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Standard Grade Business Management Course outline.

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1 Standard Grade Business Management Course outline

2 The course covers 4 areas What is business? How do businesses develop and perform? What resources do businesses use? How are businesses managed?

3 Assessment There are 3 assessable elements in the SG Course: Knowledge and Understanding (KU) Decision Making (DM) Practical Abilities (PA)

4 Practical abilities This is internally assessed It involves the use of a business simulation on a CD-ROM This is completed as part of your course in S4 You need to develop your KU and DM skills before you can complete the CD- ROM

5 Course Resources SG Business Management textbook PowerPoint presentations for each lesson Pupil Activities booklets Internet researches Key Terms Case Studies

6 Pupil Activities During the course you will take part in a variety of activities: Teacher led lessons Group activities Preparation of posters Group research and presentation Individual activities

7 Homework and Assessments Homework will be set on a regular basis and will consist of completing pupil activities, past paper questions or case studies. At the end of each unit there will be unit assessment at general and credit level.

8 In Business Studies we have high expectations of our pupils effort and commitment. Just as you would if you were running your own business

9 Preparing for you class You should come prepared for you class bringing: Books, jotters, pupil activities Pen, pencil and rubber Homework completed on time

10 During the class We expect you to work to the best of your abilities. Respect your fellow pupils Listen to and follow instructions first time Follow the classroom rules

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