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ALEX KELLY EGR-269 10-10-2008 Setting Up A Web Server.

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1 ALEX KELLY EGR Setting Up A Web Server

2 Tools you need A computer... A router XAMPP (Can be found on Google) Ten to twenty minutes of time (8 for this presentation) A web page (Can be anything)

3 XAMPP What is XAMPP?  XAMPP Stands for Cross Platform Apache, MySql, Python and Perl. These are the four core parts of a web server. In addition XAMPP contains FileZilla which is a FTP server, making it easy for users to connect and upload files.  This is not designed for more than personal and family use.

4 First Step Download and install XAMPP. When you install XAMPP, make sure you check the boxes that say “Install as services” as seen to the right

5 Second Step Enable Port Forwarding (If you do not know how to do this, search “port forwarding” in Google.)  The ports that need to be forwarded are 80, 443, and 21. Ensure your ISP doesn’t block the above ports. (call them and ask directly)  Charter: | Bellsouth:

6 Third Step Secure your FTP Server. (Shown in video preceding presentation) Upload data to the server (Shown in class) Test your server from a remote computer (hopefully shown in class)

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