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European Organ Donation and Transplantation A patient’s perspective.

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1 European Organ Donation and Transplantation A patient’s perspective

2 “Be the change you want to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi


4 Deceased Donor Rates PMP Spain 34.2 Portugal 26.7 Belgium 25.7 Netherlands 12.8 Greece 8.9 Romania 2.9 Bulgaria. 1.1

5 BelgiumPortugal Population10.910.6 D Donations274 = 25.7 pmp283 = 26.7 pmp Kidney442475 Liver217269 Heart7542 Lung824

6 FinlandIreland Population5.34.4 D Donations81 = 15.2pmp81 = 18.4pmp Kidney150136 Liver4758 Heart214 Lung124

7 Italy Germany Population56.9m82.2m D Donations1201 = 21.1pmp1199 = 14.6pmp Kidney15332188 Liver9961067 Heart326382 Lung94270 Heart Lung219 Pancreas61134

8 Converted to total transplant activity Germany transplanted 1048 more organs than Italy, with two donors less.

9 Austria3.66Germany3.37 Switzerland3.63Denmark3.14 Sweden3.49 Norway3.45Belgium3.04

10 Family Refusals – Spain 21.7% representing 343 families out of 1577 approached

11 Equal access to high quality Transplant services in member states Professional and timely post transplant care and maintenance The right to appropriate post transplant immunosuppressive drugs and medication.

12 European Day for Organ Donation and Transplantation

13 The Moment of Asking. “who asks” “what to say” “how to say it” and “when to say it”

14 Between the optimist and the pessimist the difference is droll. The optimist sees the doughnut the pessimist sees the hole.

15 Reflection: You are the warm sun on my face The gentle wind on my back You are the song in my heart The music in my soul You are the promise of spring And the glory of autumn You are my future And my past You are my Donor And I am humbled

16 Thank You for your attention Terry Mangan

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