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Intelligent and professional IP/networking solutions WJ-ND300 NDR.

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1 intelligent and professional IP/networking solutions WJ-ND300 NDR

2 Network Disk Recorder WJ-ND300 Network Disk Recorder WJ-ND300

3 NETWORK DISK RECORDER KEY FEATURES  3 independent ports: camera, client and setup  Multi format: JPEG and MPEG4  MPEG4 rate control recording  Data stream control: live/recording  Accept major manufacturer’s cameras: AXIS, PCC (at version up)  Easy IP setup feature for PSS cameras (at version up) WJ-ND300  Optional Raid5 board  Up to 28 disk drives using optional WJ-HDE300 w/ or w/o Raid board WJ-ND300 (4 drives) WJ-HDE300 (4 x 6 = 24 drives)  WV-AS65 software for multi recorder configuration and management, WJ-HD300A can be combined

4 Client PC WJ-ND300 3 independent ports High Speed Throughput IP Cameras Set up PC MARKET NEEDS Factory Parking Shopping mall Apartment Integration Stand alone Multi Configuration Building complex School, university City surveillance Bank branch monitoring Jail Purpose of Measurement Number of Camera Data stream from one camera Recording ips Number of Client Maximum recording ips at practical number of camera connected 1610ips5ips Two (2) Browsers @ 2 QUADs or One (1) AS65 @16 Screens Maximum number of camera to provide maximum number of recording ips 1010ips Two (2) Browsers @ 2 QUADs or One (1) WV-AS65 @16 Screens

5 Recording Live Viewing Accepts Multiple formats Accept JPEG, MPEG4 and High Resolution JPEG simultaneously MPEG-4JPEG Hi-Res JPEG MPEG-4JPEG Hi-Res JPEG IP Cameras

6 MPEG4 Live Stream Full Rate Full MPEG4 recording MPEG4 Live Stream Full Rate Reduced MPEG4 recording similar to JPEG MPEG4 Rate Control MPEG4: Full rate - Good for smooth live viewing, but too much data for recording MPEG4: Only “ I ” frame recording IIPPPPPPPPPPPPIIPPPPPPPP

7 Model Number PanasonicWV-NM100, NP472, NW474, NS320, NP244, NP1004 Analog Camera (through AXIS video server) AXISCamera: AXIS210, 2420 (MJPEG) Video Server: AXIS241S, 241Q At Version up AXIS221, 231D, 232D, 225FD (Tentative) PCECAt version up HCE481, HCM381, 100, 110, 311, 331, 371 (Tentative) Camera Compatibility Accepts major manufacturer’s cameras

8 Setup scenario : Video stream from cameras = 10 ips. Live = 10 ips for higher refresh rate observation Recording = 1 ips due to limited disk space Data Stream Control Data stream between live viewing and recording can be controlled. Live video stream to client PC. Video stream for recording Live : 10ips Recording : 1ips Video stream for live viewing Video stream for recording Video stream from camera :10ips

9 Board Operation Main Unit w/ RAID board w/o RAID board Single modeAvailable RAID5 modeAvailableN/A RAID5 Configuration Up to 4 Hard Drives can be installed in the main unit. RAID5 can be configured with optional RAID board in the main unit. RAID Board

10 User Management ・ User Authentication ・ Priority ・ Partition ・ Defining Level User management in the WJ-ND300 Common requirement in analog system Authentication, priority, partition and defining level Main CPU User Management Controllers Client PCs

11 NDRWJ-HD316 DVR WJ-HDE300 extension units Up to 6 unitsUp to 7 units WJ-HDE300 Total number of disk Scalability-1 Up to 6 WJ-HDE300s can be connected through USB cable NDRWJ-HD316 DVR Main unitUp to 4 HDD’sUp to 2 HDD’s Single system with WJ-HDE300s. Up to 28 HDD’sUp to 30 HDD’s RAID5 system with WJ-HDE300s. Up to 28 HDD’s (no HDD on main unit)

12 Client PC: IE, AS65 WJ-ND300 IP camera WAN Only selected video due to limited bandwidth Leased line: T1, T2 Public line: Internet (VPN) Remote client: IE, WV-AS65 Large amount of data Dedicated for video 100BaseT Large amount of data Dedicated for video 100BaseT Camera PORT Client PORT Camera PORT Client PORT Scalability-2 WJ-ND300 Router L2SW

13 Site CSite BSite A WV-AS65 Software - Register up to 100 WJ-ND300 NDRs - Integrate WJ-HD300A DVR Series - Live & Playback control - FTP download - Most of basic security functions are the same as WV-AS60 WV-AS65 Management PC Software: WV-AS65

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