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Geico commercial I’ts funny and it’s true!. Part 1 Why are thu people so sad like chicken without thee leg?

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1 Geico commercial I’ts funny and it’s true!

2 Part 1 Why are thu people so sad like chicken without thee leg?

3 Part 2 Stop it oldie.

4 Part 3 Yeah I agree!

5 Part 4 Surrender!

6 Part 5 Hey look a distraction

7 Part 6 What as is thee meaning?

8 Part 7 Yo gramps! I’m joinin dem in da dark side. Beacase I hot shocksfere.

9 Part 8 No!

10 Part 9 Join us billy now, or die!

11 Part 10 So tempted!

12 Part 11 I will get to thee bottom of this!

13 Part 12 You know what! It’s time to die!

14 part 13 We too fight!

15 Part 14 Fear thee power of thy sword thou disrespectful roaches!

16 Part 15 Oh yeah! We got ak-47’s!

17 Part 16 I got thee bow.

18 Part 17 We don’t care! Oh lets have a staring contest!

19 Part 18 Neither side will give up. 12 hours later…….

20 Part 19 Getting so tired……. must struggle to stay awake

21 Part 20 Stay awake! We may kill you for being baby

22 Part 21 A baby like me like

23 Part 22 Yes a baby like you like you

24 Part 23 (annoying rap, tom cruise goes deaf)

25 Part 24 Oh my gosh tom cruise is deaf!

26 Part 25 Tam crus is dead now me the French actor will dominate!

27 Part 26 He’s deaf not dead and his name is tom cruise not tam Cruz.

28 Part 27 Yay tom cruise is deaf! That means I can earn/rip-off millions of dollars teaching him sign language!

29 Part 28 Um…. Sir you can’t raise the price just because he is a celebrity.

30 Part 29 English to slang translation: Dude yo just can’t snatch his dough just cuz’ he’s krunk. Bye I got to trash the store.

31 Part 30 (back to where we were before the translation.)

32 Part 31 Happy new year it’s 1910

33 Part 32 Wait that’s too far back.

34 Part 33 We fight for human race in 4152.

35 Part 34 Wait that’s too far forward.

36 Part 35 Now we’re at the right spot.

37 Part 36 I can to!

38 Part 37 And we can destroy the death star! Come on rebel alliance get in your x-wings!

39 Part 38 Yes princess!

40 Part 39 Errgh males!

41 Part 40 You can’t rip-off tom cruise I’ll explain. Opps I got a call.

42 Part 41 You must replace the toilet seat.

43 Part 42 Meanwhile….

44 Part 43 Spider-man got hit by a car!

45 Part 44 Sir there’s been a malfunction in the surprise in humans machine the machine it will take 32 hours to repair!

46 Part 45 I’ll just take 32 hours playing video games.

47 Part 46 You killed my guy!

48 Part 47 Lets play again and again until I beat you!

49 Part 48 You have so much perseverance you never give up! I’m done!

50 Part 49 But we still have 14.345611298 hours to go!

51 Part 50 Fine we’ll play 1,000,000,000,000 more games and that should be enough.

52 Part 51 But there isn’t enough time.

53 Part 52 You just complained about me stoping.

54 Part 53 Argument takes the rest of the time ……………………..

55 Part 54 It’s fixed.

56 Part 55 The toilet seat is broke!

57 Part 56 It’s so great to be an idiot. Oh sorry back to the advertisement/scam.

58 Part 57 Don’t sing again, plus grandpa all this talk about toilet seats makes me have to go to the bathroom!

59 Part 58 Hurry up so I can resume the story.

60 Part 59 (inside the bathroom)

61 Part 60 I got diheria?

62 Part 61 Sir there’s been a malfunction in the emotions machine. It will take 500 hours to repair.

63 Part 62 Oh wah wah don’t you ever stop nagging?

64 Part 63 But sir I’m

65 Part 64 I know! I can play star wars!

66 Part 65 But the princess is going through legal problems with a man in Rouge Squadron. It happened right before the other machine broke.

67 Part 66 Part 66? Who watched cars last night?

68 Part 67 Cars that’s for babies!

69 Part 68 Were supposed to be talking about game choices! Not movie choices!

70 Part 69 special slide by my sister To day was the best day ever laura ann Morrison.p.s. I lovo this and it is fun

71 Part 70 She isn’t aware! (Laugh!)

72 Part 71 Jokes aren’t games! But they are funny!

73 Part 72 I lost the slide find it.

74 Part 73 Yeah I agree!

75 Part 74 Wrong slide, ya idiot!

76 Part 75 Here’s the slide.

77 Part 76 Now our feature presentation.

78 Part 77 This film is rated N for no one.

79 Part 78 I know a game!

80 Part 79 We are saved! Thank you hero!

81 Part 80 Lets play annoy the other person!

82 Part 81 That is not a video game, you going down!

83 Part 82 Uh, uh, hoooow aaaabout qqqq-berrrrrt!

84 Part 83 Yes,yes, yes!

85 Part 84 Okay lets play this game.

86 Part 85 This is some idiot coming to annoy you!

87 Part 86 I’m ready to do nothing!

88 Part 87 This is dumb, but lets watch it!

89 Part 88 Lets hit ourselves!

90 Part 89 (movie is over)

91 Part 90 The machine is fixed.

92 Part 91 I got dihera!

93 Part 92 Go to bed I will go back to the story.

94 Part 93 I will fix the toilet.

95 Part 94 (race to home)

96 Part 95 Hi, I’m Peter Pan.

97 Part 96 Your peanut butter killed my kid!

98 Part 97 Okay, only 5 more miles of following a sausage link home.

99 Part 98 I fixed it!

100 Part 99 (back at work)

101 Part stop counting Let me explain.

102 Tom Cruise is rich.

103 He enjoys luxury.

104 If you raise the price he will be treated like a normal person and go back to his old job.

105 Okay.

106 I won the staring contest!

107 Time to figure out the sadness.

108 Hi happy person acting like an emo.

109 Hi large group of hobos.

110 Hi large graveyard admins.

111 Vat a minatie.

112 Why are thu people so sad like chicken without thee leg?

113 Why!



116 I will tell you!

117 Who are you!

118 I, am that annoying guy on the fake Q-Bert game.

119 Where are you taking me!

120 To the Motor City.

121 You mean detroit.

122 Yes!

123 Look at what happened.

124 I am a geico salesman.

125 This happened because people could not save money on their car insurance.

126 Geico 15 minutes or more can save you money on your car insurance.

127 so easy a caveman can do it.

128 Not again! I am not an idiot! I AM a caveman!

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