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EFinance & Tom Jasek Business Development.

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1 eFinance & Tom Jasek Business Development

2 Becoming an Ebusiness n Why? 4Reach customers directly 4Avoid getting Amazoned 4Go from Viewers -> Users -> Buyers n How? 4Re-purpose your business as a real-time enterprise information portal n Challenges 4Stickiness 4Time to Market 4Integration 4Quality of Service

3 Activating your Portal with TIBCO TIB/ActiveEnterprise 3. Industrial strength portal infrastructure 2. Specific content (enterprise information) 1. Generic content (stock prices, news, weather, etc) Payments Billing Configuration Personalization etc. 4.Commerce Services 5. Ubiquitous access (email, pager, fax, browser PalmPilot, Windows CE, cell phones, etc.)

4 eEnergy eTelco Tibco Portal Products Overview Content/Services Personalization Presentation Portal Builder eFinance Tibco.Net - HOSTING SERVICE

5 Hosting high-volume eBusiness Portals n Outsourced mission-critical hosting service for part, or all, of the offering: 24x7 Support n A content integration service 4external information 4internal information n Value-added services 4Host Content 4Create & Distribute WEB Pages 4Turnkey Portal Design & Operation n Multiple Locations 4In Production: Exodus Santa Clara & Boston: over 50 racks, 125 machines 4Future: Exodus Virginia (for Yahoo) TIBCam at Exodus

6 Sample TIBCO eBusiness Customers

7 eFinance & Customers

8 Quotes from Reuters TIB Adapater HUB: Palo Alto YAHOO! HUB: Santa Clara RT Database Internet T1 Line Other TIB- based Content n TIBCO provides Quotes with TIB API for Yahoo Finance 4Site in Production since December, 1995 4Averages 50+ million page views per day 43 Quote farms in the U.S. F500,000 instruments n Yahoo purchased a site license for TIB/RV n Yahoo selected TIBCO as the first corporateMyYahoo partner

9 Netscape Netcenter Case Study Hosting QUOTE FeedsNEWS FeedsHISTORICAL Data TIB/Adapter for Web QUOTE Servers NEWS Servers CHART Servers n Live in February, 1999 n hosts all services n TIB/Hawk for System Monitoring n delivers 4Quotes via TIB API 4Page views to end users n Over 600,000 page views / day n Phase 2:

10 AltaVista Case Study Hosting Zacks; Hoovers CBS MarketWatch II Investor; TIB/Adapter for Web Research Server n Site went Live in July n 6 new Content Adapters n eFinance software creates HTML pages 4150+ templates n Over 250,000 page views / day n Phase 2: 4Real-time Quotes 4CSI; V Sonic DB 4New look-and-feel

11 n Hosting (in Boston) 4Quotes 4Symbology Server 4(News and Sports to be added in a later phase) n Software Licenses 4Strategic Partnership 4Will be used to re-architect the Lycos Hub Infrastructure 4Includes TIB/RV, TIB/Hawk, TIB/Adapter SDK n Professional Services 4To help Lycos fast track the Project n Project started in June, 1999 Lycos Case Study Hosting, Software License, and Consulting

12 n Hosted Services 4Quotes 4News 4Symbology Server 4New Source: FAME Analytics for Display and Charting n Hosting Site 4Initially in California 4Includes creating and distributing Pages n Project started in May, 1999 n Phase 2 (already underway) 4Portfolio Module 4New Chart Analytical Studies 43 New Content Sources FBarra (Risk), S&P Worldscope, ICB Financial Times ( Case Study Hosting and Professional Services

13 Fin-Eco Case Study On-line Trading n Banking subsidiary of Brescias Gruppo Bipop in Italy n Saw opportunity for Online Brokerage in Europe n TIBCO provided turnkey system 4TIB/Mercury Order Routing for Transactions 4Java-based front-end n Service recently went into production 4adding 200 customers per day n Phase 2: 4WEB front-end, and outside content using software FReuters RSF and Reuters News 2000 FeFinance bolted on to their trading floor market data center 4Trading over mobile phones (via TIBCO WAP adapter) 4Expanding to other Exchanges

14 European Financial Services Customers n Four Banks n TIBCO Finance is the Distributor n Software Sales; add-ons to the existing trading floor infrastructure

15 3. Content Aggregation 2. Personalization 1. Security 5. Infrastructure 4. B2B E-Commerce & eFinance for

16 Futures n More 4Content Adapters, Application Services 4Plug-ins for Front-Ends n Happy Meal Offering n Demand for Outsourcing is Increasing n Partnerships n Prospects, saraide 4CNNfn, Dow Jones, Motley Fool

17 How to Get Started n Define business process scope and target dates 4Identify content and commerce services 4Develop in-house, or outsource operations 4Create a Pilot n Establish messaging infrastructure for integrating commerce services with backend applications and content sources n Select commerce application partners and implementation partners n Implement production solution in 2-3 month phases

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