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D eBusk E nrichment C enter for A cademically T alented Scholars.

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1 D eBusk E nrichment C enter for A cademically T alented Scholars

2 Dear Lord, Thank you for the special gifts that you have bestowed on our children. Give us the guidance to help them to develop these gifts and to learn to use them wisely in your service. Please help our children to be sensitive to others, realizing that they have much to learn from them. Help them to understand that there are many gifts, but the same spirit, and that all are blest with their own unique gifts. Allow our children to grow in the good soil of your love. Help them to make the world a better place because they are here. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

3 DECATS FACTS 232 Scholars representing 28 schools throughout the Diocese 130 returning scholars with 102 first timers 53 - 3 rd graders 80 - 4 th graders 99 - 5 th graders Amazingly about half are boys and half are girls!!

4 Let’s meet the DECATS Team

5 Fred Ahern Diane Bacic Janette Boazman Angela Caballero Kelly Corsi Patty Corsi Ted Dettmer Leo Ernst Kristian Hillier Mary Beth Hiller Katy Hyatt Valerie Jordan Matt Krause Marjorie Lane Nick Lanpher Monica Luisi Brianna Luisi James Luisi Rose Mannas Marianne Mardsen Terry McVay John Medaille Patty Medaille Mary Meinardus Scott Ramirez Patricia Saunders Charlene Silverstein Karen Smith Kassi Vander Heiden Marilyn White Lisa Whittemore Dana Willis

6 As a Distinguished Scholar attending the Junior DECATS, I agree to abide by the following guidelines of the program. I understand that if these rules are not followed, I will be dismissed from the program. I hereby agree to:  follow all the rules of the Junior DECATS Program at Mary Immaculate School;  treat other people with respect and cooperate with faculty and other students at all times;  clean up and not litter the building or grounds of MIS;  follow through on all my projects, using my time to the fullest. I completely understand that if I am disruptive to my class, my behavior will be considered unacceptable and I will be dismissed from Junior DECATS without refund to my parents. Behavioral Contract

7 Testing Time!!!


9 DECATS 2014 COURSES 42 classes with 62 total sessions

10 Advanced Drawing Advanced Robotics Animals Who Share Our World Animation Nation Brain Drain Puzzles and Games Breaking into Comics Brilliant Math Bafflers Bump, Set, Spike!! Cartooning Castle Siege Ceramic Mosaics and Windchimes Clay Bodies Dance! DECATS Daily Discovery Science Do KNOT Miss this Class Food, Fun, Fitness and Cheer Hands-on Equations Have a Blast Improv! Incredible Animal Expedition

11 JDTV Mime Movie Night Organ Trail Perspectives Peter Pan: Musical Theatre Practice Makes Perfect (Soccer) Robotics Say Yes to Yoga So You Think You Can Act? Strings, Straws and Structures Summer Fun(shine) Ultrachess Watercolors We Mean Busine$$ Web Page Design Write your own Screenplay Write! Illustrate! Publish! Zentangle Inspired Art

12 Courses are designed to meet the characteristics of the gifted. They will be taught the following skills: Critical and creative thinking Problem solving Decision-making Leadership Brainstorming and divergent thinking (thinking outside the box) SCHOLARS are expected to follow the Behavioral Contract

13 Overview for Parents DECATS begins Tuesday, June 10 th and continues until Friday, June 27 th Please be prompt. …8:30 – 8:45 to give plenty of visiting time. Our day begins at 9:00 AM. Dismissal and pick up from the traffic lines begin at 3:45 PM. Bring a lunch in a bag or lunchbox labeled with names!! No microwave or refrigerators available. Before Extended Care begins at 7:30 daily through Friday, June 27 th After Extended Care ends at 5:00 Monday through Thursday. NO FRIDAYS! Please refer to our website for updates on what is happening Morning snack provided but PLEASE accommodate for specific dietary requirements

14 Please review dates for events. Wear T-shirts on Fridays!!!! Friday, June 20 th is DECATS Field Day Friday, June 27 th is OUR LAST DAY Everyone Welcome Mass at 9:30 Short performances and tour of classes Kids Helping Kids Pizza lunch 11:00 Peter Pan the Musical 11:30 Closing Wrap it up by 2:30 Thursday, June 12 th is Pajama Day Sleep in a little…don’t waste time getting dressed Friday, June 13 th is Shine Your Light Friday Wednesday, June 18 th is School Spirit Day!!!! Tuesday, June 24 th is Shining Saints!!!!!!!!! Thursday, June 26 th is Ranger Day!!!!!!!!!

15 LIVE WHAT WE TEACH! LIVE WHAT WE TEACH! A few years ago, we began a little “ grass roots ” recycling. By implementing this we will teach the kids that they CAN make a difference.

16 HOW YOU CAN HELP! Send your child’s lunch with reusable items: lunch box/bag thermos/reusable drink bottle or recyclable cans/bottles plastic sandwich holder and small plastic containers Pack recyclable items such as cans and plastic yogurt cups. “No throw” or “low throw” lunch.

17 IT’S NOT EASY BEING GREEN, BUT IT’S WORTH IT! It takes a little work and thought, but eventually it becomes second nature. Every little bit helps. By recycling items at lunch we will reduce our trash significantly! It takes a little work and thought, but eventually it becomes second nature. Every little bit helps. It takes a little work and thought, but eventually it becomes second nature.

18 Our earth… our responsibility!!

19 Finishing up the Nitty Gritty All children must be picked up by 2:30 on that last day. Phone number is 972-243-7105. Let Mrs. Silverstein know of any changes in phone #’s, emergency contacts, etc. All medication needs to be checked in with the clinic Daily Dress- casual but safe. (tennis shoes or other safe shoes. No halter tops or midriffs. Some classrooms may be cool - sweatshirt or light weight jacket))


21 Afternoon Pick Up Valwood Pkwy Dennis Lane Josey Lane Longmeade

22 Carpool Highlights Single line Must follow designated traffic pattern – from eastbound Valwood Pkwy turn left on to Mustang Alley (second entrance into church parking lot) Turn right on to Longmeade then right into the MIS parking lot Drop off near the flagpole. Scholars enter through the Religious Education Dismissal – scholars gather in groups alphabetically for pick up (carpool?)

23 If you must pick your child up early, please send a note in the morning. We ask that you limit late arrivals or early pickups. For an early dismissal your MUST call the clinic when you have arrived at the front door for pick up! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

24 Kids Helping Kids!!!!

25 'Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? …. "The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.' Matthew 25

26 Homeless Kiddos in Dallas Tornado Relief Tragedy in the Gulf Hurricane Ike Neuroncology Program at Childrens Medical Center Disaster Relief Make a Wish Foundation Isabel’s Playground

27 committed to funding the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers and give survivors long, healthy lives In honor of Dr. Gregory Krause (nephew of MIS Principal Matt Krause) Young Dr. Krause was a compassionate supporter of St. Baldrick

28 provides backpacks full of nonperishable, kid-friendly food to take home on Friday afternoons Shine Your Light Friday

29 Kids Helping Kids!!!! and animals too!!

30 Queen of Testing

31 TESTING for First Year DECATS Scholars Ability Index Coopersmith Self-Esteem Inventory Social Skills Rating System Price, Dunn & Dunn Learning Styles



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