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Easily retrieve data from the Baan database

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1 Easily retrieve data from the Baan database
Baan Query Tool Version 2.7 Easily retrieve data from the Baan database

2 Generic Query Tools Difficult to configure and install
Difficult to use Time consuming Expensive to configure Expensive to run Not Baan/ERP Ln specific

3 Baan Query Tool Quick Installation: Load few sessions and all Baan and ERP Ln users will have access to Baan Query Tool Easy to Configure: No ODBC or database drivers need to be configured Use Baan Data Dictionary: Browse tables and fields and create a query - using the Baan data dictionary

4 Baan Query Tool Baan Query Tool is fully integrated in Baan. Reports run as native Baan reports Can work with Baan special fields like enumerated fields, arrays and text fields Does not have the limitation of 255 characters, like standard Baan reports

5 Easy to Find a Baan Table
Simply use the zoom option, then search the table description or code

6 Finding and Adding Fields
Using this graphical tool, you can easily find the fields and add them to the query

7 Baan Query - Print Result
You can easily set the ranges and print

8 Customizing the print form
You can save different field values using Saving Defaults Save Defaults sets the fixed “where” statement of the Query

9 Customizing the print form
Customize field

10 Adding fields from another table
Add Item Group Description, change title and change its position

11 Multiple Tables in same query
Queries can be built using multiple tables. You just need to join tables with the easy to use “table linker”

12 Add Formula You can add a formula as a field

13 Sorting your Output You can have 4 levels of sorting

14 Working with the Output
You can pre-define your output device

15 Integrating with B2Win and B2Email
If you use B2Win and B2 , you can automatically format the output in Excel format and it by setting the device and output file

16 Running Wide Reports In order to overcome the limitation of 255 characters in Baan, use device type “Wide”. With this, you can write a query with unlimited number of fields.

17 Automation of Queries By defining the output device and hiding the print form, Baan Query Tool does not require any input and can run in a job

18 Run-Only Baan Query Tool
Baan Query Tool is a tool for power users. For normal users you allow them to run queries using a limited interface. They can also run queries written by other users

19 To receive a fully operational demo version contact us at:
NAZDAQ is a provider of Add-ons for Baan and Infor ERP Ln Customers. Other products from NAZDAQ are B2Win, B2 , Baan Mail-Merge, Baan Hot Link, B-Notified, Baan Color, and Baan Color Changer

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