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Mobile Learning. Not About Apps ! Who’s It For?

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1 Mobile Learning

2 Not About Apps !

3 Who’s It For?

4 Sales & Sales Support Jobs! Best Candidates!

5 Customer Support Jobs! Best Candidates !

6 Customer Service Jobs! Best Candidates !

7 Support, Repair & ReplacementJobs! Best Candidates !

8 A Change Of Design

9 Changing Behavior ! The Behavior Change Process Fears / BeliefsBehaviors Thoughts “ What ’ s wrong with the way we are doing it now ” ? “ Why are we in this training class ” ?

10 A Change Of Design Analyze The Training Need Make sure training is going to solve the problem Design The Training Progm. Design the training program, objective, outcome & exercises around show & tell and make modules small /short/specific Develop The Course Write the course materials for the user as well as the medium of delivery. Implement Deliver Course Implementation is either classroom delivery, or web delivery Evaluate The Results Using the metrics approved by the manager / company. YE S NO

11 Think Like a User Forget Training Please “Just Give Me The XX**## Answers”! Hint: Continually Test on Users More Rapid Prototyping

12 HTC Pads iPad iPhone Droid Phones Smart Devices Know Your User’s Devices

13 Using What You Have You Won’t Need Expensive New Hardware of Software Because You Won’t Need to Be A Rocket Scientist or, well, you know who. Just Find Out What Devices Your Users are Using and Determine The Formats They Accept. Most software will allow you to create and save in a variety of formats.

14 Production Value Nope Not Like This Yep, More Like This

15 Sustainability

16 4 Simple Rules Don’t Think Like a TrainerKeep Your Design Simple Trainers Learn From Students Don’t Need $ Software

17 Mobile Learning

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