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Starting an Asthma Education Program at the Local Level

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1 Starting an Asthma Education Program at the Local Level
Andrea Jensen, B.S., CHES Environmental health Educator Utah county Health department

2 Today’s webinar 1. What does your population look like? Who should you focus on? 2. How do you develop partnerships? Who do you select? 3. Interventions, resources available (I can help you start a program with very little funding!)

3 Most Common Chronic Disease among Children
Asthma Burden Most Common Chronic Disease among Children Source: Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA)

4 #1 Cause of Missed School Days
Asthma Burden #1 Cause of Missed School Days Source: Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America (AAFA)

5 1. Ask yourself: What does my area look like?
Rural/urban Demographics How do you get that data? Who do you want to focus on? Age groups? Ethnic group?

6 Asthma Burden 6.7% of Children in Utah 59,000 Children
2,360 Classrooms Adults are 8.6% or 167,000 state wide

7 8.6% of adults in Utah 167,000 Adults Asthma Burden
Adults are 8.6% or 167,000 state wide

8 Utah County Statistics
We are 44 miles south of Salt Lake City, Utah We are the 2nd most populated county in Utah The population is 516,564* residents The county is 2,142 square miles Utah County Statistics

9 Demographics White-83.4% Hispanic-11.2% Asian-2.3%
Pacific Islander-1.4% Black-0.9% American Indian-0.9%

10 Environmental Health Educator
Unique position Funded through Air Quality program AND Mini grant from Asthma Program (Utah Dept. of Health - from CDC)

11 Personal interest I have asthma All 3 teenagers have asthma
Kids hospitalized 12 times for asthma Led to career change

12 Utah County Asthma Coalition
2001 UDOH receives funding from CDC 2009 Utah County Asthma Coalition formed 2010 Local 5 year asthma plan created Utah received asthma funding from the CDC in late 2001.

13 Current Asthma Prevalence by Age and Sex, Utah County, 2009-2011
Source: Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey, Combined. Crude prevalence.

14 Asthma Hospitalizations Utah County, 2003-2007
Year Number Rate per 10,000 Population 2003 233 5.5 2004 239 2005 202 4.4 2006 195 4.1 2007 150 3.0 Source: Utah Inpatient Hospitalization Database, Crude rates.

15 Asthma Hospitalizations Utah County, 2008-2011
Year Number Rate per 10,000 Population 2008 146 2.99 2009 180 3.57 2010 2.81 2011 192 3.62 2012 Source: 2011 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System

16 Asthma Hospitalizations and ED Visits, Utah County, 2007-2011
Source: Utah Inpatient Hospitalization and ED Database, Age adjusted rates.

17 2. Who to partner with? State health department Local hospitals
School nurses American Lung Association Asthma specialists Parents of children with asthma 2. Who to partner with?

18 Utah Asthma Program Issue 3 mini-grants to local health districts (CDC funding) Provide a few asthma interns every fall (to train school staff) Provide asthma telehealths Epidemiologist evaluate programs, provide data

19 Intermountain Health Care
State system-wide asthma education program for all facilities (9 in total) Asthma education taught in small steps asthma basics, triggers, medications, inhaler technique, medication delivery devices, and monitoring

20 Parents/patient teach back concept to assure they understand
Every parent (157) discharged w/ follow up plan Includes the Asthma Action Plan Monitoring system (asthma tracker)

21 School Districts and School Nurses
Alpine 71,000 students and 80 schools Nebo – 30,000 students and 40 schools Provo – 15,000 students and 18 schools

22 Alpine 1: 6,004 Nebo 1: 4,222 Provo 1: 7,643 Nurse-student ratio
School Nurse to Student Ratio (2010 Annual Report) Alpine 1: 6,004 Nebo 1: 4,222 Provo 1: 7,643

23 Utah County School Nurses
Employed through Utah County Health Dept (NOT the schools) 116,000 students 138 public schools Service between 5-8 schools

24 This is where I fit in! School trainings Coach trainings
Daycare trainings Blog Classes for the public

25 3. Ideas to get you started with very little funding!
Resources I use….

26 “What to Do in Case of an Asthma Attack”
Created by UDOH Asthma Program For ALL school staff members 20 minute training

27 Online training for coaches
PE Teachers-Winning with Asthma 30 minute on-line training Free clipboard

28 Clipboard printed with:
“Common Symptoms of an Asthma Attack” “WHAT TO DO DURING AN ASTHMA ATTACK” “DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL 911 IF:”

29 “Asthma Friendly Daycares”
Created by Asthma Program staff For all day care staff members 45 minute training Environmental focus

30 “My Life as an Asthma Mom” blog

31 More about blog Used by school nurses state-wide to help their families. Included on the Utah School Nursing Association (USNA) website Listed as “One of 10 Best Asthma Blogs” 2012 by Healthline

32 For adults: Living Well with Chronic Conditions (UDOH)
FREE 6 week program Evidence based-Stanford University (Chronic Disease Self Managment) Taught world wide

33 Open Airways – ALA Students 8-11
American Lung Association Free 6 week program Trained university students help teach

34 Public Health Interns Best kept secret!! 2 local universities
Mandatory requirement 250 hours at Utah Valley University 325 hours at Brigham Young University

35 Kickin’ Asthma – ALA California
Grades 6-10 Specially geared toward teens living in low-income neighborhoods These teens often have higher rates of asthma and are more likely to end up in the emergency room

36 Breathe Well, Live Well - ALA
Adult asthma education workshop Teaches adults the knowledge and self-management skills to take control of their asthma Developed with support of the CDC

37 Lung Help Line - ALA Lung Cancer Asthma Allergies Emphysema
Smoking Cessation Environmental Health 1-800-LUNGUSA Staffed by Registered Nurses Registered Respiratory Therapist

38 Summer camp for kids with asthma!
Utah’s Camp Wyatt (American Lung Association) Kids ages 7-12 Medical personnel on staff 24 hours a day

39 Free EPA publications

40 Minnesota Health Department

41 Newly Diagnosed Asthma Packet
Newly Diagnosed Asthma Packet (English & Spanish) Developed with feedback from focus group Reviewed by physician, nurse, asthma specialist, pharmacist, respiratory therapist, parents

42 Asthma Bronchial Tubes


44 Asthma Telehealth

45 Co-pay assistance

46 Questions? Andrea Jensen, B. S., CHES
Certified Health Education Specialist

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