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SCLS Email Services A discussion about new opportunities.

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1 SCLS Email Services A discussion about new opportunities

2 Hold On! Didn’t we already talk about this in 2010 and 2011?

3 2011 Email Workgroup Report Summary Email solutions evaluated Google Apps Microsoft Exchange Current SCLS email service Conclusions Google Apps and MS Exchange were not viable Based on cost, staff intensive requirements, and other identified limitations Google Apps (still) costs $5.00 per user per month (SCLS has 700 users) The startup cost of MS Exchange would have been at least $50,000 The current SCLS email service was selected as the solution

4 So why look at email again? For two good reasons!!

5 Reason 1: Email Server needs to be replaced The server is nearing it’s end of life and will retire in early 2015 It will live out its remaining years on a beach in the Caribbean

6 Reason 2: There’s a new kid on the block

7 Microsoft’s answer to Google Apps (cloud-based suite of essential services)

8 Benefits of Office 365 A custom email address for your library ( Access to email and calendar from anywhere at anytime using any device Integrated shared calendaring (if you don’t have it you’ll love it) SCLS wide contacts list with auto complete (for those using O365) World class spam control Huge user community with excellent help Cloud-based solution hosted directly with Microsoft No Ads If your PC dies and you lose all data, your email is still available

9 What would you guess this item retails for?

10 Actual retail price for libraries….

11 Other Organizations using Office 365 UW-System (all campuses) The UW has made an Office 365 knowledge base and all of their planning information available online for everyone Library Systems: Wisconsin Valley, Manitowoc, Arrowhead, Eastern Shores, Indianhead, and Waukesha SCLS contacted some of these systems to get “insider info” about their experience with Office 365 Major Companies: Toyota, FAA, Dell Office 365 is the fastest growing product in the history of Microsoft!

12 Email Recommendation The current email service is approaching its end of life An email discovery team was created to research and recommend an email solution to replace the current system The Discovery Team spent time identifying new solutions, researching necessary features, collecting input from stakeholders, testing potential products and creating a recommendation for the Technology Team After reviewing the Discovery Team’s conclusions, the Technology Team recommends adopting Office 365 as the supported email and calendaring solution for its member libraries

13 Who will this affect?

14 What does moving to O365 mean for libraries? Big rewards and big changes

15 All Libraries Each library will move to a custom email address (“”) Every person will get a new email address To continue using addresses would require every user to cutover to Office 365 on the same day, which is not feasible Never say the @scls.lib… over the phone again Each library will need to update its email address on its webpages, stationery, business cards, contact forms, social media accounts, with vendors, etc. Every user will need to notify their contacts of their new email address Every user will need to resubscribe to email lists with their new address

16 Gmail Users Continue using the same Gmail account No need to move any email messages, everything is still in Gmail Change your Gmail account settings to retrieve email from the Office 365 server SCLS will provide users with these settings Gmail users could choose to move to O365 and receive full support from SCLS No SCLS support for moving email from Google to Office 365

17 Thunderbird Users Users will move to Office 365 and learn the new intuitive web interface Email and calendaring will be accessible from anywhere at anytime and on any device After the migration SCLS will cease support for Thunderbird Office 365 users will have access to a system wide contacts list Because Office 365 is an industry standard product, there is a wealth of documentation from Microsoft and the user community SCLS will fully support Office 365 and answer all questions

18 Will Thunderbird email be moved to O365? Moving email from a local pc to the cloud is very difficult SCLS is still exploring the best way to handle the migration and we will do our best to find a way to move email from Thunderbird to Office 365 The possibility does exist that SCLS will not be able to move email from Thunderbird to Office 365 If moving email messages is not possible, Thunderbird will remain on users’ PCs for a predetermined amount of time to allow to access old email messages If a decision to NOT move Thunderbird email to O365 is made by the Technology Committee it will expedite the email migration

19 Thunderbird Archiving Thunderbird email can be archived on a external drive for retention purposes. SCLS will provide documentation on how to accomplish this

20 Questions and Answers We know you have a ton of them!

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