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How would you respond? Maryland AskUsNow! New Staff Training.

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1 How would you respond? Maryland AskUsNow! New Staff Training

2 I see that UM has a copy of the music for Tinanoff’s 5 th Cantata. Can I have this sent to me in Deluth? 2

3 I think I might be pregnant. How can I tell? Should I tell my parents? 3

4 Should BGE be allowed to raise their rates? 4

5 Did King Charles help or hurt democracy? 5

6 Would it be better to fly or drive to Boston? 6

7 What’s the law on my neighbor’s kids playing basketball after midnight? 7

8 Is the library open? 8

9 Can you hurry it up? 9

10 How does a liberal feel about abortion? 10

11 Just send me anything about nuclear war. 11

12 Explain the battles the US fought with Germany in WWII. 12

13 What is the square root of 71? 13

14 Can you send me some folktales that are strictly of Chinese origin? 14

15 I have a question. 15

16 How do I incorporate a business in Howard County? 16

17 I have this red thing on my neck. Should I just pull it off? 17

18 What did the drink Coca-Cola accomplish by being made? 18

19 How can I email someone at the San Diego Zoo? 19

20 How could the civil war been prevented? 20

21 On what page did Lenny shoot George? 21

22 How killed Dr. King? 22

23 How many books are in the library? 23

24 Opium war 24

25 What’s the web page for the Maryland State’s Attorney’s Office? 25

26 How old is Shak? 26

27 What does Habeas Corpus mean? 27

28 What is the main idea of the book “The White Mountains” by John Christopher? 28

29 How much does a library card cost? 29

30 I need info on the Titanic 30

31 What is the political wing of the Basque terrorist organization ETA? 31

32 What was family life back in the 1980s? 32

33 Do gun control laws prevent crime? 33

34 What was Lyndon Johnson’s early life like? 34

35 Can you help me about mold? 35

36 What did the Oregon Trail migrants burn for fuel when crossing the prarie? 36

37 Is Christianity true? 37

38 What does the Korean flag represent to you? 38

39 How much does a model make? 39

40 How do I contact the HR department at CCPL? 40

41 My last librarian was rude to me. How do I make a complaint to the manager? 41

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