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Camp Tecumseh. Located near Brookston, Indiana…not far from Purdue country.

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1 Camp Tecumseh

2 Located near Brookston, Indiana…not far from Purdue country.

3 Camp Tecumseh  Fulfill 7 th grade curriculum  Experience outdoor education  Alternative learning environment  Hands-on learning  Leadership & mentorship for high school counselors  Provide academic role models

4 Camp Tecumseh Most of the learning is application based. Almost all lessons are hands-on and involve interacting with the varied Tecumseh biomes.

5 Camp Tecumseh  Language Arts  Mathematics  Science  Social Studies  Physical Education These activities correspond with the Indiana State Standards for 7 th grade and will be included in student grades.

6 Camp Tecumseh

7 The Black Hole

8 Camp Tecumseh Canoeing

9 Camp Tecumseh Mt. Wood

10 Camp Tecumseh Square Dancing

11 Camp Tecumseh Olympics

12 Camp Tecumseh Teacher and Counselor Skits




16 Accommodations (We’ll send you a packing list closer to camp time) Students sleep in cabins. There is at least one adult in each cabin, and likely high school counselors. Bunk beds and mattresses are provided – you need your own bedroll and pillow Flush toilets and warm showers – bring your own soap and towels

17 WE NEED CABIN PARENTS! Need one adult in each cabin Need at least 80 parents Session I: we need 20 moms and 20 dads Session II: We need 20 moms and 20 dads No parent volunteers = no adult in cabin at night! (we don’t have enough teachers to cover them and we need your help!) See Mr. Libey to volunteer!

18 Meals All meals are served family style (big serving bowls with food for 8) Take only what you will eat – our goal is zero food waste Students, as well as adults, help set and clean tables

19 What to Pack (you will be getting a list in the future) A sack lunch for your first day at camp Be prepared for ANY weather, this is Indiana! Dress in layers Bring 2 pairs of comfortable shoes than can get dirty – we play in the creek! No open toes, sandals, or flip flops. (Flip flops can be worn in the showers.) Bring OLD clothes – we sit on the ground, muddy or not! (4 days worth) Underclothing for 3 days (plus extras, please ) Sweatshirt or jacket and long pants in case it is cold. Rain gear (raincoat/poncho) Hat for rain, sun, or cold Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo) Towel and washcloth – warm showers are available Bed roll or sleeping bag and pillow

20 Optional Items Flashlight Insect repellent Camera Money for Trading Post Change for soft drinks during recreation time.

21 What NOT to Pack Electronic equipment (cell phone, radio, mp3 player, mini TV, PSP, IPOD/IPAD and similar items). These will be confiscated in accordance with school rules. Shaving cream or similar items – there will be no cabin raids Curling Irons – no time in the morning, few outlets (Hair dryers are allowed if they are ESSENTIAL) Soft drinks and snack foods – you don’t want a critter curled up in your bed with you Knives – even though this is a “camping” experience, ALL school rules apply

22 Cost and Permission Slips $135.00 (checks or money order only) Made out to HSJH Include student name (first and last) in memo section PLEASE, PLEASE PAY TODAY if you have not already done so! (if absolutely not possible send in payment to front office A.S.A.P.!)

23 Other Cost Information For severe funding issues, contact Mr. Brown ( No $$ is necessary at camp, however if students would like to purchase Camp Tecumseh merchandise they may bring extra money (we suggest $25 for bottled drinks and/or a souvenir IF YOU WANT)


25 Departure Day (You will get this info again at a later date) Students must be at school by 8:15 am Parent rides recommended, due to the amount of gear (limit: 1 bag, 1 bedroll) Luggage should be rainproof & labeled with the student’s name and placed by the student’s bus number Students should keep a copy of their bus, cabin, table, and trail group information WITH THEM at all times! Students must pack a lunch for the 1 st day only. Disposable containers preferred.

26 Arrival Day Buses arrive back at Cyntheanne Park for pick up between 2:00 – 2:15 pm Students may leave school as soon as buses arrive Please do NOT park along curb – buses will unload at that location Students will not be allowed to use phones, please plan to pick up your student at the Cyntheanne Park. Students can ride the bus home, if necessary, but rides are recommended due to luggage.

27 Camp Tecumseh

28 Teachers and Staff Co-Directors Eric Brown, Sarah Wright, & Jeff Libey will be at camp each day Additional teachers will be at camp to help supervise activities Tecumseh staff members will help direct camp activities

29 Wonderful and Essential Cabin Parents Camp Tecumseh

30 Cabin Parent Stuff WE NEED CABIN PARENTS! Background check must be on file Encouraged, but not required, to supervise on bus ride Sleep in cabins with students for supervision Assist with some evening activities The parent fee is $70.00 (or $35 per night) Attend parent meeting on Thursday Oct. 2nd at 8:00 PM

31 Nurse at Camp There will be a school nurse attending camp each day dispensing all meds (except first lunch). First day lunch dosage must go in sack lunch. Kids eat their OWN SACK LUNCH at camp (please don’t forget to pack your child a lunch)! The nurse will be training HS counselors in specific students needs, as well as universal precautions. For dietary concerns, please contact camp cafeteria manager directly @ 765-564-2898

32 MEDICATIONS If your child needs ANY medication at camp other than Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Tums and Sudafed you will need to come to the clinic on Sept. 25th between the hours of 3-6pm. At that time, please do the following: 1. Bring all meds in original RX. bottle with only the number of pills needed while at camp to the nurse ON SEPT. 25 th. 2. Bring the completed form. Form and meds must match! Please see the nurse for the handout if you don’t have one. It is VERY important to provide the nurse with camp RX meds ON SEPT. 25 th ! NURSE ROSE CONTACT INFO: or Cabin parents may give meds only to their own child.

33 THANKS FOR COMING! Contact Mr. Brown with questions about payment: Contact Mr. Libey to parent volunteer: Contact Miss Wright with questions about camp: Camp will be one of those wonderful childhood memories your student will NEVER forget!

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