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1 Self-Awareness

2 I am unique …everyone is unique
Insert a picture of your family. Introduce them and use them as an example of how people are all different. Be brief, but share something specific about each person in your family.

3 Reflect List different tendencies in people around you.
List how you are different than most people around you.

4 An “emotionally intelligent” person knows:
I am not the same as everybody else. Everybody is not the same as me. E.Q. Golden Rule Golden Rule: “Treat others as you would like to be treated.” E.Q. Golden Rule: “Treat others the way they would like to be treated.”

5 Understanding your DISC Personal Profile
“D” = Dominance “I” = Influence “S” = Steadiness “C” = Conscientiousness

6 Dominance Tendencies Needed environment: Responds best to:
Immediate results Causing action Accepting challenges Quick decisions Questioning status quo Taking authority Solving problems Needed environment: Freedom Authority Varied activities Difficult assignments Opportunity for advancement Responds best to: Provide direct answers Stick to business Stresses logic Provides pressure Need to learn that: You need people Relaxation is not a crime Some controls needed Everyone has a boss Verbalizing reasons behind decision helps Motivation: Challenge

7 Influence Tendencies Needed environment: Responds best to:
Initiates with people Favorable impression Articulate Enthusiasm Entertaining Optimistic Group participation Needed environment: Prestige Friendly relationships Freedom from control & detail Helping others Motivating others Verbalize ideas Responds best to: Democratic manager Socialize outside of work Recognition of abilities Incentives for risk-taking Need to learn that: Time controls help Deadlines are important There can be too much optimism Motivation: Recognition

8 Steadiness Tendencies Consistent & predictable Patience
Specialized skill Helping others Good listener Loyalty Calm excited people Needed environment: Specialization Identification with a group Established work pattern Security Familiar environment Responds best to: Relaxed & amiable Allows time to adjust to a change in plans Serves as a friend Allows work at own pace Asks “how” questions Defined goals & roles Need to learn that: Change provides opportunity Friendship isn’t everything Discipline is good Motivation: Appreciation

9 Conscientiousness Motivation: Quality Responds best to:
Provides reassurance Supportive atmosphere Accessible Spells out detailed standards Need to learn that: Thorough explanation isn’t everything Total support not always possible Motivation: Quality Tendencies Adhering standards Concentrating on details Thinking analytically Indirect approaches to conflict Checks accuracy Systematic approach Needed environment: Clearly defined task Security Team participation Stability Limited risk Work that requires precision & planning

10 Confirm points in your profile:
By yourself identify your: Primary profile Secondary profile As a group share your: Tendencies Needed environment Responds best to Needs to learn Identify the profiles of your family or friends

11 Conclusion Embrace the uniqueness of every person:
Don’t think of yourself more highly than you ought A body needs every part Each has different gifts, talents & personality Use your gifts cheerfully to serve others

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