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Deployment Adavatages Provisioning time reduced to minutes, not days to weeks! Configure hardware Install OS Configure OS & Tools Assign IP Addr Configure.

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1 Deployment Adavatages Provisioning time reduced to minutes, not days to weeks! Configure hardware Install OS Configure OS & Tools Assign IP Addr Configure Network Deploy from Template Power on VM Physical Test Apps Virtual <1 hr of work 1-2 days lead time 20-40 hrs of work 4-6 week lead time

2 From server boot to running VMs in Minutes 1.Power on server and boot into hypervisor 2.Configure Admin Password 3.(optional) Modify network configuration 4.Connect VI Client to IP Address Or manage with VirtualCenter 3i    

3 Physical Server Virtual Machines ESX Server ESX Server (Single Server Deployment) Deploy multiple virtual machines on a single physical server Market leading: Performance Stability Scalability Cross-platform support

4 4 ESX Server (Multiple Server Deployment)

5 7 Programmatic Interfaces Virtual Machine and Server Management 1 Provisioning 2 Migration 3 Resource Management 4 System Monitoring 5 Security and Access Control 6 Centralized Management VirtualCenter Capabilities What's new

6 The Virtual Infrastructure Stack Today Infrastructure Optimization SW Lifecycle Resource Mgt AvailabilityMobility Hypervisor  Distributed Virtualization  Management & Automation  17 Desktop Management Business Continuity > ESX Server > VMFS > Virtual SMP > HA > VCB Security > Storage VMotion > VMotion > Update Manager > DRS > DPM > Virtual Center

7 7 Guided Consolidation Automatically discovers physical servers Analyzes utilization and usage patterns* Converts physical servers to VMs placed intelligently based on user response ANALYZE CONVERT DISCOVER * Recommended for smaller environments

8 Non-Disruptive Capacity on Demand

9 VMware VMotion 73% of VMware customers have implemented VMotion in production Live migration of virtual machines Zero downtime

10 VMware DRS Resource Pool Business Demand Dynamic and intelligent allocation of hardware resources Ensure optimal alignment between business and IT 67% of VMware customers use DRS in production

11 Ensure High availability with VMware HA Resource Pool X VMware HA automatically restarts virtual machines when a physical server fails

12 12 Distributed Power Management Resource Pool Business Demand Power Off Consolidates workloads onto fewer servers when the cluster needs fewer resources Places unneeded servers in standby mode Brings servers back online as workload needs increase Minimize power consumption while guaranteeing service levels

13 13 Storage VMotion Storage independent live migration of virtual machine disks Zero downtime to virtual machines LUN independent Supported for Fibre channel SANs Storage VMotion minimizes planned downtime for storage

14 14 VMware Update Manager Update Manager Eliminates manual tracking of patch levels of ESX Server hosts and virtual machines Automates enforcement of patch standards Reduces risk through snapshots and offline virtual machine patching * Note: RHEL guests can only be scanned, not remediated OFFLINE

15 15 Non-disruptive ESX Server Patching with Update Manager and DRS VMotion Update Manager Update Manager patches entire DRS clusters Each host in the cluster enters DRS maintenance mode, one at a time VMs are migrated off, host is patched & rebooted if required VMs are migrated back on Next host is selected

16 16 Protect data with VMware consolidated backup What is it? Centralized agentless backup for virtual machines Move backup out of the virtual machine Eliminate backup traffic on the local area network Pre-integrated with major 3rd-party backup products Centralized file level backup enables easy & reliable data protection CENTRALIZED DATA MOVER BACKUP PROXY BACKUP DISK

17 CONFIDENTIAL 17 ESX Server 3i Integrated in server systems Easiest way to deploy and manage virtualization Hardware is certified and ready-to-run Intuitive start up experience that dramatically reduces deployment time Optimized for remote management Thin architecture Unparalleled security and reliability Compact 32MB footprint Only OS-independent design focused on virtualization Next generation, thin hypervisor integrated in server systems

18 18 Simplifies and automates disaster recovery workflows: Setup, testing, failover, failback Provides central management of recovery plans from VirtualCenter Turns manual recovery processes into automated recovery plans Simplifies integration with 3 rd - party storage replication Introducing VMware Site Recovery Manager Site Recovery Manager leverages VMware Infrastructure to transform disaster recovery

19 19 Complex to physically recover OS, applications & data Separate processes for system and application data OS & applications have dependencies on hardware configuration Tier 2 & 3 applications left unprotected, adding to Tier 1 RTO risk Slow and Unreliable Process DR Challenges Today cd, tape or ghost image Application OS x86 OS files local storage Storage WAN Application OS x86 OS files local storage Storage Prod “Boot & Pray” DR Challenges of Traditional DR: Recovery Process Just Tier 1! Repl process: OS – Images App Data-Replication SW: SAN-SAN, OS based

20 20 Replication with VMware: Array-Based Replication WAN or Dark Fiber WAN or Dark Fiber Array-Based Replication (SRDF, SnapMirror, etc.) PRIMARY DR SITE Site Failure Source VMFS Target VMFS SLA’s = High

21 Disaster Recovery 30 miles Host-based replication RPO of 15 minutes and RTO of 24 hours Reduced TCO by 50% Saw ROI of 600% in four months FC SAN Virtual Infrastructure FC SAN Virtual Infrastructure Primary Datacenter Recovery Site

22 Customer Example: Infrastructure Optimization SAN Production VMs Backup Server DR - Site Backup Server Storage Reserve DEV/TEST Production 1200 Servers on 100 Physical Chassis Utilization up to 80% 12:1 consolidation ratio 20:1 Space reduction 60% of x86 environment virtualized Staffing not increased in 2.5 years Provisioning reduced to hours from weeks

23 Developer Productivity >75% reduction in server-to-staff ratio 10X reduction in system config time 20% acceleration of software lifecycle Software Quality Assists defect capture and resolution in pre-production Software Lifecycle Automation $816,000 saved over 3 years 21.6 days reduction per release cycle

24 Virtual Desktops Benefits Central Management, Security, Compliance Business Continuity Standard PC management model and isolation Eliminated need to buy PCs Reduced time to add a new PC image to <10 min Administer all desktops worldwide centrally with VirtualCenter

25 25 VI Transforms Key I.T. Metrics Reduce Capex by > 50% Increase Server Utilization by 3-4X Reduced Opex by > 70% Reduce Cost of Power & Cooling by > 85% Reduce Admin cost and Time by > 80% Reduce Response times by > 90% Save >30% of Budget & allocate to strategic projects Recovery Time down to minutes! > 90 % of Apps assured of >99.9% availability 100% Apps now under DR plan Uptime, Service Levels Return on Assets Overall Business Impact of IT Operational Expenses

26 State of Infrastructure Today – Physical Server Sprawl 38 m physical servers by 2010 - 700% increase in 15 years $140 bn in excess server capacity - a 3-year supply Power & Cooling 50c for every $1 spent on servers $29 bn in power and cooling industry wide Operating Cost $8 in maintenance for every $1 spent on new infrastructure 20-30 : 1 server-to-admin ratio Space Crunch $1,000 /sqft $2,400 / server $40,000 / rack Source: IDC

27 Virtualization Increases Hardware Utilization Before VMware Virtualization enables consolidation of workloads from underutilized servers onto a single server to safely achieve higher utilization After VMware

28 State of Infrastructure with Virtualization Servers100080$5,816 (per server removed) HBAs500160$290 SAN Switches228na Network Switches8410$296 Power (kWh) 40752$759 Cooling (kWh) 50964$949 Real Estate (Sq ft) 2053257$431 (3yr) Total Savings (Over 3 years) $8,541* (per server) BEFORE VMware AFTER VMware SAVINGS * Note: Savings include estimated cost of VMware licenses, Support and Subscription

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