™ -based deliver on published roadmap and support planned customer requirements with sales until at least 2006, with support at least until 2011 HP AlphaServer published roadmaps remain unchangedHP NonStop Servers

9 © 2002 page 9 operating systems HP-UX primary UNIX ® platform continue current roadmap and add HP Tru64 UNIX ® features available on PARISC & Itanium processor family today HP Tru64 UNIX ® complete current committed roadmap port key functionality to HP-UX –TruClusters, AdvFS,... build migration tools and environment to transition customers to HP-UX HP OpenVMS continue current roadmap and port to Itanium processor family HP NonStop Kernel continue current roadmap and port to Itanium processor family HP MPE/ix complete current committed roadmap migration programs in place to transition customers to other HP platforms

10 © 2002 page 10 hp-ux server family the best product family in the world entry-level mid-range high-end rx4610 rp2400 series rp5400 series rp7410rp8400rx9610 Superdome Itanium blades

11 © 2002 page 11 hp high-end superiority tremendous market momentum 3 largest airlines, 5 largest automobile manufacturers, 4 of 5 largest telcoms, 4 of 6 largest aerospace companies in the world run Superdome fastest growing high-end marketshare Fastest growing share of TOP500 supercomputers #1 in application performance (SAP ATO, Amdocs, FNS) analyst recognition: IDC balanced rating: #1 389K tpm, virtual tie with IBM p690, watch this space in the next 60 days

12 © 2002 page 12 a day in the life with Superdome 6:30 — Wake up, turn off alarm-clock: Sony 6:45 — Go for a run: Reebok 7:15 — Have breakfast: Nestle, General Mills, Kellogg's 8:00 — Get Dressed: Liz Claiborne 8:30 — Check email: AOL, Cisco 8:35 — Have gift sent to Mom: Amazon 8:40 — Make long distance call to wish Mom a Happy Birthday : Nextel 8:50 — Drive to work: Porsche, Goodyear, Oakley Sunglasses 8:55 — Use cellphone in car to check voicemail: Cingular Wireless 9:10 — Arrive at the office: Kone elevators 9:30 — Conf call with Europe: Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, Talk America 10:00 – Reserve flights, hotel for next week’s trip : Continental Airlines, Best Western 12:00 – Pick up a snowboard for weekend ski trip: Burton Snowboards 1:30 — Update Health Insurance policy: Blue Cross/Blue Shield 3:00 — Send package to Vienna office: Pitney-Bowes, Austrian Postal Service 5:00 — Stop by pharmacy on the way home: Glaxo-SmithKline, Shoppers Drug Mart

13 © 2002 page 13 hp leads the midrange more than 80% of the world’s largest companies have purchased HP mid- range servers in the last 12 months: ChevronTexaco, Toshiba, Siemens, Porsche, BMW,… market share leader for 5 years running (IDC quarterly tracker) leading performance and price-performance (rp7410 and rp8400) rp8400 “Product of the Year” 2002 Server I/O Industry Awards new HP market share in CY01, 37.2 % (IDC)

14 © 2002 page 14 ensure business continuity critical system support Intel ® Itanium ® processor family technology implementation services no cost porting and migration assessment workshops complete Itanium-based systems training and education curriculum increase business performance industry’s fastest Itanium 2-based servers and workstations performance headroom for decades unleashing new application performance capabilities protect customers investment with the new industry standard architecture your enterprise platform of choice for Windows ®, Linux ® and HP-UX run existing applications unchanged a consistent management toolset across platforms and OSs since Itanium ® is inevitable, why choose hp

15 © 2002 page 15 hp-ux entry-level servers rp5430/70 hp’s most successful entry-level industry’s best performance, price-performance and performance-density in-box upgrades to Itanium Processor Family and future PA-RISC processors industry’s only 4-way with virtual partitions richest, integrated security and ha features available in the 4-way space winning with the rp2430/70 hp’s inexpensive, hot performance 1-2 way application server: sub-$1000

16 © 2002 page 16 flexible blade server offering get an edge with the most comprehensive blade product family accessapplicationdata telecom functionality power efficiencydata center functionality data center and xSP leading performance and performance density 3U chassis, 280 servers/rack 6U chassis, 48 servers/rack 1, 2 and 4 processor, PIII ® and Xeon ™ blades telecoms and xSP cPCI technologies NEBS compliant 20-inch standard depth future HP-UX /PA-RISC blades Blade server bh7800 media streaming telecom web caching applications ProLiant BL line web serving firewall network infrastructure dynamic web/asp hosting terminal server farm media streaming computational cluster database mail ERP

17 © 2002 page 17 hp-ux 11i: the #1 unix DH Brown 2002 Unix Function Review overall ranking (160+ functions) HP-UX 11i Solaris 8 IBM Aix 5L #1in all categories: scalability reliability, availability and serviceability systems management internet and web application services directory and security services

18 © 2002 page 18 hp-ux 11i: the most reliable OS robustness and security host intrusion detection and firewall linear scalability single system HA maturity and quality 10x reliability improvement over HP-UX11.0 application availability flexibility most complete partitioning continuum cost optimized: 4 operating environments pre-integrated functionality easy installation and management rich functionality and cost optimization over 16,000 applications available based on first 7 months of shipments hp has 1/3 the defects & 1/2 the patches when compared to Solaris 8 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 hp-ux 11iSolaris 8 >3x better quality source: www/sun/com patches defects

19 © 2002 page 19 hp servers Canadian Broadcasting Corporation General Mills Burton Snowboards

20 © 2002 page 20 UNIX ® operating system roadmap customer value—investment protection and a better HP-UX 02030405 Wildcat Scalability System Mgmt 11i RAS Internet Web Directory/Security Scalability Manageability HP-UX HP Tru64 UNIX HP-UX with Tru64 UNIX features 11.30 Self tuning, self adapting vertically and horizontally Vail Common System Mgmt Utah * * Sales thru at least 2006, support thru at least 2011 11.20 11.22 McKinley 11.23 Begin the migration 11.23T Scalability/Mgmt TruCluster AdvFS (16 TB) Migration tools Phase II Common System Mgmt Migration tools Phase I Common System Mgmt

21 © 2002 page 21 broadest partitioning capabilities for maximum flexibility and consolidation hard partitions with multiple nodes hard partitions within a node virtual partitions within a hard partition hp hyperplex nPartitions Virtual partitions PRM (Process Resource Manager) isolationflexibility –complete hardware and software isolation –node granularity –multiple OS images –hardware isolation per cell –complete software isolation –cell granularity –multiple OS images –complete software isolation –CPU granularity –dynamic CPU migration –multiple OS images –dynamic resource allocation –share (%) granularity –1 OS image PRM with psets resource partitions in a single OS image –automatic goal-based resource allocation via set SLOs hp-ux wlm (workload manager)

22 © 2002 page 22 hp utility pricing solutions for systems consolidation f l e x i b i l i t y purchase lease pay per forecast capacity on demand pay per use for on-demand capacity via planned usage for on-demand capacity when activated for on-demand capacity via metered usage  align your costs to revenues  reduce risk  improve your service levels  simplify planning & operations unique With HP Financing, consolidation pays for itself!

23 © 2002 page 23 systems consolidation for lower TCO

24 © 2002 page 24 partner support— key to your seamless transition specialized ISV Itanium ™ - based developer programs strong support from ISVs for HP-UX on the Intel ® Itanium ™ processor most Tru64 UNIX ® applications already available on HP-UX today strong support from OpenVMS ISVs Itanium ™ -based strategy strongly endorsed by NonStop application partners Actual company and product names mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective owners.

25 mass exodus of Sun executives rapidly declining sales and Unix market share. many publicly known reliability issues. difficulty in bringing USIII based systems to market. only limited cell-board level hard partitioning the performance of Sun’s systems is coming under fire and greater level of scrutiny because of their refusal to perform meaningful benchmarks (like TPC-C) that validate marketing claims. Sun has no strategy for two of the industry’s biggest market trends, Linux and IPF Sun offers no real mission critical support offering. Platinum, their best offering, covers only slightly more than HP’s PSS. issues for Sun

26 issues for IBM application availability on AIX poor investment protection (box-swap upgrades, AIX transition issues, short product life spans) lacks proactive joint solutions (e.g., Oracle & Microsoft are competitors) late to deliver key features to Unix (e.g., partitioning, utility pricing) relatively weak application performance no credible Itanium/UNIX strategy

27 © 2002 page 27 hp’s commitment to your seamless transition product enhancements multi-OS interoperability Tru64 UNIX ® technology in HP- UX porting and migration tools transition services planning workshops porting and migration services training Itanium ™ -based training classes application migration training operating system training investment protection Itanium ™ -based in-box upgrades transition at customer pace financing options transition program offerings Customer First AlphaServer Customer Assurance

28 © 2002 page 28 delivering unmatched customer value market leadership powering the industry leaders today product leadership and innovation today and into the future portfolio simplification focused product portfolio single Itanium ™ -based server family OS of choice customer focus protect customer investment, maximize ROI winning go-to-market strategy your total satisfaction HP sales force HP consulting services system integrators a team approach for your success software partners HP support customers system management operating system technology server hardware servicespartners sales

29 © 2002 page 29 where can I go for more information? to find out how hp systems can fulfill your specific requirements; contact your local sales representative for an overview of all products and services, visit our website; want more technical details? attend one of our product specific breakout sessions this afternoon; OpenView high performance technical computing non-stop servers AlphaServers Linux contact any hp staff member we will help you find what you are looking for


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