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Module 5 Educational and Research Applications 1.

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2 Module 5 Educational and Research Applications 1

3 Educational Applications Three uses Provide Education Evaluate Instruction Determine Competency 2

4 Provide Education Computer aided Instruction Drills and Practice Sessions  Least complex, serves as supplement to curriculum taught by teacher. Main concepts and new material handled by teacher, computer serves as mode for practice. Tutorial  Relieves teacher of main responsibility for certain portions of instruction (original material rather than supplemental). Relies on coaching sequences that direct the discovery of the correct answers. 3

5 Provide Education Dialogue  Most complex – actively engaged in conversation with the computer. Least formally structured and does not present textual material as a basis for questioning. Simulation and Gaming  Used when a student has received the basic information about a topic and then must use this information in interaction with the computer to gain deeper understanding.  Enables student to explore situations that might be too expensive, dangerous, or time consuming in real life.  Enables the student to understand the ramifications of wrong answers and thereby extend knowledge without endangering or hurting patients.  Does not necessarily predict how a student will behave in real-life situations, only how capable. 4

6 Evaluate Education All Computer aided instructions Geared to the specific abilities, achievements, and progress of each student, allowing the student to proceed at own rate. Provides feedback and reinforcement to the student regarding performance Reports used by teachers to assess level of understanding 5

7 Determine Competency Feedback from computer used by faculty. Allows development of testing and competency reviews. Ex: NCLEX exam based on branching knowledge. 6

8 Advantages Not limited to nursing students Can be used for continuing education Assist in orienting new staff Updating on new equipment Can be adjusted for all levels of staff Determine decision making and problem solving skills 7

9 Effects on Teaching Helps shift the emphasis in education from the teacher and teaching to the learner and learning Learner can be independent and self-directing Teacher is freed and allowed greater time for individual attention to students. Rectify problems associated with lack of faculty in particular areas of expertise Rectify problems associated with lack of clinical exposure to specific disease entities. 8

10 Advantages Patient Education Patients receive same info and can absorb at own pace Info done in private with decreased anxiety and embarrassment on part of patient Always available – great convenience. No longer have to fit around a structured classroom schedule 9

11 Disadvantage Cost Hardware and software costs can be expensive initially Maintenance cost to keep content up to date expensive. 10

12 Research Applications 11

13 Research Uses Querying the Database Asking questions from the available databases  Simple as selecting elements  Complex as defining relationships Report is then generated for review either on line or printed Skill is in the question and the ability of the researcher to specify the exact elements 12

14 Research Uses Statistical Analysis Analyzing data trends  Simple – Excel spreadsheet  Advanced – Statistical software  Control Charts – Specific type of statistical analysis relating to performance improvement 13

15 Advantages With the use of information systems in healthcare more data available for searches and research Use of Internet to obtain responses for research study without cost of mailing surveys. Can reach more individuals. 14

16 Disadvantages Complexity of some programs Querying a database not always simple and may require training In hospital settings may need to use IT staff which will need time to understand research needs and the specifics of the data elements under study 15

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